Adaptive Clothing Store Automated During The Pandemic With Walmart BigCommerce Integration
Adaptive Clothing Store Automated During The Pandemic With Walmart BigCommerce Integration

Adaptive Clothing Store Automated During The Pandemic With Walmart BigCommerce Integration


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Short Summary

Challenges Faced

Adaptive Clothing Showroom found uploading products with variant attributes, a time-consuming process.


Through Walmart BigCommerce Integration, the store was able to bulk upload products with seamless attribute mapping.


After signing up for CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration for BigCommerce, the store saw a 2X sales boost. On the one hand, the shoe sales increased by 65%, the other categories’ sales increased by 35%.Adaptive Clothing Showroom

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, many sellers are utilizing e-commerce marketplaces to expand their reach. Walmart marketplace ranks 14th position and boasts over 1 billion products since its inception. It is catering to an average of 270 million customers per week. And for merchants seeking a better selling experience on this marketplace, a seamless Walmart Integration app solution is essential.

Adaptive Clothing Showroom is a BigCommerce based store involved in the retail clothing business for years. The store was looking for an integration solution that could upload inventories quickly with fewer glitches. Also, Michael Morgenstern, the store owner, wanted to sell more efficiently by integrating his BigCommerce-based store with Walmart. Thus, he opted for Walmart Integration by CedCommerce.

About Adaptive Clothing Showroom- Comfort For Those With Special Needs!

With almost 15 years of experience in selling adaptive clothing and accessories, Adaptive Clothing Showroom is always prioritized to fulfill the needs of those with physical and cognitive disabilities.

Furthermore, the benefit-wear store aims to provide a wide assortment of clothing and accessories for men, women, and children who need regular and adaptive outfits for independent or aided dressing.

The adaptive clothing store designs each adaptive clothing and accessory especially for wheelchair users, bedridden, or facing limited mobility. They also ensure price affordability by providing quality products at competitive and reasonable prices. The store lives the vision of delivering 100% customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Listing products on a leading marketplace like is not an easy task to do. There tend to occur a lot of glitches and issues while uploading and managing inventory in bulk. Therefore, such cases need professional assistance through seamless integration.

Additionally, Adaptive Clothing Showroom wanted to automate its selling process on the Walmart marketplace quickly and easily. Michael and his team wanted a solution to quickly upload and seamlessly map variant product attributes on the Walmart marketplace.

“Too much manual effort was needed to upload products on Walmart marketplace,” says Michael Morgenstern.

The Solution

CedCommerce suggested the Walmart-BigCommerce Integration to Michael Morgenstern and his team, and within six months, they attained scalable results.

Onboarding on, Michael Morgenstern and his team’s major problems got simplified with CedCommerce’s expert assistance. Not just this, the app allowed the store to perform all sales processes such as inventory management, pricing, and order management, etc., from one single platform.

To sum up, CedCommerce’s Walmart Marketplace Integration for BigCommerce solution fulfilled the store’s needs well and performed all critical sales operations with ease.

About Walmart Integration app by CedCommerce

To automate your selling process on Walmart and make it more efficient, CedCommerce, the Official Walmart Channel Integration Partner, helps you connect your BigCommerce store with the marketplace using an API communication mechanism.

The app seamlessly synchronizes your store’s product to the marketplace. So, it lets you manage prices and orders from one place only.

CedCommerce, through its Walmart Integration app for BigCommerce, helped Adaptive Clothing Showroom with a seamless connection between its BigCommerce store and Walmart seller account throughout.

Also, experts at CedCommerce aimed to make things more feasible for Michael Morgenstern and his team by providing the most efficient business expansion tools for selling on

With the Integration app’s help, Adaptive Clothing Showroom easily lists products on the marketplace and receives orders at its Bigcommerce store itself; hence there is no need to switch between multiple accounts.

Key Benefits – Adaptive Clothing Showroom Enjoyed With Walmart BigCommerce Integration

BigCommerce-Walmart case study 2

Real-Time Synchronization

Right from updating product information to getting order details about – received or -returned, everything is synchronized in real-time with the Walmart BigCommerce integration solution.

Two-day Shipping Compatibility

The compatibility with 2-day shipping services from Delivery helped Adaptive Clothing Showroom meet order fulfillment deadlines on time.

Profile management

The feature enabled Adaptive Clothing Showroom to assign category templates on their profile. Hence, it helped Michael Morgenstern and his teams map BigCommerce category attributes with Walmart category attributes quickly.

Product Management

After signing up for the BigCommerce Walmart Integration solution by CedCommerce, the store quickly uploaded, edit, sync, and delete its products and their details on the marketplace with ease.

Order Management

With this feature, Micheal Morgenstern and his team manage orders efficiently. So, the team easily handles all the order-related processes like order receiving, dispatch, and fulfillment.

Threshold Quantity

With Walmart-BigCommerce Integration, Adaptive Clothing Showroom was able to keep track of the stock level by getting a regular alert for low stock.


“Listing products on Walmart is very time-consuming, and CedCommerce did it quickly.” Said Michael Morgenstern

The app’s salient features also saved a lot of time for the store to upload, edit product information, sync functions, or delete products from the Walmart marketplace.

Save Efforts

With the app, most of the manual operations are automated, and so it involves minimal efforts for selling on the Walmart marketplace.


After signing up for the Walmart BigCommerce Integration by CedCommerce, Adaptive Clothing Showroom enjoyed a positive hike in overall growth. The sales growth went up by 2X in just six months.

For the category-wise hike, shoe sales and the other categories sales saw an increase of 65% and 35% respectively.

Moreover, Michael Morgenstern is highly impressed with the customer support service and quick response by CedCommerce’s team. And with the help of the Walmart BigCommerce Integration app’s exclusive features, the store is successfully enhancing its selling experience on

If you are also interested in making your selling process on Walmart efficient and seamless, Contact Us.

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