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Side by Side Comparison b/w Features of Adobe Commerce and Adobe Community

Side by Side Comparison b/w Features of Adobe Commerce and Adobe Community


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The Commerce Edition of Magento 2 is a highly advanced online selling tool designed by Adobe. Furthermore, it offers a remarkable list of features to outrun the basic community edition in multiple aspects. In addition to this, the Enterprise version is also best for the ones looking to expand multichannel business with Magento. In this blog, I have tried to display a side-by-side comparison of features of Adobe Commerce formerly known as Magento Commerce and Adobe Community under different categories.

So, without any further ado, let the comparison begin:

Adobe Community and Adobe Commerce Features Comparison:

Table 1: Development Features

While speaking of Magento the first thing that comes to mind is eCommerce development. Also, with Magento Commerce, this development process has become significantly easier. So, here is a comparison of the development features of Magento Open source and Commerce edition:

  Adobe Community Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce)
Open Source
Mobile Commerce
Elastic Search
Inbuilt Themes
Code Level Access
API Integration
3rd Party Extensions
Template Customisation
Full Page Caching
Cloud Hosting
WYSIWYG Page Builder
Advanced Admin Roles
Database Clustering Support

The conclusion is quite simple!! Due to the remarkable Adobe Commerce features, the development process has become quite fun and easy.

We have covered enough on the Development Features of Magento commerce.

Furthermore, let’s ascend towards the 2nd criteria i.e. Pricing & Payment.

Table 2: Pricing and Payment Features:

Being the advanced version, you need to dig deep into your pockets to use Adobe Commerce. But the good news is that Adobe Commerce presents you with more secure payment options and multiple payment gateways. Furthermore, here is the side by side comparison of the Adobe Commerce and Community features pertaining to payment and pricing:

  Adobe Community Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce)
Global Selling
Refund management
Multiple Payment Option
Annual Cost
Minimum advertised price
Return management
Credit Card Tokenization

Moreover, this simply means that while opting for Magento Commerce(Adobe Commerce) as your selling platform you have a wide variety of payment options with high-end security.

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Now let’s move to another important aspect of side by side feature comparison of the two Magento versions – the product management.

Table 3: Product Management:

The product management feature in both the Adobe Community and Commerce versions is similar. Except that the Commerce version allows you to manage large catalogs.

  Adobe Community Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce)
Catalog Management
Product Configuration
Order Management
Large Catalog Management

It is to be noted that as soon as the products and catalog quantity start increasing, the overall performance of the community version begins to degrade.

So, after discussing product management features of the Magento community and commerce, let’s move to ‘marketing’.

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Table 4: Marketing and Targeting Features:

The Adobe Commerce version is packed with a bunch of cool marketing features that’ll blow your mind. Moreover, you can witness how Magento Commerce, i.e., Adobe Commerce features for marketing dominate the basic community version:

  Adobe Community Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce)
In-Built SEO module
Advanced Marketing Tools
Visual Merchandising
Gift Card
Targeted Promotions
Analytics & Reporting
Reward Points

There is no doubt about the fact that Adobe has taken special care in optimizing the marketing features as per the seller’s needs. Also with targeted promotions, you can reach a much more refined and appropriate audience for your niche.

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Now let’s move to another important feature ie: content management.

Table 5: Content Management Features:

You must know that content is the major deciding factor behind every successful purchase. So as an online seller, you can not take any chances with content. Here’s a comparison of features related to content management between Adobe Commerce and Open source.

  Adobe Community Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce)
Content Staging
Content Scheduling
Customer Segmentation
Email on Abandoned Cart

From the above comparison table, it is quite obvious that Magento Commerce features like Content staging, scheduling, and segmentation come in quite profitable for Magento retailers.

Now let us move over to the last section of the feature comparison ie: Support.

Table 6: Support

Adobe Commerce version is your key to free 24×7 support of dedicated developers and account managers from Magento.

So, here’s a side by side comparison of support related features of Adobe Commerce and community:

  Adobe Community Adobe Commerce (Magento Commerce)
24×7 Tech Support
Dedicated Account Manager

I hope you got a gist of the entire feature comparison between these two versions of Magento.

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Now, Let’s go through all the additional features of Magento Commerce once again.

List of All 30 Adobe Commerce Features:

Here, I have compiled a list of all the features of the Adobe Commerce(Magento Commerce) edition:

  1. Customer Segmentation with Targeted Promotions
  2. Dynamic Rule-Based Product Relations
  3. Long Term Cookies for Persistent Shopping Experience
  4. Solr Search to provide more relevant search results
  5. Automated Email Reminder for Retargeting & Marketing
  6. Rewards Points to Increase Customer Loyalty
  7. Multiple Wish Lists for customers
  8. Simplified B2B management with Checkout by SKU
  9. Return Management Authorization (RMA)
  10. Store Credits for simplified return & refund management
  11. Secure Payment bridge with PA-DSS Certification
  12. Strong Data Encryption, Hashing, and Key Management
  13. Scheduled Import/Export from remote FTP servers
  14. Backup and Rollback for efficient testing purposes.
  15. Content Staging and Merging to test on the live website.
  16. Content Management System with WYSIWYG editor
  17. Advanced Customer Attribute Management
  18. Create & Control multiple Admin Roles at different Store Levels
  19. Limited & Restricted catalog for Private Sales
  20. Restricted Admin Permission to modify Pricing and Promotion
  21. Track and Monitor the actions of various Admins
  22. Category View and Purchase Permissions per Customer Group
  23. Order Archiving for Improved Store Performance
  24. Full Page Caching to improve server response and loading time
  25. Configurable Order Tracking Widget for customers
  26. Alternate Media storage to store media file within DB or CDN
  27. Database Clustering Support
  28. Inbuilt Gift Registry feature to target valuable customers
  29. Gift Wrapping and Messaging Options
  30. 24×7 dedicated customer support

Wrapping It Up:

To sum up, I believe that from the above explanation it is evidently clear that the features of the Adobe Commerce version supersede the basic community version in multiple viewpoints. And, it’s quite beneficial for ones looking to overcome eCommerce challenges faced by Magento sellers.

So if you are a medium or large-scale merchant looking to sell, Adobe Commerce is the best-suited option for you. 

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