How to scale Shopify store
Scale Your Shopify Store With These 4 Breathtaking Recent Updates!

Scale Your Shopify Store With These 4 Breathtaking Recent Updates!


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What are retailers best known for? Even after setting a stream of steady sales, they keep on scrambling for ways to boost their business. But doing this can become a daunting task if they are unaware of how, when, and what to do. Probably this is where managing business with Shopify comes in handy. If you’re selling stuff online through Shopify then there are some spine0tingling ways with which you can scale your Shopify store. It’s 2022 after all – the era of dynamic and personalized shopping experience. Don’t just build a store and fulfill orders. Rather, you should leverage Shopify’s mind-blowing ecosystem and grow your Shopify store. 

There are 4 proven ways with which you can scale your Shopify store in 2022 and sell your products globally without incurring heavy investments. Shopify wants you to leverage its biosphere in every possible way. And whenever you feel that you need to upgrade or add custom functionality in your store then you can hire Shopify experts. 

Click on the links to hop on directly to any of the 4 ways to grow your Shopify store – 

How to Grow Your Shopify Internationally Without Spending a Single Penny?

Do you know that Shopify lets you sell in 170+ countries? It would take a few strokes of luck to be a part of this huge cross-border commerce. But you can easily scale your Shopify store internationally with Shopify Markets. 

Put simply, if you manage an apparel store with Shopify and you’re from the US then with Shopify Markets you can rekindle your store and cater to shoppers from all over the world. This might sound like a piece of fiction but NO, it isn’t. You can grow your Shopify store and be a part of cross-border commerce with Shopify Markets.

Grow your Shopify store with Shopify Markets Currency & Language Conversion – According to Shopify, if your store features language and prices of the products in regional languages then there are 40% chances of conversion. If shoppers can’t read then they won’t buy either. Shopify Markets offers automatic currency and language conversions.

International Domains – You can create country-specific domains with Shopify Market. If your store is in the US and you want to tap the Australian shoppers then they can find your store at mystorefront/au. A custom domain with relevant tags will boost your store’s organic reach. You can also hire Shopify experts who will map your store’s domain and strengthen its SEO. 

Shopify Markets will also compile duties and import taxes so that shoppers can exactly know how much a product will cost during checkout. Everything is happening in a native language! This is the magic of Shopify Markets. Isn’t it an amazing way to scale your Shopify store? Want to know more about this craziness? Here’s your next step – 

Custom Apps – A New Era of Customization!

Building a custom app is an apt way to scale your Shopify store in 2022. Custom apps help you build a separate flow, automate business processes, and connect third-party software to your Shopify Admin. And these are three of the many scenarios where custom apps are helpful. You can build these apps by yourself or with the help of a developer. 

Custom app announcementAt CedCommerce, our team of developers can build custom apps for your store. 2022 onwards is the era of eCommerce dynamics and personalization. You can hire Shopify experts who will build subtle apps for your Shopify store. 

Hydrogen & Oxygen – Unlock Dynamisms of eCommerce!

Aren’t you fascinated to see how your Amazon shopping feed is different from that of your friend’s? It is highly dynamic and personalized. Shopify’s all-new Hydrogen platform backed up with Oxygen hosting creates an ecosystem where you can build a dynamic and personalized Shopify store. 

Shopify-store-customizationWith your store built on the Hydrogen platform, you can stop worrying about its speed, and scale your Shopify store by providing a unique user experience and breathtaking customizations. Previously, if you were to add a dynamic user experience then you were to invest heavily. But now, you can hire a Shopify expert and build your store on this new framework. 

Shopify Balance – Your New Bank on the Go!

Cost-cutting is synonymous with scaling your business. You can earn cashback between 2-10% whenever you make an eligible purchase with Shopify Balance. This new feature will play the role of your personal bank to manage your money and business in a unified place. 

Unlike traditional banks that charge nominal fees for every transaction, Shopify Balance doesn’t charge any monthly, hidden, or transfer fees. Now, you can scale your Shopify store and cut down costs at the same time! Isn’t that amazing? 

To know more about this exciting feature you can consult our team of Shopify experts. 

Scale Your Shopify Store with CedCommerce –

Shopify’s ecosystem is a hub of mind-blowing features which help you in building custom storefronts. You can also consult Shopify experts who will help you with your store’s revamping. 

 CedCommerce is conceded as an all-rounder Shopify Experts agency. Our store developers love to build dynamic Shopify stores. Give your store a whole new look and feel in 2022. Experience unprecedented Shopify store development with CedCommerce. 

If you too want to scale your Shopify store in 2022 then our team of experts would like to flip your store’s user experience!

In a Nutshell –

So these were 4 recent updates from the Shopify ecosystem that will help you to scale your Shopify store. If you are managing your business with Shopify then building an online store shouldn’t be the final goal. When Shopify wants you to grow your store globally then it is worth giving a try. 

For everything else, you can hire a Shopify expert. 

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