ecommerce website platforms
The best eCommerce platforms are here for you to choose

The best eCommerce platforms are here for you to choose


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With the worldwide & Indian e-commerce market growing at a speedy pace, we tend to see plenty of recent trends. Once beginning out a brand new e-commerce venture, which eCommerce platform is best for your business?


There are plenty of parts that require to be worked out – right from the e-commerce platform which this blog spreads light on vastly. Payment entry to integrate together with your eCommerce website, Product Photography, Social Media Strategy, client acquisition, client retention, program optimization, and a full ton of the additional.


There are a ton of specialists out there who will facilitate you with each of those parts otherwise, you may take a digital selling course or obtain a book on digital selling to familiarise yourself.


top ecommerce platforms


 The first step once beginning out is that the e-commerce platform and therefore, the variety of such platforms and content management systems accessible has full-grown over the years.


In such a situation, working out that platform to use once you’re wanting to create your online store is often a reasonably confusing task. It’s particularly when you aren’t from a technical/e-commerce background.


This post intends to create your analysis work easier by serving to you select the platform best fitted to your desires.



What all we have inside for you?


  • Managed eCommerce Platforms vs. Content Management Systems (CMS) click here
  • Benefits of using the top eCommerce platforms click here
  • Benefits of employing CMS (Content Management System) click here


The Best Content Management Systems


The best eCommerce platforms




Managed eCommerce Platforms vs. Content Management Systems (CMS)


There are 2 choices accessible for building an e-commerce web site – one will either use managed (hosted) e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce or ASCII text file Content Management Systems (CMS) like Magento.


As the name indicates, a hosted eCommerce platform is hosted on a server that you just won’t have access to, whereas CMS-based websites are self-hosted on server area (such as Bluehost) you may purchase. that choice to select can rely plenty on your specific desires similarly as your level of technical involvement.


Below is a list of advantages of each that may facilitate your create an alternative between the 2 supported your business current requirements:


best eCommerce platforms

Choose the right platform for your eCommerce business

Source: Henceforthtek



Benefits of using the top eCommerce platforms


  • Lower development and maintenance – there’s no writing experience needed, thereby eliminating the necessity for a development team. Also, the hosting is shared, that lowers the server prices.


  • Better technical support – Most online store creators have a robust tech-support team to help users with any problems that will arise.


  • Less advanced to figure with – The back-end for many of those platforms is easy and is made for easy use keeping in mind users with restricted technical information while looking out the top eCommerce platforms.



Benefits of Employing CMS (Content Management System)


  • Better practicality – A multitude of plugins, add-ons, and themes accessible for content management systems permit the addition of advanced functionalities that will not be attainable within the case of self-hosted platforms. 


  • Better customizability – Content management systems permit the liberty of adding/modifying options similarly to building a bespoken style distinctive to one’s whole. They additionally give constant enhancements to the user expertise on the positioning, that plays a significant role in today’s extremely competitive e-commerce area.


  • Can support massive stores and complex websites – Content Management Systems, being self-hosted don’t have a limit to the quantity of merchandise or classes allowed, in order that they will handle a lot of larger stores similarly as refined websites.


The server can even be a crucial facet of however your e-commerce website is made and that we typically use the UNIX system based mostly servers being provided by Bluehost or Amazon Internet Services. we tend to typically refrain from victimization Windows based mostly servers.


Once you’ve created your alternative on going ahead with either of the 2 platforms, here is a list of the top eCommerce platforms choices you may explore in every niche:



The Best Content Management Systems


If you’ve determined that a CMS is what’s going to fit your desires best when you looking out for the top eCommerce platforms. Below are the best e-commerce CMS accessible within the market at the instant. the foremost necessary factors which are able to inherit thought once zeroing in over the CMS.


It would be the provision of extensions, availability of support, practicality, customizability and therefore the value of development and maintenance. All of them are open supply and have free community versions and paid enterprise versions.





