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Why Vendors Would Enjoy Selling On CedCommerce Multivendor Marketplace?

Why Vendors Would Enjoy Selling On CedCommerce Multivendor Marketplace?


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The deep penetration of the internet has proved to be immensely fruitful. It has touched all the spheres of the modern life. From providing good governance to better health options to education, the fields are so many that one runs short of counting all that have been, are and to be benefited by the internet. The prominent virtue has been filling the gap, from connecting people all across the world to chat and exchange their ideas in form of social media sites to aggregating taxis for better transportation. The list is long and new marvels are added to it continuously.


Among all these gaps and problem, the prominent one, for traditional shopkeepers or merchants, has been to attract more and more customers, the main constraint being the geographical factor. And, as the e-commerce is the solution, merchants are ensuring to join the bandwagon. To this, either they are selling their products through popular multivendor marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, fast rising Jet or they are opening their online stores.


Built on No 1 E-Commerce Platform this Magento Multivendor Marketplace Solution offers vendors an opportunity to sell effectively and earn more earnings. Not only that it would provide a powerful platform to the vendor to gather and sell on one place and enjoy the collective benefits, it offers the plethora of features that assists vendors or to be vendors on this platform to sell effectively.



Below listed feature would help Vendors to earn more out of selling on the CedCommerce Marketplace :


1. Powerful Representation:

One thing crucial for making and breaking for any business is its transparent information and its presence and representation. Few people buy from unreliable vendors, not having transparent their name and representation. This problem has been tackled head on in the Magento multivendor marketplace extension.

To make their cases strong and to establish themselves as an authority, the extension enables vendors to enter their shop name and company name (for primary information) and company logo, company banner, Facebook, Twitter URLs and contact information to establish themselves as an authority. All the information gets displayed on the shop page.


2. Attractive Shop Pages:

The success of any e-commerce is determined by how easily an information can be obtained or how it feels while navigating and HOW IT LOOKS. The looks contribute greatly for an e-commerce website to get popular.

In the spirit of making vendors an authority, the extension comes an opportunity to merchants to customize their shop pages to look aesthetically pleasing and attractive. The customers can add custom style, content & layout to make their shop pages user-friendly and compelling.


3. Multi Currency & Multi-Language Support:

The e-commerce offers an unprecedented opportunity to vendors to sell their products to the far flung areas until now not possible. However, one problem that remains  with this prospect is the language of their communication and currency of the transaction. Any e-commerce that doesn’t provide these support is in violation of the spirit of e-commerce that is aimed to transcend the geographical, cultural and economical barriers.

The Multivendor Marketplace app for Magento1 and Magento 2 store offers Multi-currency and Multi-language features to the vendors enabling them, to render service to the clients sitting across oceans, mountains, different in language and use the different currency for a transaction.


5. Built in product types:

Another feature that benefits the vendors sell more and earn more is the diversity in its product types. The more diverse the product are greater is the variety of consumer visiting their shop. And moreover, it is considered great for the shop to have all sorts of product type and helps them establish authority.

The Magento Multivendor Marketplace extension follows it in letter and spirit. With it, vendors can create Simple, Bundle, Configurable, Grouped, Downloadable, and Virtual types of products along with support for Up Sell, Cross Sell, and Custom Options.


6. SMS and E- MAIL Notification:

Another thing that works great, if eliminated completely, is the miss communication. Often delayed communication is miss communication. A consumer loves the prompt reply. The immediate response translates that customer is considered valuable and scores some points for customer service as well.

The SMS and E-Mail notification features do the same for vendors. The vendors get SMS alert on product purchases, checking out and product editing. For other occurrences such as sale or discount or others, vendors can notify the customers with the email. This all is done to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted communication channel.


7. Advanced Reports:

Data is power. With correct analysis of the activity data, one can find out the unconnected dots or broken links or customer behavior and all the wrongs and rights of the products. This helps to the great extent. With detection of the errors or realization of strengths, the merchants can rectify the mistake or aggressively promote their products respectively.

The same is done to facilitate the report analysis. Vendors can get the reports of Out of Stock and Sold Products, about their views, the segmented sales Report & Payment Reports all from their vendor panel.

Selling products online is no more a luxury entitled to few, but a necessity to be adopted or to be left behind. As the internet penetration gets deeper, the e-commerce will emerge out stronger. Therefore time couldn’t be any better to start selling online.


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