Top 10 Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Festive Season Sales
Top 10 Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Festive Season Sales

Top 10 Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Festive Season Sales


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With the festive season just around the corner, the retailers are getting anxious as to the kind of marketing strategy they should have for this festive season to attract the most number of customers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of our plans go awry. From large-scale store turn-outs to online shopping, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed customer behavior in a big way.

Although the economic life is returning to normalcy now, most of the customers still prefer to shop online, fearing the second or possibly the third wave of the pandemic.

Under such situations, it makes more sense to opt for digital marketing that will have the greatest level of impact on shoppers.

With this in view, this article attempts to enlighten you with some of the best digital marketing techniques that will help you gain traction and dominance in this festive season.

But, first of all, let us acknowledge the fact that this festive season is different from the previous ones. Let us see how.

Festive season 2020

How this Festive Season is different from others?

The fact that the pandemic forced people to stay indoors made online shopping the only option to buy essentials and other stuff.

Many customers tried online shopping for the first time and were quite happy with their orders. This has built trust amongst the shopping community cutting across demographics. As a result, more shoppers will be shopping online this festive season than ever before.

For instance, more than a third of the US shoppers who usually shop in-store during Black Friday sales say that they won’t do it this year.

Likewise, more than half of the US shoppers surveyed said that the pandemic has affected the way they will shop this festive season.

All this suggests that a lot of the shopping will de be done online during this holiday season. So, you’d better be ready to target the customers online to boost your sales. 

Now, let us discuss some of the best digital marketing techniques that can skyrocket your festive season sales.

Best Digital Marketing Techniques for Festive Season 2020

What needs to be kept in mind at the very outset is that in the end what you should be offering is an awesome shopping experience. All your marketing plans must be geared to achieve the fundamental objective of delivering joy and happiness. 

With this objective in mind, let us see what are the best digital marketing techniques to increase festive season sales. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be a promising digital marketing technique, especially during the Holiday season.

Research indicates that emails during the festive season are more likely to be opened and acted upon. Besides, it is also one of the cost-effective techniques for aware customers about your products and offers.

You can design your emails around the festive themes and let customers know the best offers that you’re offering. Festive themes mails are the most common and most liked mails and with the relevant information, you’re sure to hit the right buttons.

Email Marketing

Social Media Optimization

Social media gets abuzz with greetings and offers during the festive season. People connect with their loved ones through social media and share greetings and exclusive offers.

Social media offers a great opportunity to promote your season sales and offers. The key here is to optimize social media with relevant content and images, target the right audience, and promote at the right time. 

Some platforms like Facebook offer greater leverage to marketers to target a specific set audience based on various demographics. In this way, your message reaches the right kind of audience who are most interested in your items and mots likely to make a purchase. 

Google/Facebook Ad Campaign

Google/Facebook ad campaigns are a terrific medium to quickly convert a large number of customers. Being displayed on Google search pages and Facebook pages, they have a wide audience base and have greater potential for traffic generation and conversion.

Yet again, you need to design your ads keeping in mind the festive themes and the products in which most people are interested around the time. With the relevant keywords and target audience, you can quickly convert a daily good number of shoppers. 

Tagline line extra festive discounts or last-minute deals are reported to have the greatest positive impact on shoppers, eliciting them to make the purchase. 

Google Facebook Ad Campaign

Search Engine Optimization

With the rise of online shopping, competition in online selling has also intensified. No matter how good your store may be or how much discount you’re offering, if shoppers don’t know about your store or cannot locate your store easily over the web, it will serve you little good.

This calls for optimization of your store with the relevant content and images.

During the festive season, for instance, shoppers search the web with keywords like best online deals or lowest price stores, and with such keywords forming part of your content strategy, there is no doubt you will greater number of visitors and more conversions. 

Search Engine Optimization

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the new mantra in the marketing domain and is proving to be quite effective. Research suggests that push notifications are 5 times likely to be opened than emails. 

With push notifications, you can send exclusive offers and discounts right on the mobile screen of shoppers. It is the most convenient and fastest way to communicate with shoppers. Push notifications work best with mobile apps and can directly take the shopper to the product page within the app from where the shopper can make the purchase and checkout.

If you don’t have a mobile app for your store, now is the right time to have one. Get in touch with to get a festive season styled app developed just for your store. 

Push Notifications - Digital marketing ideas

 Deep Linking and Deferred Deep Linking 

With deep linking, you can direct your ads, when they’re clicked, to the product page within the app. In this marketing technique, ads work like links, which upon clicking takes the shopper to the product page within the app.

Similar to deep linking are deferred deep linking marketing technique, wherein the shopper is taken to the app store to download the app when he does not have the app downloaded on his phone. Both techniques are quite popular among marketers.

Content Marketing

There is a reason it is said that content is the king. Shoppers buy products only after reading a great deal about the product, company, offer, and whatnot. 

Herein blogs and press releases have a crucial role to play. Netizens are looking for relevant information over the web for shopping and sharing. In this regard, your blog can not only provide them with relevant information but can also promote your store.

Yet again, the key here is finding the right keywords for your blogs snd with the right keywords your blog can rank higher on Google search pages

App Store Optimization

If you own a mobile app for your store, app store optimization is a must for you in order to get more downloads.

During the festive season, shoppers look for shopping apps for shopping because many of the festive offers are app-exclusive. By optimizing your app at the app store with the relevant app description and app title, you can rank higher on the app store.

Look for keywords that are most likely to be used by shoppers when looking for a particular kind of app like Grocery apps will definitely have keywords like grocery, food, delivery, etc. 

App Store Optimization - Digital marketing ideas

FB Remarketing Ads

FB remarketing ads target those customers that visited your store but left without buying the product they viewed. Through FB remarketing ads, you can realize the customer that he/she has a cart pending at the store, so that he may return to your store and complete the transaction. 

Alternatively, you can run remarketing ads with titles like Going Fast or Only 1 Hour Left. This creates a sense of urgency in the minds of shoppers and they are more likely to buy the product. 

Video Marketing 

Last but not least, video marketing. Over the last couple of years, video marketing has picked up as the most preferred mode of online marketing form. The reason that people prefer video over any other form of media has taken video marketing by storm. 

Record or edit a free video with the right story, theme, or style that reflects your passion and your brand. A well-designed video ad is set to garner thrice as many views as of any other form of media.

Video Marketing - online marketing ideas

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