import from shopify to marketplace through CSV
Import Products to Shopify through CSV: Sell on Shopify

Import Products to Shopify through CSV: Sell on Shopify


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Importing Products from any Marketplace can get more comfortable given that you know your way through Importing Products to Shopify using a CSV file. With a vision to sell on Shopify and experience growth, sellers often have to deal with the bulk import of products to Shopify using CSV. To make things easy many Shopify Product Importer apps have been developed to help assist in this process of Product Upload to Shopify. The entire data transfer process can take countless hours of your time, if not for these apps.

Let us find out how these apps are doing a great job taking away all the burden from sellers’ shoulders.

How is Importing Products to Shopify Through CSV Beneficial?

The introduction of using CSV to Import Products to Shopify is to ensure flexibility in Product Information Mapping. Title, Description, Tags, and all the details present in the CSV file get uploaded on the Shopify store. The CSV Mapping feature helps the sellers to Import products in bulk and map them. It gets done either as desired (default) or according to the Marketplace from which the products get imported. You have to Choose a Marketplace from the dropdown in this case. You can read more in detail about How to add product detail to your Shopify store.

How To Import Products Using CSV Works?

The Shopify product Importer fetches the CSV details. Then it links the attributes according to the selected mapped attributes. Therefore, the characteristics of the products in the Shopify store’s products get synced with CSV. And the product details get fetched under the accurate fields.

Steps to Import Products to Shopify Store Using CSV:

  1. Go to the Import/Upload section.
  2. Click on Upload .CSV.
  3. Select the file which you want to upload, then click on the Upload button
  4. Once the file gets uploaded on the App, you need to map the CSV header with Shopify attributes present on the App (to link Marketplace Attributes to Shopify Attributes).
  5. Click on Import.

MultiChannel Importer App

The multichannel Importer app has features to help you import and upload products directly from the Marketplace to your Shopify Store. The manage products section helps sellers with the entire upload and import facilities. This automates the entire process.

This image shown below can provide you with a reference.

Manage Products

Note: You can go to the Help section in case of any problem. The following form will appear:

Contact Us

You can select the Issue from the dropdown option & write about the problem that you are facing. Besides, you can even submit a request to get the customization of this feature. The solution providers also work on marketplaces that do not yet cover this feature.

Other benefits of this feature:

  1. Personalize your attribute mapping process.
  2. It provides you to match Shopify attributes with the Marketplace attributes appropriately.
  3. It helps to avoid problems while importing products to Shopify.

About Multichannel Importer

The Multichannel Importer available in the Shopify App Store is a solution you can easily sell on Shopify. The app automates the entire process of selling. In other words, the Shopify product importer helps you to Import Products to apps from various Marketplaces. Then upload the same on Shopify. The entire process completes fast, and the result, achieved within a few minutes.

Features: Multichannel Importer App

The following features of the Multichannel Importer make it worthy:

The facility of currency conversion: On importing products, the App allows you to convert currency as suitable to your customers.

Various Collections to choose from: You have full liberty to select the collections for your products to list in your store.

Multiple Warehouse Support: It is easy to upload products and set inventory to a given warehouse, depending on the product.

The Multichannel Importer supports multiple Marketplaces to help Import Products to Shopify. The list includes:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • Wish
  • Walmart
  • AliExpress

Manage FBA: Multichannel Importer App

Shopify product importer is compatible with FBA. Quickly sell on Shopify and let Amazon handle all your shipping processes. Multichannel Importer enables you to manage your FBA account and seller account in one place. It makes your selling on Shopify with Amazon FBA easier.

The Multichannel Importer app syncs all your orders to the Shopify in real-time. After that, the App will push the order further to your linked FBA account. In addition to this, the App will keep you updated with all the ongoing processes inside the Amazon warehouse. The information includes Planning, Processing & Shipping of the orders. After the Order is Out for Delivery, the App will show you a “complete” status. Therefore, You can sell on Shopify quickly.


Shopify provides us with the best of features anyone could ask for. But, you’ll still end up facing problems when you intend to manage marketplaces and Shopify together. Manually uploading and updating data and product on Shopify through CSV is time-consuming. It also makes the entire task of product management a cumbersome task. Therefore a need for an intermediator arises that can help in assisting with the workload. The MultiChannel Importer does just that and makes the entire process of Importing products to Shopify easy. The Multichannel Importer not only helps with product management but also makes it easy for you by automating the selling process from one centralized location.

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