BFCM google shopping strategies
BFCM Game Plan for Success On Google Shopping

BFCM Game Plan for Success On Google Shopping


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Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or BFCM for short, are kind of a big deal for Google Shopping sellers. They’re like those once-a-year super sales where shoppers go crazy for discounts and special offers. If you’re an online seller, you definitely want to jump on the BFCM bandwagon.
It’s all about having the right game plan to navigate the best practices for festive season. It’s got all the essentials you need to make the most out of this shopping frenzy.

Let’s discuss the nitty gritty of resistible promotions, tweaking your ad campaigns to perfection, and making the most of Google Shopping’s cool features.

Promotions and Discounts

Promotions and discounts play a key role in boosting sales during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales. After all, BFCM is a highly competitive shopping period.

  • Strategically Price Your Products
    Review your product catalog and identify items that are most likely to attract BFCM shoppers. These could be bestsellers or seasonal products.
    Price these items strategically. Ensure that the discounted price offers a clear and compelling saving compared to the regular price.
  • Create Bundle Deals
    Bundle related products together and offer a discounted price for the bundle.

how to bundle high demand products

  • Highlight Savings
    Make sure your potential savings are crystal clear. If a product is $100 off, say so prominently. “Save $100 Today!”
  • Utilize Social Proof
    Display customer reviews and ratings near the product listing. Positive reviews can help reassure potential buyers that they are making a good decision

BFCM Ad Campaign Approach

You will be dealing with savvy shoppers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) who will immediately spot a generic ad. Hence, those cookie-cutter ad campaigns just won’t cut it anymore.
It’s time to tailor your campaigns to your audience’s tastes and needs. Customized campaigns enable your store to stand out and outperform competitors, as your messaging resonates more effectively.

Get to Know Your Crowd

First, break down your audience into different groups based on who they are, what they do, and what they’re into. Think about stuff like age, where they’re from, what their interests are.

Talk Their Talk

The key is to make your ads feel like you’re having a one-on-one chat with each group. Use words and images that hit home for them. When your ad feels like it’s made just for them, it’s way more likely to make an impact.

how analyse competitor social media

Leverage Dynamic Ads

You’ve probably noticed those ads that seem to read your mind. You’re casually browsing, and bam! There’s an ad for that thing you were just thinking about. These are dynamic ads and they are aware if you’re a sneakerhead or a bookworm, and use that data to pick the perfect products for you.

It has the potential to grab a shopper’s attention and they are more likely to click on them.

Sneak Peek Into Competitors Ads

AdPlexity, SEMrush, and SpyFu allow you to monitor your competitors’ ad campaigns. You can see the actual ads they are running, their ad copy, and where they are driving traffic.

Why is Mobile Optimization Such a big deal during BFCM?

As we approach the fervor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM), the importance of mobile shopping is paramount.
It’s like having a secret weapon.
Shoppers love it because it’s super convenient. They can browse your products from anywhere, anytime. Imagine someone sitting on their couch after a big Thanksgiving meal, scrolling through deals on their smartphone. If your online store is mobile-friendly, you’re right there in their hands.

Mobile Optimization Tips During BFCM

Firstly, make sure your website and ads look good on mobile screens. You don’t want people to struggle with tiny text or images. It should be a smooth and visually appealing experience.

mobile friendly store tried and tested tips

  • Keep your ads copy short, snappy, and attention-grabbing. But, highlight your best BFCM deals and discounts.
  • Mobile responsiveness is the secret sauce to keep shoppers engaged. When your online store is easy to browse on mobile, you’ll have fewer people leaving it without purchase.

During BFCM, mobile is the king. Having a mobile-optimized store is a must. It’s your ticket to reaching those mobile-savvy BFCM shoppers and boosting your conversions during the festive season.

BFCM Strategic Analysis To Gain the Competitive Edge

Mastering competitive analysis begins with the right tools and techniques. Here’s how to monitor your competitors effectively

  • Google Shopping Ads
    Keep a close eye on the Google Shopping ads of your competitors. Analyze their ad copy, visual appeal, and the products they’re promoting.
  • Ad Preview and Diagnosis
    Ths tool will help you to see the ads from your competitors or other businesses targeting the same keyword. By analyzing the ad copy and landing pages you get insights into how your competitors are positioning their products or services.
  • Pricing and Promotion
    If your competitors are running discounts or promotions, consider matching or exceeding their offers. Stand out with irresistible deals.
  • Product Selection
    Identify gaps in your competitors’ product offerings and consider adding complementary or unique items to your inventory.
  • Promotional Details
    Mention any additional incentives, such as free shipping, easy returns, or a satisfaction guarantee, to make your offer even more enticing.
  • Ad Copy and Creatives
    Review your ad copy and creatives to know what’s working for your competitors. A strategic approach is necessary to boost the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

How Do I Review My Competitors’ Ad Copy and Creatives?

