Increase mobile app conversions
10 Easy Ways to Increase Mobile App Conversions – Get Set Converting!

10 Easy Ways to Increase Mobile App Conversions – Get Set Converting!


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A seller often wonders how to improve conversion rate for their Mobile apps. The best strategies to increase app purchases or mobile app conversions are endless. To improve conversion rate all marketing plans should have a good grip over the key pointsThe key here is to include as many conversion rate optimization tactics as possible and the motive is to increase conversion rate. Additionally, Mobile commerce trends are something you want to stay in tune with!


According to the comScore report: 50% of the media time individuals spend on mobile applications 


On one hand, it is important to embed all techniques to increase mobile app conversions and on the other hand, to keep an eye on major aspects such as analyticsA website is a great way of reaching your target audience and you take this opportunity one step ahead with getting a mobile app for your business. It is like a cherry on top. (Click here to get an app for your business


According to the, 61.2% of the global mobile phone population accessed the internet from their mobile phone in 2018.


Mobile app redesigns can also boost your conversions. SEO optimization for a mobile app is another factor that will tremendously impact mobile app’s improved conversion rate. Let’s explore more app conversion strategies that help perk up those sales numbers!


1. Avoid Intrusive ads

For a minute, imagine someone bombarding you with irrelevant information that you do not care about. It is a good chance that you get irritated and leave. This is exactly what happens when you get involved in Intrusive ads. To increase Mobile App Conversions consider avoiding investing in intrusive ads as well as hosting them. These are general ads that are being pushed for the sake of getting an ‘n’ number of impressions. Majority of consumers ignore intrusive ads.


These kinds of ads target the incorrect audience. Intrusive ads focus on impressions and not on revenue. A majority of the audiences install ad blockers so the rate of reaching your TG drops even further. It is a good idea to invest in paid marketing only in the places that you know contributes to mobile app conversions.


2. Utilize social media

In 2019, social media is playing a massive role in increasing click-through rates. Visually enhancing your social media channel not only penetrates the audience at a micro level but keeps them “tied” to you. It also improves brand engagement. Social media boosts the number of followers with constant 24×7 engagement. Ways to improve conversion rate are many and how we utilize them in our marketing plan is even more critical. Let’s look at the stats here:



As per Satista, “Revenue in the Social Media Advertising segment amounts to US$92,931m in 2019.”


The key here is to share quality content about your products. You will also want to “boost” your top performing contents for a set amount of time. After being in business for a long time you end up realizing that half of the mobile app conversion techniques are not even fully utilized!

social media to boost mobile app conversions


87% of Facebook’s Advertising Revenue Comes from Mobile (Adweek)


3. Encourage User’s Participation


It is considered wise to put yourself in customer’s shoes! Imagine there are two e-commerce businesses that you religiously follow. Which one are you more likely to choose over another. The one that has more offers and requests your timely feedbacks is more likely to pull you towards them often. You connect with them more!


Encourage user’s participation to help improve conversion rate. This is one marketing tactic that will have its own benefits in the long term. It is highly recommended to hold contests and arrange giveaways! It’s a great customer retention technique. Make one marketing plan for your app and adhere to it religiously. Users participation is an essential strategy to boost your mobile conversions.


A gentle reminder here is, Google prioritizes mobile-friendly web pages, so next time you are working on increasing user’s conversions you should make your mobile pages in a way that it’s easy for a user to browse and contribute toward your sales


Everyone wants something extra when they land at your app or your store. Plan giveaways and contests on a regular basis. Stand out in the customer’s eye by holding various in-app activities that will keep them coming back to you and look forward to future events.

4. Shorten sign-up and payment processes

Trying to implement a strategy to boost your mobile conversions? Here is a secret! Think of your mobile app conversions as a milestone. The lengthier your entry and exits of the customer’s journey are, the harder it is to boost your mobile conversions. When a customer likes something all they prefer to do is buy that product and leave as soon as possible. If they stay for too long they tend to change their decision of buying that product. In this case, you simply lose a customer and that is something that you do not want.

