Want to Grow Your Small Business Online? Try These 10 Recipes!

Want to Grow Your Small Business Online? Try These 10 Recipes!


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The internet is filled with a myriad of opportunities. But only some can enjoy the fruit of success. Why is that so? Because there are people who are conscious about starting it and equally aware about how to grow a small business online. 

If you run a small business and discover how to grow it online, what are you going to explore? It will excite you! 

4 Tips to Grow Small Business Keeping Customers as Prime Focus – 

Customers are the prime focus. Be it a small business or a large enterprise – anything that a brand does- it is done with the hope of connecting with the customers and finding out a new audience group. Check out these four scintillating tips to grow your small business keeping customers as your price focus. 

how to grow small business keeping customers in mind

1. Appreciate Existing Customers –

Don’t be just concerned about finding new customers. Your existing set of customers can give repeated business. If you want to grow your small business online, then your go-to-market strategy must include a careful blend of – how to find new customers and how to stay in touch with existing ones! 

Staying in touch with your existing customers is one of the few tips to grow your small business. It is inexpensive, but at the same time, it requires time and experimentation. But once implemented, you will see the results beyond expectations. 

2. Ask for Referrals – 

While you plan a communication strategy with your existing customers, don’t forget to ask for referrals. Isn’t it a great way to grow your small business without having to invest in finding new customers? Here are some tips for asking for referrals from your customer base – 

  1. Email your satisfied customers asking if they know anyone else who would be interested in your products. 
  2. Incentivize referrals with a discount code or a surprise gift. 
  3. Encourage your customers to share what they have purchased with you and tag your brand on social media. 

3. Know Your Audience Well –

This tip for growing your small business may not help you grab instant sales, but it will help you better understand what your customers want? Where are they shopping from? What is their search intent?

If you can automatically determine your audience’s aesthetics, you will be one step closer to closing your sales with them. Now the question arises, how to know your target audience? 

The answer lies in the buyer persona, highlighting the different customers who convert to your small business. When used correctly, buyer personas can help you understand your target audience. 

4. Social Proof –

If you want to grow your small business online, you need to instill trust among your customers. Visitors will convert into customers only when they start trusting in your brand. 

But this cannot be done overnight. Add social proof in your Shopify store and let visitors know that your brand is also present on social channels as well. Social media and eCommerce are inseparable. Instead of considering them as two different platforms, integrate them. Then see the magic! 

How to Grow a Small Business Online Using Marketing Gimmicks –

Everyone requires marketing, whether a prominent, reputed brand or someone at a nascent stage. The intent of marketing and promotional activities might change from time to time, but the motive remains the same. The explanation is to keep your brand alive in the consciousness of your customers and target audience. 

Try these four tips to grow your small business keeping marketing and promotions as the focal point.

tips to grow small business with marketing

1. Participate in Trade Shows –

Just like you’re expected to merge eCommerce and social media. It would be best to connect your offline activities with your online presence. If you want to learn how to grow your small business, you need to participate in trade shows (even if you are to travel in a foreign land). 

A strong trade show presence can help you grow your business and establish your brand as an emerging one in your local industry. Trade shows drive people who are already interested in products or services you’re offering. 

2. Conquer a Niche Market – 

An excellent market is a narrowly defined group of customers. Look for a subset of the larger market whose needs are yet to be catered. Then grow your small business online by targeting that niche market. 

For example, running a Shopify store dealing with unisex t-shirts can target the custom t-shirt market. This way, you are conducting business in the t-shirts segment, but at the same time, you are also targeting a niche segment of print on demand or customized prints. 

Conquering a niche market is a great tip to grow your small business online. Here are a few suggestions to help you discover a niche market for your small business – 

  • Make sure that the niche has enough interest, customers and at the same time, people search for something that you are selling. 
  • You can position your product at a high price – high enough so that you can survive even with fewer sales. 

3. Content + Video Marketing –

Many retailers consider content and videos as an expense, and before they could realize that content and video marketing is an investment, it is already too late for them. If you want to grow your small business on the internet, you need to start investing in these two things. 

Video marketing and content is one of the most efficient ways to grow your small business online successfully. Customers respond much quicker after watching video ads than with any other form of advertising. 

If you believe that your product is a gamechanger, then a compelling content strategy will change the game of your small business. 

4. Paid Media –

Paid Media is an excellent tool to grow your small business online. A small and recurring investment in paid advertising will result in many internet users being made aware of your business. 

With Instagram & Facebook ads, you can target the right market for your small business. But keep in mind that the ads need to be catchy and of premium quality, for people to consider investing in your small business. 

If you are investing in paid media advertising, it will do you well if you focus on the type of content you are putting out. 

Is Your Shopify Store Speedy Enough?

To grow your small business online, you need to ensure that your eCommerce store is speedy and responsive. Ensure that your store is in line with Google’s core web vitals. 

If you manage your online store with Shopify, you can contact our team of Shopify experts who will refurbish your Shopify store and sync it with Google’s web vitals. 

Multichannel Approach for Your Small Business –

Marketplaces do wonders if you want to grow your small business online. From region-specific online marketplaces to product-centric marketplaces – they are the hotspots of online shoppers. 

grow small business with multichannel mindset

Depending on the product and regions you want to conduct your business in, signing up with online marketplaces is the most effective way to grow your small business online. Don’t worry if you have not yet done your research. You can connect with our team of experts and discuss this opportunity. 

Summing Up –

Growing your business online is easier said than done. But if you have a pre-planned approach, it will be an exciting journey to see your business growing among global shoppers, marketplaces, and the internet. 

There are the ten most proven tips to grow your small business online. As eCommerce experts, we would love to see your business growing. For anything else, CedCommerce is a message away. 

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