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List of “Free and Easily Affordable” magento multivendor marketplace ADDONS enabling your marketplace create a great Impact on vendors

List of “Free and Easily Affordable” magento multivendor marketplace ADDONS enabling your marketplace create a great Impact on vendors


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The journey of mile starts with a single step. And we’re glad that you took that step – purchased Cedcommerce magento multivendor marketplace basic extension.


And now, the road ahead requires careful and precisely measured steps. Steps that are fruitful and cost effective.


And before we talk about the small and smart investments that can make big difference, there are certain magento tools that are FREE and must be installed in order to track and improve magento multivendor marketplace store performance, offer single step login and pitch products in a more appealing manner.



These FREE extensions enable entrepreneurs experiment and extend the functionalities of their magento multivendor marketplace stores.



Free extension for Cedcommerce magento multivendor marketplace extensions and Magento 1 Users



Social Login:

Being an entrepreneur and a user you know how Social Login solves Password Fatigue problem. The social login enables users to use their Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google account details to login into your account.

Therefore, if a seamless login is a task to be achieved, then it’s a great tool for you. Download the extension and start right away.

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Order Delete:

Collating order details is important, and equally important is getting rid from orders that offer no value to you. This is what this extension is developed for/ With Order Delete extension you can delete/hide your magento multivendor marketplace store orders and keep a list of them.

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Free extension for Cedcommerce magento multivendor marketplace extension (for magento 2) and Magento 2 website Users


Featured Products Slider

Likewise, being an entrepreneur you understand the importance of a Featured Products Slider on your web page. With this extension you can offer your featured products in a place strategically best suited for your website. This increases the visibility of your products. And sales are directly proportional to visibility.

Hence, if an effective featured product slider is your requirement, it would serve your interest best.

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Developer Debug Tool

If debugging a problem at your Magento tool is an issue, then Developer Debug Tool is made for you. Using this extension to deduce and resolve queries saves you time.

In this extension the data is divided into tabs that can be viewed at module’s bottom page after it’s configured from the admin section. Each tab is designed to allow developers to have better understanding on data related to the current page load.

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List of Most Used and Easily Affordable Addons by Cedcommerce Market Place Basic Users


This list is prepared by analyzing the data of our 5000+ clients that use Marketplace basic solutions (for both Magento 1 & 2). This list contains the list of addons that are highly affordable and deliver great value for our clients.



Vendor Product Assignment Addon:

This extension imparts great flexibility. You can assign the product listed on your marketplace to any of the vendor requesting it. i.e. if any other vendor sells or want to sell the same product already listed on your store. Then, you can assign the product to him so that he doesn’t has to go through all the fuss of filling the information again.


Key Features:

  • Assign Products to the vendors which have been already created from the admin panel.
  • Remove Products from the vendors if not needed or assign them to other vendors.
  • Easy Process is followed in product assignment to ensure smooth functioning.


Take a Look: For Magento 1 | For Magento 2



Vendor Product Attribute Addon

Each Product Type has its own list of unique functionalities therefore they require different attributes to explain them. For example – “ a camera needs different attributes than a jacket for explanation”. Thus they require different set of data to be represented. This where Vendor Product Attribute addon comes. It empowers you and your sellers to create their own distinctive attribute sets.


Key Features:

  • Enables creation of additional fields to display more information
  • Centralized list to display all the created product attributes
  • Enables modifications of the already created attributes
  • Attributes are searchable to list only the filtered attributes


Take a Look: For Magento 1 | For Magento 2



Vendor Mass Import & Export Addon

The vendors selling at your marketplace have hundreds of products. Entering the data manually for that large amount of products becomes troublesome. So to prevent the fatigue they move to a platform which automates the process. Moreover, if your marketplace doesn’t offer them a great benefit/profit, they are more likely to look for other resorts.

The vendor Mass Import and Export addon lets eliminate all such hassle and offers a seamless uploading of products. With this addon they can import and export the products in bulk.


Key Features:

  • Enables your vendors to create all 6 types of Magento products and already has two default import and export profiles
  • Enables hassle free uploading & export of CSV files
  • Facilitates bulk image upload
  • Vendors can map database fields with CSV file fields, also they can filter the products during the export process.


Take a Look: For Magento 2



Vendor Messaging addon:

Seamless communication between admin, vendors and customers is one aspect that can’t be overlooked. Smooth communication removes all the confusion and helps you establish trust and, in process, authority.

This is an addon addon that helps you accomplish same via e-mails. With this addon there are two channels established: Admin – Vendor & vice versa, Vendor-Customer & vice-versa.


Key Features:

  • Vendors can discuss their queries with the admin from their own vendor panel.
  • Customers can discuss about the products, or anything else they want to know from the vendors.
  • Enables Admin access the list of vendors have emailed him in the past
  • Vendors can receive the messages from Customers VIA emails WITH admin’s permission.


Take a Look: For Magento 1 | For Magento 2



Vendor Advance Rate Shipping

To deliver a product at customers’ door steps seems easy but several steps runs in parallel and have to be coordinated to ensure a smooth delivery. It requires price tables to be prepared according to the products dimension, weight, delivery area and duration. And this table serves as base for all the shipment related activities.

This is what this extremely efficient addon helps your vendors achieve. With this addon in place, all the vendor shopping related structure is solved once for all.


Key Features:

  • Enables you create as many table rate shipping methods as required.
  • Create delivery rates with all the conditions at a time like country, region, city, zip code, weight, cart subtotal and quantity.
  • Enables vendors to Set maximum allowed weight and minimum order amount for free shipping.
  • Helps vendor to Skip Virtual & Downloadable products shipping rates, if needed


Take a Look: For Magento 1 | For Magento 2


Apart from these, the other notable addons are Vendor Review and Rating Addon (for both Magento 1 and Magento 2)which helps you and your vendors get an honest feedback for their services.


Sometimes you business is on tipping point, it just needs a little push to make it move. And if the hassle free selling is that straw that is breaking your back then aforementioned magento multivendor marketplace extensions are your way forward.



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Thanks for your interest!

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