Selling cork products on eBay
How CedCommerce helped The Cork Collection to their Success on eBay

How CedCommerce helped The Cork Collection to their Success on eBay


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The Cork Collection, a stylish, new, and exciting store based in Portugal, has been making waves with its eco-friendly, sustainable, and PETA-approved Cork products. Cork is a pure and natural material that’s biodegradable and also environmentally friendly. Ricardo Santos, the owner, is a nature lover. He realized the inevitable role of nature in human lives. And so he decided to tap into the high-quality and eco-friendly products created by using harvested corks from oak trees in Portugal. The products are vegan and are a great alternative to leather products.

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Ricardo believes in the philosophy ‘Earth’ without ‘Art’ is ‘Eh.’ And so the cork Collection has introduced products ranging from cork fabric, cork jewelry, cork handbags, cork wallets, cork watches, and many more cork accessories!

Selling on eBay, the Roadblock, and the Solution!

Selling on eBay

Having scaled great heights through their Shopify store, The Cork Collection decided to expand its operations through multiple marketplaces. The aim was to increase Ricardo’s outreach and sales. The Cork Collection team finalized eBay and Etsy as their extended sale channel.

The Roadblock

However, hitting a roadblock happened when the cork collection team initially started selling on eBay. Creating a listing and placing each product in the proper category soon became cumbersome and time-consuming. It is then Ricardo Santos began searching for an application that could do the hard work for them. At the same time, they had to focus on managing the store as well as inventory.

The Solution

Nevertheless, the app that was their first preference didn’t work the way Ricardo expected. It came with a complex interface to work with. The Cork Collection was already using CedCommerce’s Shopify Integration application for their Etsy marketplace. It was satisfied with the features and functionality of the Etsy Marketplace Integration app that led to them opting for the eBay Marketplace Integration.

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The eBay marketplace gave Ricardo precisely what he wished for in an app – A user-friendly workflow and an excellent interface.

Today The Cork Collection is actively using three of the finest integration applications by CedCommerce for Etsy, eBay, and Google Shopping. Here’ what they have to say about these integration services,

Cedcommerce review google shopping feeds

The Process

Getting the application from Shopify App Store initiated the process of routine discussion between Portugal-based Cork Collection and the Account Managers of CedCommerce. It led to a better understanding of Ricardo and his team’s problems while listing their eBay products.

Once the issues got exposed, it was easier for account managers to find the ideal solution to the obstacles. CedCommerce provided a demonstration to Ricardo Santos. It was followed by a complete explanation about setting templates and profiling. The sessions helped Ricardo learn the bulk upload of products by applying various rules for each product type via the concept of Profiling. The problems related to errors while uploading cork products from Shopify to eBay got resolved using the proper categorization, tags, and following eBay’s guidelines.

The features that helped

Apart from a great UI (user interface) and a simplified workflow, the eBay Marketplace Integration app features that paved the path to seamless selling for the team of The cork Collection includes,

1. Profile-based product upload

The feature helped Ricardo to group his products based on different properties. It reduced the overall effort that Ricardo required to create the listings on eBay previously.

2. Manageable templates

Templates made it easy for the cork collection to edit or update essential details about their products while transferring them from the Shopify store to eBay.

The templates for pricing, inventory, category, and title allowed Ricardo to perform bulk actions while preventing repetition when filling information for a specific product type.

3. Support business policy

The business policy helps you set the Payment, Returns, and Shipping related policies to let your customers know about what to expect from you as a seller. The app enables you to create these policies and also edit the pre-existing ones on eBay.

4. Inventory, Price & Order Management

The API-based integration makes real-time synchronization a reality that manages inventory on Shopify and eBay easy. The threshold inventory lets you set a value for the inventory. When the stock reaches this value, the app notifies you and sets the product status out of eBay’s stock.

Also, the app lets you adjust the prices before listing them on eBay. Managing the order becomes easy. The app transfers the orders on eBay to your Shopify store and the fulfillment details back to eBay from Shopify. The features have helped The Cork Collection save precious time over the months, allowing them to focus on their products and brand development.


As simple as it may sound, managing sales on multiple channels is not at all smooth and easy. Store owners like Ricardo Santos, who runs The Cork Collection, started selling the finest cork products from Portugal on multiple marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Google Shopping Feeds with a vision that things will be easy. But the issues that erupt out of nowhere seem to be never-ending.

In conclusion, getting an integration app like the eBay Marketplace Integration will work wonders. Similarly, it’ll help you get the much-desired breath of fresh air and save time managing orders and inventory.

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