Embrace online selling with WooCommerce Product Videos!

Embrace online selling with WooCommerce Product Videos!


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Videos have already brought the revolution in the eCommerce industry. Taking ahead the lead now the sellers can maximize the sales using WooCommerce product videos!

Throwing light on the topic, here are the points covered in this article

What is a WooCommerce product video?

All of us must have done online shopping from eCommerce platforms. While shopping online, we go through the images of the products, read people’s reviews, and everything to get assurance first about the complete information of the product quality, and other features!

To reduce this pain now we can use videos rather than product images wherein you can showcase your product wisely and it is easier for the buyer also. The buyer can make the buying decision easy and fast by watching the video.

So, this adds up as the product video. WooCommerce allows us to embed videos in place of images! Therefore it is known as WooCommerce Product Videos.

To be more precise, have a look at this video,

So, using WooCommerce product videos can bring you great benefits. Learning in deep let’s see

Why should you use product video on your WooCommerce store?

Videos have already brought a revolution in the eCommerce world. There is no such reason for NOT USING videos in your content marketing strategy. Let’s focus on the benefits of using videos in your business:-

Helps in making Buying Decisions:-

Ask yourself a question. Whenever buying anything online, what would you prefer, just an image of the product or a video? What will help you in seeking the product’s quality, lookalikes, etc?

You might have got your answer to this question. Video helps the buyer in making the buying decision.

Increased Revenue:-

When the videos help in making a buying decision, it is pretty sure that your target audience will turn into your consumers after seeing your product video and buying them. But you need to deliver some high-quality products to your customers in order to retain them and build your revenue wisely!

Builds Trust:-

Whenever things are present in audio-visual format, then they create a huge impact in comparison to audio or images. People love watching videos!

Videos have created a benchmark that people automatically trust the products whenever they watch a video.

The orthodox shopping patterns allow people to touch and check the product, whereas in the eCommerce industry is concerned, one can only view the product. Videos can showcase your product wisely and people get a more clear view of the product.

So, video builds trust!

Higher rankings over search pages:-

Google actually loves videos!

Video gives you more opportunity to rank on search engines because you can add your description, title as well as subtitles to your product video. These parameters are compiled with your focus keyphrase as well as the synonym keywords.

Say, you are a T-shirt seller on Woocommerce. One of your trending products is a Sea-Green V neck t-shirt. You have a woo-commerce product video for this which is embedded in your product listing. Now when anyone makes a search, the probability of your product listing and your WooCommerce product will be higher when it comes to the search rankings.

Ranking higher gets you more engagement, thus making up more revenue and trust!

So, having product videos will give you an extra edge in the competition!

Now let’s have a look at what type of videos will be helpful for you!

What type of videos is better for your product listings?

Each format of video has its own value and uses. But talking about the product videos, we have the following which is the best in business:-

  • Product Explainer Video
  • Education videos
  • Teaser videos for Project Coming Soon

Getting into brief, let’s showcase what this type of video has?

Product Explainer Video

These videos are basically giving you the best option for product visualization whenever people are shopping online!

Product explainer videos can be filmed and edited for physical products, and also you can use animated formats for online products like SaaS products.

These videos give answers to the question like

  • What do physical products look like?
  • What are the product qualities and benefits?

Showcasing the product in the video by filming it. Here is an example, please have a look

And in digital products, you can animate them and brief them about their qualities and benefits. Here is an example of the animated product video,

It’s a SaaS product, where all about the brief has been shown with animated characters.

Education videos

These types of videos can be used as product videos in which you are educating and explaining your target audience.

Here is the reference,

In this video, we can see that we are getting the answers to the question like

  • How to use the app?
  • How does the App work?

Here we are also showcasing the product whereas the target audience is also getting educated in brief about its usage!

Teaser videos for Project Coming Soon

Just like the teaser of an upcoming movie, we can also show a glimpse of the products which are stated under the Coming Soon status.

This creates a buzz in the market and makes people take interest in the product.

Here is an example,

Now, do you know What is the WooCommerce product video? The benefits of the product video, and what type of videos will be needed?

After all, how will you get those videos created?

Let’s see it now!

How do get your videos created?

This is a little tricky! You have various options for this

  • DIY
  • Video Making Apps
  • Get it done by Industry Experts

DIY (Do it Yourself)

This part requires skills! You should know how to use video-making tools to get this task done wisely.

When filming a video, you can record it, and then you need to edit it. Add intros and outros to your video, eradicate unwanted footage and add elements wherever required and your video is done!

For animation videos, you need to have a healthy hands-on tool because you need to create characters and the storyboard for that and then apply some good animation to them.

So, if you have those skills then it’s DIY!

Video Making apps

The technology is running at sunlight speed! Well, we all know that!

So, in the market, we have many apps with inbuilt features and a stock gallery, where video creation is just a few minutes away at reasonable prices.

You just need to put up the content and the machine learning process in the app picks the images and footage which suits you the best and creates a video.

On the other hand, you can also do that manually. You can select the images, choose the framework as per you will, and all the other elements you wish.

But, everything has its drawbacks also! At times, using these apps can be an end to creativity. You are bound with a set of images and footage. You can’t set exactly what you want!


So, these apps can be used initially, but not for long-term planning!

Get it done by Industry Experts

Now, this is one thing in Video creation, which allows you to have

  • Flexibility,
  • Creativity,
  • Dependency,
  • Human Involvement and Emotions,
  • Higher Outputs!

With no boundaries and limitations!

There are agencies that provide you with the best and in-trend videos for your product gallery. They are the best quality and creative videos. Apart from that, you receive expert guidance that can help to grow your business and make use of your resources to the fullest.

So, for video creation, it is the most recommended thing, hire a video marketing agency for your video marketing requirements always!


Now, with this, we are at an end to the brief of WooCommerce Product videos!

The conclusion comes to a point is that adding a product video to an E-commerce store for your product line will surely make a difference and help you in taking your business through!

So, search for the best industry expert and make your job done easily and smoothly.

In case of any concern, you can come down to the comment section or reach us directly over Skype or Whatsapp

All the very best!

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