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Top Dropshipping Products (Seasoned+Evergreen) on AliExpress with Product Research Hacks [Updated 2020]

Top Dropshipping Products (Seasoned+Evergreen) on AliExpress with Product Research Hacks [Updated 2020]


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A great dropshipping store has multiple elements that result in high sales. Listing the best dropshipping products is the most crucial one. After all, it becomes super easy to convince the customers. Moreover, the product is the undisputed king in the arena of dropshipping. A problem-solving product with wow factor, sufficient profit margin, and better if not discovered by the majority of target customers is perfect to be in the list of best dropshipping products 2020.

Are you very anxious to list the top dropshipping products? Then click here. If you have a long term vision and want to know how to research the best dropshipping products in 2020 like a pro, then keep reading.

How to find Best Dropshipping Product? (Product Research Hacks)

Winning product is one that has a WOW factor. It generates an impulse buying mode. Here a few tried and tested methods explained using illustrations to discover the top dropshipping products.

Method #1 Top Dropshipping Products on Facebook

Log into Facebook and navigate to the search bar and search for “shop now”,”get yours today”, “get yours now” or “get yours here”, “get it here”, “get it today”, “50% off free shipping” or “50% off + free shipping”. Now select the videos tab at the top.

You will find loads of product videos on them. Choose video with the maximum views (or simply select sort by as “maximum views”)

facebook method

Image credit: Facebook

  • As seen in the screenshot above, there are 56 thousand views in just 18 days (considering the screenshot taken on June 30). It is one of the most popular products in June.
  • The next step is to visit AliExpress and look for these or products similar to these.
  • In case, you find it difficult to find it then right-click on the product image and click on “search google for image”. You land on SERP, here replace the phrase ‘grater’ with


check online

Image credit: Google

It will redirect you to that same product page on AliExpress. You will find more keywords related to the products, and using them can also help you discover the product.

Now check the seller’s feedback. It must be more than 97% Good if it’s 97% or more else scroll down and see similar products and find a seller with excellent feedback and a lot of orders.

Check whether the product is trending or not by going to the AliExpress dropshipping center and clicking on product analysis and paste product URL.


aliexpres seller center

Image Credit-

Once you try all the products ensure to filter the sellers with ‘below average’ logistics reliability’. There is a high probability that sellers will disappoint customers with late delivery.

YAY..!! You have found one dropshipping product with a high chance of sales. It is one of the easy and effective ways to find.

Method #2: Top Dropshipping Products via Paid Tools

Pexda and Dropship Spy are the tools that help you find in-depth information about the hot and trending dropshipping products. You can view information about stores selling the product, selling price, Fb post, aliexpress product link, and more.


Method #3: Look for the Best in Market

First and foremost analyse the best selling products of big players to find out what is the driving factor behind it.



Image credit – Alibaba

Method #4: Community Forums

Community forums like facebook page are the best place to find genuine opinions. Some great facebook pages for plentiful insights about the top dropshipping products are:

community forum on facebook
Image credit:

Pinterest, Wanelo, Etsy, and Ssense are few popular social shopping sites. Here you will find your customer discussing their likes, dislikes, desire, and much more. This data will help you think like customers.



Method #5: Google Trends for Dropshipping Products

Use the Google Trends tool to compare search popularity of products that you have sorted out in terms of country, time range, category, and interest over time.

google trends
Image credit: Google

Scrolling down further will show related queries. This will give correct statistics on what customers are looking for online for the products.

google trends region
Image credit: Google

Use keyword planner by Google to further validate search volume.

Method #6: Google Search

Search for high demand products on google using tools such as the Google SERP API. As seen below price is available and this can be used to figure out whether or not you will be able to compete with other sellers.


google search

Image credit: Google

Pro Tip:

if you cannot set more competitive pricing than existing competitors, remove that item from the list.

Method #7 – Sell the Trend

It will save a lot of research time that you can use to strategise the future expansion of the product. But it comes at a cost of $39.monthly.

sell trends

Method #8 – Explore and Examine Best Dropshipping Products

Looking for best dropshipping products in 2021 but not confident about which one to select and how to identify the potential of best dropshipping products. Well worry not, the evergreen dropshipping products will not let your store wait for sales.


An undoubtedly profitable niche owing to the explosion in popularity due to pandemic induced lockdown. It has guilty pleasure which contributes to its addictive nature. As a result, not only new users will be attracted to it but very few will quit it.

Therefore, there will be no dearth of shoppers.The popular items in this niche are gaming chairs, personal computers, laptops, and desks.

The expected growth between 2021-2016 is a CAGR of 9.24.

gaming is a popular niche

image credit: Google Trends 

Also few parameters to keep in mind while deciding the best dropshipping products.

The scar left behind by the pandemic has reshaped the buying pattern. This paradigm shift will continue for a really long time. With that said, let’s peek into the anatomy of best dropshipping products.

