WP Social Media Login
WP Social Media Login: Social Login to WordPress by WP Social Media Login

WP Social Media Login: Social Login to WordPress by WP Social Media Login


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WP Social Media Login is plugin by CedCommerce team which facilitates to avail social login on your WordPress site. Social login is the ability by which any user can login to your WordPress by using his/her Facebook, Google+ , LinkedIn etc profiles. This is an authorized and secure medium for login to WordPress site.


Features of  WP Social Media Login

These are following amazing features:-

  • Login through Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn accounts.
  • No need to remember username and password.
  • Users automatically get registered if not a registered user.
  • User will get account detail like username and password through email.
  • Advance email customization option for admin.
  • Their is shortcode which can be used anywhere throughout the site to use this feature.

How to use WP Social Media Login

WP Social Media Login has setting panel where you have to fill the app keys from social sites. You need to create app on Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn for getting app keys. If you did not created app on theses sites then you can create then first you need to do this for authorization purpose.

After getting the app keys you can fill them in  setting panel. After entering app keys you need to enter valid webauth URL in apps and WP Social Media Login setting panel for valid authorization. The URL that you enter in your apps must match with the URL that you provide in pugin’s setting panel.

WP Social media login Facebook Setting

Facebook Setting

WP Social Media Login Google Settings

Google Settings

WP Social Media login LinkedIn Settings

LinkedIn Settings

Ced Social Media Login Twitter Settings

Twitter Settings


There is also a general setting page by which you can configure the redirect url and also can customise your email content.

WP Social Media Login General settings


It has a short code [ced_sul_login] too by using this short code you can avail this feature any where in whole site.After applying the setting you login page will look like this

Login page by Ced Social login


WP Social Media Login has login from Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn. So your users will not have any difficulty to logging in to your WordPress website.This is all about our new plugin WP Social Media Login.To Have you own WP Social Media Login Click here.


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