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How CedCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solves Shipping Related Problems?

How CedCommerce Multivendor Marketplace Solves Shipping Related Problems?


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CedCommerce Multivendor marketplace offers “N” number of shipping addons to his client which helps them in shipping their item around the globe. You simply need to decide on the privilege addon which is perfect for your business needs. Each delivery addon offered by Cedcommerce multi shipping has its unique feature, one ought to experience the point by point attributes about that shipping addon before selecting any of it.


Shipping is the backbone of any online business regardless what promotional offer you run for your customer or how good quality product you serve. If it doesn’t reach your customer on time certainly your market value will be going down. One ought to be worried about his transport channel through which he delivers product to the customer as soon you deliver product to the customer more trust will develop.



Most common issues faced by entrepreneur in shipping products


  • Multi Shipping


The main issue for a vendor is shipping his products through single source as it costs more and has limited features which could cost his business to be nipped in the bud situation. It is undeniable fact that the feature of choosing shipping carrier of your own choice can turn out to be a game changer feature for any business.


  • Planning


Entrepreneur basically faces the common problem of shipping their products in different zones where they can set shipping charges as per their rules. It is not always possible to set pricing based on different categories (size, weight, number of product and destination etc). This kind of shipping facility is customer-centric as they can opt for different types of shipping methods whichever is profitable for them.


  • Regional Issues


Regional shipping carrier is always preferred as they are cost efficient and quick in delivery with regional supremacy and one should opt for regional shipping carriers to be more accurate and economic. People often face the problem of getting charged high shipping rates for the delivery of their product as their vendor are shipping them through their own preferred shipping carrier which is more costly.


  • Delivery Problems


Delivery problems is a big issue for any business to ship products in different areas of the world, they need shipping carrier according to the geographical area their business targets and need a more convenient feature to do business with multiple operating centers in different countries.

COD and Overnight delivery is also an issue for many. As customer often demands cash on delivery process as many of customer don’t want to share card details.

Many customers demand overnight delivery which is also a problem as all shipping carrier do not provide this option.



Cedcommerce multi shipping has different sorts of shipping augmentations accessible to help the seller to ship his product on time. We will discuss few of them and their abilities here.


Various Shipping Addons Offered by CedCommerce For Solving Problems-



(i) Shipping addons for geographical problem solution




It is ruling shipping carrier since 1973. Most promising shipping source one could opt for a pioneer in overnight shipping. UPS is a tough competitor of FedEx and also a most trusted carrier. It delivers more than 7.9 million packages per day to more than 220 countries and territories around the world. CedCommerce Multivendor marketplace has both addons to solve all your problems with shipping.



If you are running your business from Australia you should pick this shipping addon. It is helpful for the product delivery in the domestic area of Australia. whereas Australia post shipping is helpful in shipping package from Australia to other countries as well. It ships on the basis of the origin of the vendor & product dimension.



Cedcommerce multi shipping provides you one of the best shipping addon which is presently dealing in almost all of the countries of the world, easy way out for all vendors of south east asia to ship product. It has divided all targeted countries into 3 zones. Vendor can set specific countries for shipping, rate calculation is done on the basis of destination of country and weight of the package.



When you ship with DHL express you are with specialists in international shipping & courier delivery services. Shipping charges are calculated on the basis of origin address. You can avail this feature from CedCommerce Multivendor marketplace.





If you are working in India and want domestic shipping methods delhivery & first flight are best to choose. Whereas first flight has divided its region on the basis of intra-city,rates according to it. Whereas delhivery work on India postal code system with fixed shipping price system.





If your business is set up in between of Jordan & UAE or run domestic business you should opt aramex shipping module from CedCommerce Multivendor marketplace it ships on the basis of weight, origin & destination address.



(ii) Shipping addon for Structure and planning problem solution





Cedcommerce multi shipping offers their clients to plan their shipping carrier and prices as per their rules it offers a method “Table rate shipping addon” here you can define multiple rates depends on the product’s destination, multiple rates per zone, and add rules based on product weight, number of items, shipping class and price.

There are bunch of delivery addon accessible with CedCommerce Multivendor marketplace manages diverse nations of the world. Each shipping addon is special in its own particular manner. You simply need to pick as your business needs. Multi vendor shipping addon has benefit for all.

Admin need not worry for shipping his product in different countries anymore they can dispatch far and wide and target worldwide clients and have different alternatives for delivery transporter to browse with the assistance of multi functional addon now administrator can give overnight conveyance which is popular nowadays with the help of CedCommerce Multivendor marketplace addon facility.

Merchant can opt for CedCommerce Multivendor marketplace which is useful for his client and can offer area savvy shipping office which is cost efficient for the client. He can decide free shipping addon additionally for the accommodation of his customer.


Customer can select the shipping method separately at CedCommerce to avail cash on delivery option highly popular among Indian buyers. They can opt for overnight delivery if required and get informed if order is delayed due to any reason.He can also choose for the delivery address by him.



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