Products that belong to following niche has seen a massive demand and it seems to be on upside only

  • Sports
  • Home appliance
  • Gym equipment
  • Household cleaning items
  • Beauty products
  • Groceries

The products from the above mentioned categories will definitely help you to gain a competitive edge over others. But that’s ain’t the end of the game. You should also focus on the best dropshipping products that are evergreen.

  • Diet and weight loss
  • Fashion and Beauty products
  • Cooking

Let’s find out why these are popular niches that will never be outdated.

Cooking is among few niches that can be trusted for consistently best selling products.

  • Pop up toasters
  • Food containers
  • Cookies cutter
  • Salad cutter bowl
  • Knife
  • Microwave cleaner

Diet and weight loss

It is another awesome niche to consider for best dropshipping products. Surprisingly, 40% adults population is either obese or overweight enough to be considered on the brink of becoming obese.

Now, obese is abosuletely not acceptable. People are worried about body shaming. Henceforth, if you leverage this fear smartly (in a positive manner without hurting customer sentiments) in marketing campaigns, you will sell weight loss products like hot cakes.

Moreover, the desire to look and feel fit will never fade, forget about it being no longer relevant.

The best products that help keeping the weight in check are

  • Meal replacement products that minimise calories intake
  • Gluten free protein shake
  • Detox tea

Fashion and Beauty Products

Fashion and Beauty products is also an appealing niche that cannot be an overlooked cornerstone if you plan to increase sales by selling the best dropshipping products. After all, people are crazy about their looks irrespective of gender. Hence you can reach a broader audience if you focus on parameters that push buyers not to think twice before buying the item.

  • Explore the latest trends and accordingly list items in your store.
  • Be active on social media with bite sized videos to grab customer attention.
  • How-to videos and those focused on product details are likely to drive high engagement.
  • Add positive testimonials on your online store that speaks about product worth are important to keep buyers hooked on your site

Always remember fashion never goes out of fashion. Using aforementioned tips it will be easy to remind customers about the same.

The Solid Formula To Find The Profitable and Best dropshipping products

Know what’s in buyers mind by meeting people who share similar details to your target audience on below parameters

  • Age group
  • Marital status
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Education
  • Passion

This will unfold loads of information to understand customer mindset and know categories (and items) from which they are highly likely to buy in near future.

Always remember while choosing a niche that evergreen items are ones whose popularity ain’t seasonal.On the contrary, evergreen items serve a practical purpose and majority of buyers want them most of the time.

The Pro Tip: The above approach is to be implemented every 3-6 months in a non intrusive manner. Hence, you get the updated data and it eliminates targeting the wrong audience.

It is good you have discovered the best dropshipping products. Now, It’s time to leverage it in the longer run and remain ahead of competitors. Therefore, focusing on below mentioned pointers will help in grabbing customer attention.

Completely portray the importance of items in the form of appealing visuals and bite-sized videos over instagram and youtube. It will help to get target audience eyeballs hooked on your items.

The best dropshipping products are the consistently lucrative categories. Hence, consistently producing content (like how to use videos and infographics) will be helpful to keep them aware about why your items will be the best choice.

How to Know if a Product is Saturated or Not?

Login into facebook and search for the product.
See the views on it if,

  • 1 million plus views but within a month then it is a saturated product.
  • 1 million plus views but uploaded at least 10-12 months ago and in the last one month or 40 days there are not many views. It means currently this product is not being tested by too many sellers. Moreover it tells about a good opportunity to try and sell it.

How to Differentiate High Potential Dropshipping Products from Ordinary One?

If you find high engagement for a product on facebook, and discover the same product is going viral on Reddit. If there are numerous comments like below

  • “Oh, how cool is that”
  • “I wish to get it asap”
  • “I haven’t seen such awesome product in long while”
  • “Can’t wait to try my hands on it”
  • “ You are a lucky guy to enjoy it”

Look for subreddit like “I Need It” and “Damn I Want it So Bad” to find comments like above. After all, it signifies high popularity of the product.

Best Dropshipping Products on AliExpress in 2020 with Pro Tips – (by a 7-figure Dropshipper)

#1 – Rings



image credit: AliExpress

Rings have a very high perceived value. People buy it as a gift for the special person. Hence, in order to be considered as worthy customers will pay the price of around $60. You can also sell it for $29.99 (not lower than this) to cater to a large pool of target audience.

Rings are apt to celebrate different occasions and when they are bought for a higher price, the buyer thinks it is worth enough for someone special in his life. Therefore, listing rings on your store will give you an opportunity to earn high profit per sale.

Pro TipSelect the listing of products with best pictures (every product is sold on various listings on AliExpress) and lots of reviews. Hence, it gives an automatic push to the conversion rate.

#2 – Wall Mounted Mop Holder


wall mounted mop

image credit: AliExpress

It’s a great product that is required by almost every buyer. But better make a video to promote it.
A video showing a messed up garage with stuff all around and someone quickly put these on the holder and now the garage is nice and clean. This will add the wow factor.

