CED Launches an Update for Bol Magento Integration amidst v6 API Depreciation

CED Launches an Update for Bol Magento Integration amidst v6 API Depreciation


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The German marketplace,, announced the depreciation of its V6 API. Starting 1st May 2023, all the processes of the depreciated Bol API v6 will cease, resulting in the stoppage of all the in-house apps and 3p extensions based on the v6 API. To cope up with this, the tech giant CedCommerce has announced the launch and release of an update of Bol Magento Integration for seller which will be based on the V8 API version.

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Since the depreciation announcement, there have been a lot of queries in the Bol seller community; through this blog, I will try to clear most of them.

Common Seller Queries on Bol API update

Q. Why is Bol upgrading to new APIs?

With regular API upgrades, is trying to keep up with the latest industry trends and eliminate all the bugs in the current API. The newly introduced features and fixes in the latest API will provide a better user experience.

Q. Can I continue selling with the existing V6 API-based extensions?

NO, Basically, this upgrade is inevitable. Sellers must migrate to the new version, or all the functionalities will be stopped. CedCommerce will also stop offering version updates and support for outdated extensions.

Q. What is the Deadline for Bol API V6 depreciation?

May 1st, 2023, is the due date for depreciation. Bol marketplace has strongly recommended sellers migrate to newer versions of the Retailer API before the removal window is closed.

Q. What is the next step for v6 API and apps based on it?

This v6 API depreciation will be final and not be subjected to breaking changes. It will be removed in the next release of the Bol Retailer API. The next course of action for any seller using a v6 based plugin or app is to upgrade to the v7 or any latest versions.

Q. Why is CedCommerce directly moving to V8 but not V7?

CedCommerce wants its users to transition to the latest API available. These API upgrades are regular, and much like v6, the v7 API will definitely depreciate in a couple of years. Here are the official release dates:


Source: Bol

CedCommerce is eyeing the long term so that its users do not have to worry about the hassles of upgrading the extension every now and then. Moreover, the v9 API will have more features and functionalities than previous versions.

Q. Why is Ced not directly migrating integration to the v9 API?

The V9 API of is yet to be fully released. It is currently in the Alpha/Beta phase, which means that experts at Bol are continuously adding new innovations to this version. In other words, it also means that the API endpoints in v9 will receive no or very limited technical support from Partner Service and can be removed or changed at any time in any way. So to keep your store stable, it’s best to upgrade to a Bol v8 based API.

Q. Will the API Upgrade change the dashboard or interface of the extension?

No. The look and feel of the extension will remain the same as it is now. But additional fields and some newly added functionalities will be available in the configuration menu.

Q. How much time will it take to switch to the new extension?

The transition from the old Bol Retailer API version to the latest will complete within 24 hours. To ensure a smooth version upgrade, Adobe-certified development experts will monitor the whole migration process while following strict guidelines.

Q. Will the transition to the new extension affect my current sale?

No. Since the front end of your store is not getting affected at all so you won’t have to worry much about getting the live sales affected. If you perform the transition under the guidance of a technical expert, the whole process will be smooth.

Q. What are the right steps to follow for Bol API v8 update?

Make a backup of all customizations you have performed in your existing extension.

  • Un-install the outdated extension
  • Install the new extension
  • Authenticate & Validate the extension
  • Configure basic seller details and preferences
  • Include customizations
  • Start using the fully functional extension

Q. What is the cost breakdown of the migration process from v6 to v8?

Here is the breakdown of the cost:

Version Upgrade Cost + Cost of new extension + Support charges (optional) + Customisation cost (optional).

Bottom Line

May 1st, 2023, will be the date when the v6 API and the extension based on it will cease to function. Sellers have no option but to upgrade to the above Bol API versions, or you will start facing a direct impact on live sales.

So, stop wasting time and Connect with CED experts to plan your extension upgrade to v8 now!

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