In this case, all you do is keep your signup form short & sweet. You want to ask only extremely important information that is required. Allow guest logins & checkouts. Enable all social logins. It is wise here to include many payment methods to make the checkout process quick!

5. Re-targeting

This is also referred to as Remarketing! Always retarget the potential customers in your google ads. There are This practice proves successful in many many ways. Run your ad campaigns wisely and optimize them from time to time. You also want to keep track of who downloaded your app and how can you get them back with a well-projected ad!

retargeting for mobile app converisons
(Image Source: Remarketer) 

However, it is wise to keep in mind that the retained customer can majorly affect boost mobile app conversions for your business. It takes more investment to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one! Never underestimate your trusted shoppers. If they like your app once they come again and generate more business for you. These customers also act as a promotional message for you! They will refer you to their friends and families!


6. Collaborate with existing Giants in your industry


At first, this looks like a hard thing to do to increase mobile app conversions. However, this is one idea that pays you in the long run. For this technique, you have to supercharge your site’s content. To increase conversion rate, get into the habit of measuring the number of views, social media shares, and client engagement. This data clearly tells you how far you are from your goal of a set number of mobile app conversions. Another great way to increase traffic to your site is to mention reputed sites of your industry. It is good to employ this strategy to help improve conversion rate.


Maintain a high-quality blog that will give you backlinking. Engage and contribute via blogs and guest write-ups. Always indulge in user-focused content in your write-ups. Get the audience’s feedbacks and implement them in your site to exhibit your credibility.


From providing quality backlinks to showcasing your expertise in the industry gives brand recognition.


7. Push Notifications to Personalize

To increase conversion rate you need an investment of time, filtered data and expertise. The gamechanger factor in mobile conversions arrived a long time back in 2009 when Apple launched the first push service, Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) and consecutively in 2010 Google released Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM). Push notifications affect your chances of better engagement that help to improve conversion rate.


Push notifications in mobile app conversions


The reason behind using these notifications is to give a nudge to an existing customer. Many times customer forgets that they actually have a useful app installed. In this instance, push notifications gently remind the user of your existence! Using push notifications can directly affect your sales app visits. Employing this strategy can directly affect your customer’s interest level towards your app.


8. Applying A/B testing

Another overlooked tactic to increase conversion rate for the mobile app is A/B testing. It allows the seller to make careful changes to their user experiences with the collected data. A/B testing is also known as split testing. This is a method of comparing two versions of an app or website/web page against each other to determine which one of these performs better.


A/B testing makes it easier for you to decide which app content will be eliminated to make the user experience better and help boost your mobile app conversions.


9. Improve the shopping experience


To boost the conversion rate for mobile app heed to the needs of the buyers. Mobile app conversions are directly related to interactions between buyers and brands that are backed by goals. From opening your mobile app to making a purchase you want to streamline your process and simplify it as much as possible. This process establishes your image as a brand in your customer’s mind. 

user experience in mobile app conversions

The easier the process of browsing your app is the better chances of you having a returning loyal customer. To increase conversion rate include as many variant features in your app to make the buyer’s journey. You will want to include all these features that will help your customers easily sail through the app.

10. Measure your data Analytics!

To increase your mobile app conversions and understand what your customer is looking for you have to get into the app data. Work on the data that you have received and understand your metrics to further streamline the buying process. Mobile app conversions are a by-product of brilliantly strategized plans. If you want to boost the conversion rate this step will also help to figure out loopholes in your process and to understand where the customer leaves your app.


data analytics mobile app conversions


Right analytics and wise usage of it helps you to retain your existing customer. Analytics help you make decisions to increase conversion rate. It helps you to trace the journey that your buyer goes through.


To Conclude:


It is wise to employ strategies to increase app purchases and drastically increase conversion rate on your mobile app. And it is even wiser to keep a watch on your analytics so you can make decisions for future sales and campaign strategies. To boost the conversion rate for mobile app always provide the customer with the options of coming back to your mobile app with interesting techniques shared in this article.


Mobile app redesigns can also boost your mobile app conversions significantly. However, to boost the conversion rate for mobile app you should definitely employ discussed strategies and be led by them!


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