Pro Tip:

Sell it as a garage organisation tool. This will add more value to it and make it sound
good for the entire garage. Moreover, customers tend to think it has a lot of usage.

#3 – Body Shaper


body shaper

image credit: AliExpress

It’s a must have product that saves the moment during parties and celebrations. Women have plenty of dresses that are slightly unfit. Body shapers are built to ensure all cute dresses seem super fit.Therefore, it provides them the opportunity to look in best shape during any special occasion.

No wonder if you are a woman you must have it for you as well.

Pro Tip:

If you spend 10$ on Ads but get only 5 clicks. Immediately stop the ad and spend no more money on it

#4 – Tactical Cargo Pants


cargo pants

image credit: AliExpress

This product caters to the need of a huge audience on their job like construction workers, fishermens, electricians, and more. These people are in millions so no need to worry about lack of target audience. A multipurpose product with an affordable price tag is always high in demand.

Pro Tip:

Limiting the budget to only $500 means you lose the opportunity to test all the products and confirm which are the actually winning products or not?You end up having 1 or 2 winning products.

#5 – Pet Bed


pet bed

image credit: AliExpress

Pet products are among the most profitable niches. People tend to spend more bucks to ensure comfort for pets. Moreover, they find pets very adorable and loyal.

Those without any kid at home display more empathy towards pets. All you need is to pitch the product in a manner to strike the emotional chord.

Pro Tip:

For beginners in Dropshipping, never opt for a single product dropshipping store. After all, it’s too early and you haven’t tested too many products.

The Best Dropshipping Products Lists ~ Evergreen

Baby Products


baby products

image credit – AliExpress

No matter what month of the year. Parents are always keen on finding the best baby products online. Selling new born babies products is even higher in demand. After all, these cuties get a lot of attention from all relatives, who tend to buy stuff to reflect their affection.


demand of baby products

image credit -Google

Dandruff Shampoo



image credit – AliExpress

Millions are suffering from dandruff and getting rid of it is their primary concern. You won’t have to work too hard to convince them to buy it.


demand for shampoo

image credit – Google

Hair Removal Machine


hair removal

image credit – AliExpress

Unnecessary hairs are not a new problem. It affects everyone at some point of time. The hair removal device market will be worth USD 3.4 billion by 2025. Well, the statistics makes it fit to be in the list of evergreen and best dropshipping products.


demand of hair removal products

image credit: Google

Make Up Organiser


makeup product

image credit – AliExpress

Womens love make up items to amp up their style quotient . But various make up items need to be well organised else it becomes messed up. The makeup organiser bag with adjustable sections will always save a lot of time.
While travelling, putting products inside a makeup bag will save sufficient space for other important stuff.


demand for makeup products

image credit – Google

Mobile Screen Protector


mobile protector

image credit – AliExpress

Millennials and Generation Z are well aware about the importance of smartphones hence obsessed with taking care of it. Screen protectors are the protection shield that put an end to their worries.

Considering the unprecedented level of mobile phone penetration, the demand curve below indicates it as an awesome product to list on the dropshipping store.


demand for mobile accessories

image credit: Google

The Best Dropshipping Products Lists ~ Seasonal

Season products are those which see a sharp spike in demand during certain period. The best part about these products is high sales in short period of time.

During Festive Season

festive season products


  • Gift basket & Box (people exchange loads of gift to fully celebrate any festival)
  • Games & Toys (any form of celebration for kids starts with latest toys and games )
  • Home Decor (a beautiful home make it look full of festive vibes, hence apt to call a party)

During Spring Season

spring season


  • Swimwear (People plan summer trip in spring and prefer to buy before price of swimwear increases)
  • Hiking bags (Spring is favourite time for hikers. Therefore, demand is all time high )

During Summer Season

summer products


  • Pool Inflatable (they are high in demand for being used on beach as well in the pool party)
  • Ice Cream Maker (everyone is keen on getting some relief and ice cream is best and quick to have option)
  • Beach Towels (Undoubtedly, one of the favourite accessories for beach lovers to make their day)


Festive themed Items

Customers start searching for Christmas, Halloween , and Thanksgiving related products as early as august first week.

During Winter Season

winter products


  • Skiing Gloves (The skiers and snowboarders find winter best for skiing and snowboarding. It is must have to ski or snowboard)
  • Winter Hats (A super cool and popular product among people during winter. On the bright side, it is lightweight and sufficiently small to qualify for ePackets)

Dropshipping Products Research Tips by Pro Dropshippers (Earning in Six Figures)

  • Don’t sell products that can be easily found in the local store in your neighbourhood
  • If you want to test the waters then better sell products with 4+ rating but cost under $4. Firstly, you can set a high price markup and secondly, If it didn’t work out as expected, refund won’t be a financial burden.
  • When looking for trending ecommerce products on facebook. Make sure to go for products with views in the range of 100,000 to one million.

Summing it Up…

You will be able to find dropshipping products with high margin and high volume. It will give you a competitive edge over others. Sales will be boosted by a significant margin.

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