Get your Etsy store sparkling this Hanukkah Season
Etsy Hanukkah Season: Marketing tactics to soar sales in 2022

Etsy Hanukkah Season: Marketing tactics to soar sales in 2022


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The holiday season is right around the corner, and buyers are already pumped up to shop for their loved ones and celebrate the upcoming festivals with utmost zeal. As per the reports published by Deloitte, e-commerce sales will grow by 12.8% to 14.3% by 2022 to reach between $260 and $264 billion YOY growth.

With these high growth rates, you too have a great chance to redeem your missed goals or approach higher.

You need the right marketing strategy to aim your customers with a better approach to gain trust and generate better revenues. With so much said, let’s plan the most celebrated Jewish festival Hanukkah – The festival of lights and make your store festive-ready.


  1. Hanukkah – the ‘Festival of light
  2. Which Holidays involve gifts? Is Hanukkah one of them?
  3. How can you prepare your Etsy store?

Hanukkah – the ‘Festival of light’

Hanukkah, also known as Chanukah, is a Jewish festival. It is an eight-day winter festival that will begin this year on Sunday, December 18th, at sundown.

Happy Hanukkah

It is a festival that celebrates love, peace, light, and prosperity. The Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah by lighting menorahs, sharing Hanukkah stories with their children, playing dreidel, and eating fried food.

A celebration that lasts for 8 days, where whole families share all the best of their cultures, inspiring courage and devotion

Which Holidays involve gifts? Is Hanukkah one of them?

Who doesn’t like gifts? We all do, although the holiday season is like a bonanza of lasting gift-giving sprees. Hanukkah in the earlier times was traditionally not a part of this holiday sales splurge unlike other festivals.

Back then, gifts were rather simple and sweet: a chocolate gelt, a dreidel, and maybe a coin.

Until now, with all the technological enhancements and a broad aspect of gift alternatives, it has become Sophie’s choice for buyers and sellers.

Christmas or Hanukkah?

Hanukkah sweater Etsy

Sellers often get confused about what their store should be more focused on Christmas or Hanukkah. We say BOTH!

Understanding different cultures and traditions will prepare you and your business for the long run in popular marketplaces like Etsy.

Brownie Point: Try to make your business inclusive. By acknowledging Hanukkah and other non-majority holidays, you show your customers that you’re open for business and are in tune with the times.

How can you prepare your Etsy store?

For Hanukkah, there is a 2-approach phenomenon you could use to make your Etsy store light up.

Firstly include Hanukkah in your store planning with other holiday season listings and

Secondly an intensive research is required to have a hold of what could be the perfect items that will help your Hanukkah sales soar high.

After you’re done with the planning and research, here comes the other significant parts of righteously upscaling your Hanukkah sales:

Listing Hanukkah-specific products (8-gifts for 8 days)

The Hanukkah festival lasts for eight days. In your Etsy store, you can provide your customers with 8 different types of gifts, giving them a wide choice like:

8 hanukkah gift ideas for your Etsy store

  • Traditional Gifts

Maintain a traditional touch while keeping up with trends.

Include options such as dreidel, traditional antique menorah, and oil candles, jewish kippah too would be a great addition to your store.

  • Puzzles and Games

Make sure your Hanukkah sales include children’s puzzles and games to help them bond with the family under the same roof.

It’s Hanukkah, so put your exclusive products in front of customers on Etsy. Digital products are trending too, and Hanukkah could be your chance to showcase them.

  • Books

Books are a fantastic gift when it comes to giving anything thoughtful.

Include story books or downloadable ebooks for your audiences. On Etsy, some stores also sell old Jewish books that behold historical footprints.

Similarly, you may also go for board book boxes with different types of books in a combo pack.

  • Gifts for the family

Make your store all-inclusive this Hanukkah, a store that has everything for everyone.

Hanukkah is a festival where family members gather under one roof to celebrate love and peace.

What better way to mark the occasion than by giving gifts that your customers will never forget?

  • Pajamas!

Your customers can take advantage of multiple discount offers during the holiday season.

When it comes to clothing, you may go for Hanukkah-themed pajamas or printed t-shirts.

This not only applies to Hanukkah. You may come up with different themed pajama combos matching the cozy vibe of the festivities.

  • Charitable giving

“Community is the foundation of success”

With Etsy’s inbuilt community, giving others a token of happiness, this Hanukkah is a great idea.

This can be accomplished by listing your products on Etsy and donating the proceeds to some good causes.

  • Make a gift bag

During the holiday season, Combo offers rock-solid Etsy sales, and Hanukkah is no exception.

One important reason for offering combo offers is that they are preferably affordable for the customers and if they think it’s worth gifting! Then your purpose is fulfilled.

  • Handmade gifts

If we ask, what would you prefer, a handcrafted or customized gift or simply just a store-bought item?

The personal touch makes a unique, and inculcating that in your store will increase its value.

Since Etsy is high on craftsmanship value, you could include embroidered rugs, personalized Hanukkah pot holders, handmade Hanukkah cards, table runners, and so much more.

Let your store immerse in Blue’s & Silver of Hanukkah

Just as Christmas has its ‘Red & Green’ palette, and Hanukkah has it is Blue & Silver.

As a result of marketing inclusions, holidays are now characterized by colors.

So if you are going all dreidel-y this Hanukkah, make sure to match the colors. You can enhance the product videos using blue or silver backgrounds or blue or silver candles.

Bring your store to the limelight with multichannel selling

Approximately 93% of marketers say that they know the importance of multichannel marketing, but out of them, only 73% have their multichannel strategy.

By launching your festive ready store on platforms like Shopify along with your Etsy store, you can bring your store to the spotlight.

Find it a bit difficult to implement? CedCommerce ‑ Etsy Integration is here at your fingertips

Shopify Etsy Integration

Spread the word about your store with proper marketing tactics

For instance; you put up a store matching Hanukkah vibes, but what if people don’t know what you and your business are up to?

This is why marketing is crucial in this era, where nothing passes by without being validated through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or even Twitter.

When spreading the word about your store, use ads, start exclusive discount offers, plan different Hanukkah sales campaigns, utilize influencer marketing, and use Etsy’s listing video feature.


Finally, we are guessing that you will now include Hanukkah in your holiday planning.

And it’s always better to prepare when making new add-ons in your store.

In conclusion, being part of these lesser-known festivals will help your business diversify within every community and will be a breakthrough in uplifting your sales this Hanukkah season.

Hope this blog helps you in getting some key takeaways.

And for further queries related to setting up your Etsy store or if you need any assistance with your eCommerce business.

We are here to help!

Happy Hanukkah….

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