Discover the world of SMSA Express Shipping

Discover the world of SMSA Express Shipping


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What is shipping extension all about?


Shipping extensions are the important part of any ecommerce company. A shipping extension is a way of goods delivery to the end customer which is purchased from the ecommerce web site. SMSA Express Shipping module for Magento 2 allows the admin to set SMSA shipping method for his products. A good shipping extension ensures a well-organized shipping process and efficient delivery which are one of the most important services that earn reliability for your store and make customers return to your website for more purchases.

When a customer shops from mall or from any shop they can take the product home at the same time. But, when a customer buys the product online they receive their products in a week or more. While some of the ecommerce company like Amazon,snapdeal and flipkart etc offers same day delivery. It only became profitable because they have tens of millions of Prime members.


“Give your clients the earliest delivery consistent with quality – whatever the inconvenience to us”. Arthur C. Nielsen



A well-organized shipping process and timely delivery are one of the most important additional services that build your store reliability and make customers return to your website for more purchases.



What is SMSA Express shipping?


“SMSA Express is a market leader in the courier industry. It boasts a solid business platform through which it have provided services to tens of thousands of businesses and individuals in the Saudi market since 1994.


Since commencing business, SMSA Express has developed a range of services, including international and domestic express transportation, road, sea and airfreight, customs clearance, e-commerce solutions, special services for the health care sector, special delivery channel, mailroom management and many other services that qualify SMSA Express as the ideal logistics partner for prominent Saudi companies.


SMSA provides its distinctive services to numerous organizations and governmental entities, which depend on time sensitive service and security compliance. It is proud to serve businesses that demand a high level of care and quality.


SMSA Express is a wholly Saudi-owned company, which, apart from its specialized logistics services, strives to meet the needs of citizens and businesses for domestic and international parcel delivery. SMSA Express has established a vast network that connects 325 cities and towns through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Source-SMSA



Magento SMSA shipping extension-


Magento2, being a highly flexible eCommerce platform supports integrations of multiple API as well as non-API based shipping methods that offers their customers more options and convenience for procuring their orders.


CedCommerce SMSA Shipping extension for Magento 2 allows domestic shipping facilities only for Saudi Arabia. With the help of this module admin can set his own rates & allow SMSA express shipping for his customers. It automatically calculates the shipping costs based on the product’s weight. This unique shipping method is designed to calculate the exact shipping costs based on the weight of the products added to cart. Using this shipping method, you can set price for first 15 Kg of weight and also the price of each additional Kg.


To let your visitors see precise shipping information and help you accurately calculate shipping costs Cedcommerce developed a series of Magento 2 shipping extensions.



How to configure SMSA shipping module in magento2?


After the successful installation of our SMSA shipping extension, admin can enable SMSA shipping module by going to the Stores > Configuration > SALES > Shipping Method section.

Here you will see the “SMSA Shipping” group and from there you can set the “Enabled” field to “yes”. Now SMSA shipping will be available and the customer will see its rates on frontend.


SMSA Express Shipping



Appearances of SMSA express shipping at front end (customer’s end)


1. On shopping cart page- Customer will see SMSA express shipping rates calculated according to the rates set by the admin and weight, on the cart page.


SMSA Shipping


2. On checkout- When customer will proceed to checkout, they will see SMSA Shipping rates on the checkout page.


SMSA Express Shipping Extension


Features of SMSA shipping extension-


  • Gives Admin the feature to enable or disable the shipping method as per need.
  • Admin can set shipping price that will be visible to customers during checkout.
  • This module provides the facility of setting tracking number and printing SMSA express shipping label.



How it benefits your online business?


Two things that are very important in shipping-


Shipping Charges-Sometimes customer adds the product in cart and when they get to checkout page. And due to the high prices of shipping charges they start to rethink about the cart because same product now seems a little expensive. Now they abandon the cart and leave the website.


Transparency- When a customer places the order from the Majority want to know exactly where their order is throughout the shipping and delivery process. So the order delivery status should be transparent with the customer.


Now let’s come to the point that how SMSA shipping module benefits your online business-

  • It’s  an easy way to provide a better online experience to your customers – with benefits for you as well.
  • Encourage your customers to return to your website, or to increase chances of additional purchases.
  • Create new opportunities to contact your customers by email, to cross-promote new offers and social media invites.
  • Make your business appear trustworthy and reliable.
  • Set customer expectations and provide peace of mind


You can refer the following link in order to know more description, and Pricing etc

SMSA shipping extension

You can also check out our WooCommerce SMSA Shipping Extension.


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