The Ultimate Guide To Amplify Your Sales With Wish Clips

The Ultimate Guide To Amplify Your Sales With Wish Clips


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Do you ever get fascinated by an unboxing video on Youtube? People love getting the first sight of their favorite product. Product videos have something inherently captivating about them. It builds trust among the audience and connects them with the product. Wish clip is one such space where sellers get the chance to showcase their products and win people’s hearts. Steve Jobs once said,

“People don’t know what they want, until you show it to them.”

Wish Shopping app recently launched a cool and interactive shoppable video feature in the app called “Wish Clips.” Where shoppers can see the product come to life in just a span of 30 seconds, it will boost the chances of buying that product and give shoppers insight into it. These shoppable videos will improve product visibility and help sellers amplify their sales. Wish Clips are a great way to connect with your audience. It creates an intimacy between the buyer and the product. In fact, videos, if done right, convert faster than one-time offers.

Importance of Wish Clips And Video Demo For Sellers

Wish merchants can highlight features that would solve customers’ problems and add value to their life. Buyers can see how the products work from various viewpoints and how they can ease their life. Wish sellers will also have accessibility to various performance metrics, through which they can understand how Wish clips can drive more sales. These metrics include the likes and watch time of customers. If the watch time is good and the shopper enjoys watching such videos, sellers can move ahead with more such videos to intrigue shopping among watchers.

Wish Product video Through the Wish clip feature, shoppers can also see product details and, with just a click, add a product to their shopping cart. Product video helps buyers better visualize the product and enjoy a more interactive experience. Wish clips are a great way to personify a brand’s voice through native shopping videos for wish sellers.

Countries With Wish Clips Feature:

  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Wish Merchant SignUp process Update – Wish is Now Invite-Only Platform for New Merchants

Where Can You See These Product Videos?

Product Detail Page

Reviewed and uploaded product videos will be shown in the Wish app to shoppers. When customers click on the product, the video will automatically play on the product detail page. These videos can also be shown in the Wish clip space; shoppers can make direct purchases from this section without interrupting the view time.

Wish Clips

Wish clips appear on the home page of the Wish app. Customers can view these clips while shopping, just like a tik tok video. It comes up like a scrollable video feed through a tab in the Wish app. With just a click, buyers will be able to see product detail and add the product to the cart. Note: The products must be available in stock and enabled for sale by the seller.

product video demo

Due to Wish Clips’ prominent position in the Wish app, products with engaging Wish Clips have the potential to garner more impressions (and potentially sales) swiftly.

How to Upload Wish Clips on Wish?

You can upload a product video through Wish’s “Merchant Dashboard”. Just follow a few simple steps, and you are good to go.

  • Firstly log in with your Wish credentials. WIsh merchant login
  • Go to the product section from the left menu.

product section

  • Now navigate to the Video section.

video section

  • Click on “Add Video” tab, just beside the product.

Add video

  • Click on the “Upload Video” tab, and with the right ratio (9:16), upload a video.

Upload video

  • Save and proceed. After verification, the video will go live on the feed and product description.

Prerequisites For Uploading Wish Clips

Wish sellers must follow some basic rules to upload Wish clips successfully on the Wish feed:

  • 9:16 Vertical aspect ratio of the clip
  • No misleading product advertisment.
  • A maximum length of the video can be 30 sec
  • Only one product in one video clip
  • The video size should be less than 50 MB.
  • The embedded text should not be added to the clip
  • The merchant logo should not be there.
  • The video has to be soundless
  • Upload only high-resolution video of 480p or higher.
  • The ideal video resolution is 1080 or above.
  • Proper lighting around the video so the clip doesn’t get misleading.
  • The surrounding area should not have any brand logo that the seller is not selling.

Customers will see soundless videos that will play on a continuous loop. So don’t worry about removing audio from the clip. The video is uploaded without audio.

Video Statuses On Wish

Once a Wish seller uploads the video, the video page on the Merchant dashboard will reflect the status of each video uploaded. These are the following status that shows up:

  • Pending review: The clip is under review by the Wish team.
  • Processing: The video is under processing. Soon it will be updated on the product page.
  • Active: The video is running and is being displayed on the product page and Wish clips.
  • Rejected: The video is rejected, and the reason will be stated along with the status.

Summing up

Videos are quickly becoming an essential mainstream e-commerce experience. Wish launched “Wish Clips” to get your video content in front of customers to stay on top of this trend. These product videos will help customers visualize products and give them an everlasting experience. Wish merchants can also integrate their Shopify with Wish and ease their selling experience through easy sync and a single dashboard experience. CedCommerce helps sellers streamline their business and make selling a breeze.

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