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Hyperpay Integration for Magento 2 PWA to secure online payments

Hyperpay Integration for Magento 2 PWA to secure online payments


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Online payment is an inherent part of eCommerce. Still, many eCommerce websites give little importance to payment integrations. This is essential to make sure that your customers can make payments with convenience. For avoiding any such discrepancies, the new HyperPay integration for Magento 2 PWA. It is among the initial extensions for the Magento PWA theme launched of late to ensure a multi-channel payment gateway for online transactions.

What is your Magento 2 PWA HyperPay Integration?

HyperPay is a powerful payment gateway, transforming the online payment experience for a huge number of businesses. This empowers eCommerce marketplace and stores operating online with the ability to receive payments with more flexibility, security, and ease.

HyperPay got started in the year 2004. Initially, it only provided card-based transactions but developed a more versatile range of solutions for online payments. Today it is a single and complete service provider for safe payments over the internet.

The extent of its services varies remarkably, covering an impressive portfolio of products. It has garnered an extraordinary reach among a wide region, predominantly in Asian and North African countries. Merchants across various industries are using HyperPay Integrations and other payment solutions to serve eCommerce websites and apps.

Why choose HyperPay Integration for Magento 2 PWA?

HyperPay is a single payment platform that serves as an all-in-one solution for online transactions of eCommerce websites. The HyperPay integration offers a complete, easy-to-use, and seamless integration of end-to-end payment through both mobile and desktop browsers.

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HyperPay has earned its reputation for being one of the most popular payment gateways. One reason that makes HyperPay a trending choice among all kinds of e-commerce platforms.

HyperPay integration provides customers with an easy and convenient way to make online transactions. It is very important to serve convenience without compromising the security of the transactions. With the Cenia theme of Magento 2 PWA, you get this payment solution and develop a wide range of payment options for all your customers.

Payment Options

HyperPay is compatible with receiving payments through most of the popular payment methods including Debit & credit cards Visa, Mastercard, Online banking, PayPal, and several wallet services.

Fast and secure

The transaction gets completed on the checkout page itself using the 128-bit secure servers to process the transaction.


HyperPay integration is now available as an extension for with Magento 2 Cenia PWA theme.

HyperPay Integration API

Our API based HyperPay integration solution for Magento 2 PWA allows direct payment ability. You will get a flexible frontend with a precise and articulated backend process which ensures a reliable environment to make payments. This HyperPay integration variant requires you to collect the information from your users, which improves your PCI-compliance.

The HyperPay integration for Magento 2 PWA offers you a swift payment process to your website. HyperPay integration works delightfully well with different devices, operating systems, across most of the popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

This HyperPay integration for Magento can be a handy tool that will probably win the trust of your users. It will provide them no-nonsense online payment service irrespective of what device or browser they use, making it more convenient to finish the purchase.

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How it works

Sends an Initial Payment request – Sending the request parameters server-to-server and receiving the information back.

Redirects the shopper – After that, it redirects the shopper to the checkout page for proceeding further to provide the required information transaction.

Updates the payment status – The verification of the status of the payment transaction.


A favorable multi-channel setup for payments is very important for online customers. Most of the online shoppers agree they would prefer buying from a site, that lets them choose the mode of payment from a handful of options.

Online shoppers want eCommerce businesses to provide multiple payment methods for online transactions to ensure they can choose the most convenient one. So it is always better to develop widespread payment options.

There are many massive benefits of using the Magento PWA theme. But conversions often fall apart for those eCommerce sites which do not consider payment integrations the due importance they should rightly give. But at CedCommerce we always ensure the best services on all fronts. So now you can improve the online payment experience by adding HyperPay solution to Magento 2 based Cenia Pro theme.

Magento 2 HyperPay Integration is a go-to solution for all those Magento 2 PWA websites. If you wish to use HyperPay Integrations for Magento, this extension will be a perfect foil for your customers. It will give them options to use various payment methods while making a transaction on your PWA website. HyperPay integration is now extending for the Cenia PWA theme for eCommerce. Take the Demo of the Cenia Pro PWA theme to experience the difference first hand.

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