Let’s say you run an online store that sells premium, handcrafted leather bags. You’ve been monitoring your competitors and have noticed that one of your main competitors, “LuxLeather Creations” is running highly effective Google Shopping ads during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) sales period.

Competitor Ad Insight – “LuxLeather Creations” is running a BFCM ad with the headline “Up to 50% Off All Handcrafted Leather Bags!” Their ad includes a visually appealing image of a leather bag, highlighting the craftsmanship and quality. They also mention free shipping and easy returns in the ad copy.

After analysis you can consider making the following adjustments to your ad copy and creatives

  • Ad Headline – Create a compelling headline that emphasizes your BFCM offer. For example, “BFCM Extravaganza: Get Your Dream Leather Bag at Half the Price!”
  • Ad Image – Ensure that the image of your leather bag is of high quality and visually appealing. Highlight the unique design and craftsmanship.
  • Ad Copy – Craft ad copy that focuses on the key selling points, such as the premium quality of your leather, unique designs, and the BFCM discount. For instance,
  • Experience Unmatched Quality – Handcrafted Leather Bags at Unbeatable Prices. Limited Time Offer!
  • Ad Extension -: Consider using ad extensions to provide more information. Highlight the customer reviews, showcase specific product categories, and include additional links to relevant pages on your website.

Inventory Management During BFCM

Are you worried about high product demand and desperately looking to fight the nightmare of running out of products or losing sales and disappointing customers?
Well, don’t stress out and adhere to the below tips to maintain just the right inventory levels and monitor your inventory in real-time.

  • Analyze Historical Data
    Analyze past BFCM sales data to understand patterns and trends to prepare your BFCM checklist. This can provide a solid foundation and move ahead with better clarity.
  • Utilize Inventory Management Software
    Invest in inventory management software that offers demand forecasting tools. These tools use algorithms to predict demand based on historical data and market trends. Also, this can be one of the best practices for the festive season. 
  • Safety Stock
    Consider maintaining a buffer of safety stock (for high demand products) to prepare for unforeseen demand spikes. It will act as a safety net to prevent stockouts.
  • Keep Supplier Informed
    Maintain open lines of communication with suppliers. Inform them of your BFCM sales goals and expected demand to ensure a steady supply.
  • Reach out to your suppliers well in advance of the BFCM season. Early communication gives them time to prepare and allocate resources for your orders. 
  • Inform your suppliers about the specific products, quantities, and delivery schedules you anticipate for BFCM. Make sure to specify any unique requirements or quality standards
  • Request written order confirmations from your suppliers to ensure that they’ve understood your requirements correctly. This can help avoid misunderstandings and ensure accountability.
  • Recognize and appreciate your suppliers for their role in your BFCM success. A good working relationship can lead to more responsive service and a reliable supply chain. 

What if I run out of a hot-selling product?

The stockout dilemma is a real thing and even successful sellers can’t escape it. The key is to have a plan in place. Offer bonuses or discounts to customers who miss out. This can turn disappointment into loyalty. Also, make sure your support team is ready to assist.

In the dynamic realm of online retail, the CedCommerce Google Feed app emerges as an indispensable tool for Google Shopping sellers. This app streamlines the optimization of product data, offering sellers a user-friendly interface coupled with comprehensive features to enhance their listings.

Email Marketing for BFCM

  • Use eye-catching sign-up forms on your website, product pages, and checkout. Offer something enticing like exclusive BFCM discounts to inspire shoppers to join your list.
  • Segmentation is the key. Categorize your subscribers based on their interests and behavior. This way, you can send them emails that really resonate with what they like to buy during the holiday season.
    • Browsing Behavior -Analyze what products subscribers have viewed on your website. If someone has spent time browsing electronics, they can be categorized as “Electronics Enthusiasts.
    • Abandoned Cart Behavior – Identify subscribers who have abandoned their shopping carts. Create a segment for “Cart Abandoners.” Send them emails with a reminder of the products left in their cart and offer incentives to complete the purchase during BFCM.
    • Purchase History -Segment subscribers based on their past purchases. You can create segments for “Frequent Shoppers” who make regular purchases and “Occasional Buyers” who shop less often.
  • Make your subject lines catchy, and the content relevant. Use personalization – like addressing subscribers by their names – and don’t forget to say thanks. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect times for showing appreciation.

BFCM last minute store optimisation tips

Conquering BFCM: A Blueprint for Expanding Your Customer Base

The stakes are high during Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) as customers are eagerly waiting for discounts and special offers. Therefore, adhering to aforementioned tips will enable online sellers to create a win-win situation during BFCM. As a result, you will expand your customer base and increase the conversion rate.

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