With near 21% of the world’s prime 100,000 e-commerce sites are designed on the Magento platform. It’s out and away from the foremost well-liked and one amongst the most effective e-commerce CMS’ getting used these days.


Its biggest benefits are the massive variety of plugins and extensions accessible which permit the addition of any new practicality, the convenience of availableness of intimate with developers similarly as a lower overall development and maintenance value.


Top ecommerce platforms

Magento UI

Source: Magento



  • A robust platform with a high level of practicality and customizability
  • A large number of marketplace extensions accessible
  • Highly active community for help with tutorials and troubleshooting choices
  • More SEO-friendly as compared to most alternative platforms
  • It is highly-scalable – no want would arise to upgrade to a different platform whereas scaling up in future
  • Easy Integration with emailing platforms like Mailchimp so you’ll keep to bear together with your customers



  • It needs a sufficient server area to control expeditiously at high speeds. Smaller servers could cause speed and alternative connected problems
  • Might be too advanced for businesses that are pretty minor





WooCommerce could be a WordPress plugin used for building e-commerce websites on the WordPress platform. an outsized variety of WordPress themes have the WooCommerce practicality constitutional.


The plugin provides most of the options that are accessible within the alternative open-sources CMS listed here. WooCommerce would possibly see additional easy and cost-efficient for smaller businesses similarly as for those accustomed to WordPress.



  • Easy setup – WordPress needs little or no time to induce acquainted
  • Runs on WordPress – therefore doesn’t have powerful server necessities
  • Good variety of lower-priced add-ons and themes accessible
  • Huge WordPress support community


top ecommerce platforms

Source: WooCommerce Docs



Easy Integration with emailing platforms like Mailchimp so you’ll keep to bear together with your customers.



  • Might not work for middle and huge size businesses or for businesses wanting to rescale shortly





Opencart is another open supply CMS for e-commerce. though it has one amongst the best to use back-ends, its support systems don’t seem to be as comprehensive as compared to the opposite platforms listed.


top ecommerce platforms

Source: OpenCart Documentation



  • Easy to use back-end
  • The feature made with a sizable amount of plug-ins
  • CSS is often amended from inside the admin



  • Some users report an issue in the installation of some themes
  • Support documentation isn’t comprehensive enough


The best eCommerce platforms


If you’ve determined that an internet store creator would higher fit your business, then below are the five best platforms accessible for you to decide on from. 2 of these – Zepo and Kartrocket are chosen with the Indian market in mind, as being largely domestic players, they may have a far better understanding and feel of the native market.





Shopify is one amongst the primary names that involves mind once one thinks of an internet commerce platform. With 74,418 sites victimization Shopee, it’s one amongst the foremost well-liked similarly.


Top ecommerce platforms

Shopify UI

Source: Shopify



  • A large number of add-ons similarly as stunning and skilled templates to decide on from for a fine looking front
  • 24/7 client support – are often reached by phone, online live chat or email.
  • SEO Complaints



  • May work out slightly dearer as compared to alternative platforms
  • The back-end married woman is slightly advanced to grasp within the starting



Starter – $14/month,

Basic – $29/month,

Professional- $79/month,

Unlimited – $179/month.





Bigcommerce is another well-liked platform, with seventeenth of the highest 100,000 sites victimization hosted e-commerce solutions; and 59,977 sites overall, being designed on Bigcommerce.


top ecommerce platforms

Source: BigCommerce



  • A large content – The Bigcommerce university provides intensive facilitate resources
  • Easy-to-use interface



  • Some users claim that client support could be a very little unreliable occasionally



Silver – $29.95/month,

Bronze – $199.95/month

Gold – $79.95/month,


Odoo Development services from BSS Commerce

Odoo is an all-in-one platform with many helpful modules to help your business empower its management systems. With the character of open-source software, Odoo can be easily adapted to any function. The latest version now is Odoo 15, which was released in October 2021 to “allow the business to run more efficiently and effectively”. Now Odoo has built a network with over 3500 partners, and 7 million users worldwide. The popularity of this platform is increasing because of this initiative interface and easy-to-use method. Your business can choose from two versions: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise based on your requirements and needs.


