[Webinar] Enhancing Magento PWA Experience with Cenia Theme – Demo & Installation
[Webinar] Enhancing Magento PWA Experience with Cenia Theme – Demo & Installation

[Webinar] Enhancing Magento PWA Experience with Cenia Theme – Demo & Installation


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Portland, Oregon [April 29th, 2020]: PWA is more reliable, and a future-oriented approach and how CedCommerce is working on this to make it a worthy and valuable experience. Not just this, there’s a lot more you can learn.

CedCommerce is putting together a webinar “Enhancing Magento PWA Experience with Cenia Theme – Demo & Installation” on May 12th, 2020 at 11:30 am EST.

Why should you not miss this webinar?

Get familiar with the approach towards improving the overall Magento Experience and let us walk you through our CENIA theme based on Magento PWA. This will be followed by the prerequisite, introduction, documentation, demo & installation of CedCommerce Cenia Theme. 

  • Introduction to Magento PWA Technology
  • Current trends of the eCommerce industry about PWA
  • Live Installation & Demo of CedCommerce Cenia PWA Theme
  • How Cedcommerce is working on Magento PWA?
  • How Cenia Theme is Improving the Magento Experience?

The webinar will have Vikalp Saxena, Senior Software Developer at CedCommerce as the speaker, and will be hosted by Ketan Mishra, Production Head at CedCommerce.

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About Progressive Web Apps

PWA or progressive web apps are basically a step towards obscuring the fringe between native and mobile web by providing users with an uninterrupted and smooth browsing experience.

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It has been just a couple of years since PWA came into existence and it has drastically changed the way the mobile web operates now.

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