Innovative ways to upgrade your email marketing strategy
6 Innovative Ways To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy

6 Innovative Ways To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategy


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An effective email marketing strategy is imperative for achieving your overall marketing goals. It provides great opportunities for marketers to check out to expand their audiences.

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As stated by the Content Marketing Institute, “87% of B2B marketers use email terms to distribute their content. Furthermore, 77% of them use email newsletters as a preferred content-type”.

How Email Marketing Strategy Can Support You?

A well-executed email marketing strategy supports you to drive conversions and amplify your revenue. And, if done precisely, the ROI of email marketing can be high.

It’s obvious that a well-structured email marketing strategy can get you a high ROI.

Email marketing has the capability to support you to grow your business quickly.

So, How To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Most people aren’t sure how to improve their email marketing strategies right. Then, how can they lead an email marketing strategy?

So, here are “Tips To Upgrade Your Email Marketing Strategies”

6 Innovative ways to improve your email marketing strategy

Define Your Goals

Before you set about planning your email marketing strategy, it’s important to explicate your goals. Determine what you want to conclude at the end of your email marketing campaign.

Some of the most typical email marketing goals include:

  • Improve brand visibility and loyalty
  • Improve sales
  • Grab new clients
  • Establish relationships with existing customers
  • Increase domain traffic

Drafting the objectives for your email marketing strategy is mandatory. It will support you to stay focused throughout the different stages of your campaign.

Make Your Emails Attractive

Nowadays, moderation is the key to appeal, whether we’re talking about web pages, blog posts, or emails. Reading content should be a fulfilling experience for your audience. Most people are less cheered by stunning, creative design than they are by how quickly the content loads, and, progressively, how easy it is to read on their smartphones (see the upcoming object). That said, you need to have brand consistency across various platforms, so even if they’re ultra-minimalist your emails should be visually consistent with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest availability, as well as your website and blog, etc.

Use an Attractive Email Structure

A well-structured email goes a long way to get conversions for you. It’s an underrated yet important factor to improve or upgrade a successful email marketing strategy.

So, how can you craft attractive emails?

Here are some factors you should keep in mind while crafting your email templates:

  • Use a vertical layout
  • Use enough white space
  • Make your call-to-action button notable
  • Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and clean
  • Avoid using excessive images
  • Add social media share buttons
  • Mention your contact details in the footer

You can also use email marketing platforms such as Influencer marketing hub that provide you with beautifully designed templates and a drag-and-drop builder. They can support you to create professional emails and personalize your email copy with advanced customization options.

One of the advantages of using such a platform is that it offers a machine learning-powered send-time optimization feature.

What’s so great about this feature?

You can also use email template builders to structure your own customized email templates.

Write Compelling Subject Lines

Why are subject lines crucial?

When a subscriber gets your email, the first thing that they notice is your subject line. Mostly it’s the deciding factor for whether a subscriber opens your email or not.

Email subject lines are vital for your email marketing strategy because they directly affect your open rate. Effective subject lines provoke the curiosity of your audience and grab their attention.

What’s the formula to create great email subject lines?

There is no fixed formula to create email subject lines. However, subject lines that involve the recipient’s name are probable to get more attention. It’s a great idea to include your latest offers and discounts in your subject. They can motivate the audience to go through the email and to make a purchase.

Here are some other email marketing tips that will support you to write effective subject lines:

  • Keep your subject lines to the point.
  • Avoid using spammy words like “Free” or “Earn Money.” Your emails could be landed in the spam folder.
  • Craft your subject lines as if you are asking your recipients a question, it sounds more engaging and conversational.

What’s the end line?

End lines can take your email marketing strategy to another level. So, craft good End lines and use subject line tools to improve them.

Update and Clean Your Email List

Most people don’t do this, but it’s important to keep engagements and conversion rates higher. Maintain an updated email list and remove addresses that are not engaging your brand, or at the very least, try to induce them in again. Understand that almost 45% of your email subscribers are inactive. Sending out email campaigns to subscribers who have no chance of opening will negatively impact your email delivery rates. Check what subscribers haven’t been active for about 12 months and remove them from your list. Instead, place your focus on active subscribers and getting new ones.

Ask Customers for Feedback and Suggestions

The best way to deliver what subscribers want is to ask them what they exactly want. This email marketing strategy will involve subscribers, and you’ll get to understand their requirements, and opinions, placing you in a better position to offer individualized content. Ask for feedback regarding your products or your services, and ask about what you can do to improve them.

Make the process easy for subscribers to give feedback because long forms and boring surveys will not work. Instead, use checkboxes, radio buttons, and freebies for them to take a survey.

Of course, you ask them directly, which will also work.

Make It Easy For Audience to Unsubscribe

It may seem abortive to make it easy for your subscribers to leave. After all, you’re going to evade a subscriber, right?

How can that be beneficial to your email marketing strategy?

In the short-term, it isn’t; But from a long-term perspective, it is very supportive. If any individual doesn’t want to receive emails from you, they are probably to get frustrated if they keep receiving emails from you. They may not read your emails at all. Or they even report or mark them as spam.

In both above cases, you’re not the only one who’s losing.

Not only does it mess with your email analytics but also it can diminish your brand’s credibility. So, it’s a good thought to allow people to unsubscribe with ease.

Writing Things To A Close

There are as disadvantages as there are many advantages to email marketing strategy, but it’s still a worthy part of your digital marketing services, and if it is used properly, can really boost your brand’s reputation.

It’s all about getting familiar with your audience, knowing their requirements, and delivering them in the way that creates the most positive and congenial user experience. Focus on users, and your marketing strategy practically takes care of itself.

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