  • Offer dedicated customer support
  • Have an active community with more than 1500 active members
  • Own an intuitive and friendly interface
  • Integrate third-party applications easily
  • Ensure the security policy for clients
  • Fit with both small and large business
  • Include 14000+ applications


  • Have a complicated pricing structure
  • Provide narrow scope of support sometimes
  • Be quite difficult for an in-house development team to use and handle this platform.

So, if your business needs an Odoo expert team who can go with you from scratch, BSS Commerce can be a perfect choice. Check out these full Odoo development services at BSS Commerce. 




Volusion additionally has nearly as huge a share of the highest one hundred,000 sites victimization hosted e-commerce solutions – nearly 17%; with over 19% of its market share is within the United States.


top ecommerce platforms

Source: Volusion



  • A wide variety of options
  • Personalized service from account specialists
  • Easy to use interface



  • Volution stores use a mobile website as against a responsive style
  • Add-on store isn’t as massive as Shopify or BigCommerce
  • No diary setup accessible



Mini – $15/month,

Gold – $35/month,

Bronze – $75/month,

Professional – $135/month



Wcart is a headless commerce solution to develop a custom-built eCommerce platform that hosts numerous features to run and manage an eCommerce business. An all-in-one eCommerce platform that allows businesses ready to sell and scale in no time.


  • Headless commerce solutions put your business as innovative
  • Wcart offers more flexibility and customization without the back-end constraints of conventional eCommerce.
  • Easy to integrate that fits any businesses’ need


  • Learning curve to maintain is high
  • Need to check for updates manually


  • Monthly – $59/month
  • Yearly – $39/month


CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Edition


Unlike others on this list, CS-Cart’s Multi-Vendor edition is a lot more standalone, a cohesive resolution that doesn’t depend upon extensions or monthly subscriptions. Instead, you create a happening payment and also the license and package are yours. But, here’s the catch.


This happening payment is of $1,450 – an add not offered to several tiny businesses simply beginning out. Despite the on top of, CS-Cart’s Multi-Vendor edition comes with spectacular options for each admin and vendors.


top ecommerce platforms

Source: CS-Cart


This resolution provides you with multiple layers of body access which means that as you grow, you’ll conjointly scale your team, therefore sharing a number of the daily responsibilities of running your marketplace.


Additionally, the platform comes with a subtle merchandiser payout system, moreover as configurable merchandiser plans so you’ll confirm whether or not you wish to charge the identical commission across the board, a flat rate, or a proportion.



Advantages for Vendors


CS-Cart’s Multi-Vendor edition comes with its own separate merchandiser panel that provides every merchandiser their own mini-store wherever they’ll produce a bio, add a product, images, videos, and more. the seller panel conjointly offers retailers period and manual shipping calculations moreover as account balances, sales reports, and statistics in order that they will track their progress.


The license is valid for a period of time and includes 1-year access to upgrades at no cost and three months of free technical support whereas you produce your marketplace. It conjointly comes with a 30-day a reimbursement guarantee.



  • Separate merchandiser and admin panels
  • Totally customizable commissions arrange
  • 3-month technical support
  • 30-day a reimbursement guarantee



  • Massive up-front payment

Price: The license prices $1,450





Every platform and CMS has its and minus points and selecting the correct one depends on your business model and necessities. If you’re getting into for a hosted platform, Shopify or Zepo (if you favor a neighborhood player) may be the most effective choices, whereas if you’re searching for a Content Mangement System, then Magento would most positively work best.


This, however, is predicated on our experience and that we would like to hear what your expertise says. As a final word, switch platforms or content management systems once a store is up and running isn’t extremely a simple method and may really be a nightmare.


So, ensure you’re taking a prudent and educated call with an honest quantity of foresight.



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