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    I recently filled out to become a merchant on Rakuten and the spplication I filled out was really really simple. Basically just name, website and phone number. Is there going to be another part to the process?

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hey Michelle,

      Thank you for putting up the query. Setting up an account on Rakuten is very simple like you said it requires only basic info. However, Rakuten officials will take a week or two to analyze and screen your application. After which they will inform you if your account has set-up to function or not.
      May I know for which country you have applied for selling? US/France or Japan.
      We could be helpful for you in further processes.

      Thank You

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    Hi ,
    could you please guide is in getting an account from Rakuten. We are planning to sell in Japan and US as well. We do have a small office and a warehouse in US but the major work happens at the India center. we would like to register with them with an Indian company details, is that possible. Thanks

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hello Nikunj,
      Thank you for putting up the query, I am more than happy to assist you regarding Rakuten Marketplace.
      See I am putting the requirements country-wise here so that you get a clear picture:

      For Selling on Rakuten Japan, you need:
      Japanese bank account & also need native speakers or people who can speak and write in Japanese to manage your store on the marketplace and to handle the customer service.
      And merchant needs to manage shipping to Japan either having a warehouse in any other country

      For the US: Only Bank account detail is needed of the US & there will be no warehouse restrictions like for Japan.
      As for your query: You will not able to register with an Indian company until the linked bank details are of the US.

      Hope this satisfies your question. In case you need complete assistance just ping in at support@cedcommerce.com
      We will be more than happy to help you.
      Thank you

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    Hello Sanover
    I am a gallery owner, and I represent a Canadian Artist, original pieces
    the artist is no longer available,lot of recognition, and piece are sold to art collector.
    i would like to sell the collection to international market, How would I start.
    Thank you Violet.

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hey Voilet,
      Hope you are fine there.

      Thank you for putting up this query here:
      I would like to inform you that since you have a lot of original collection of Art, the best international marketplace to put up your collection is Etsy Marketplace.
      However since you are not the original owner of the art pieces, You will not be able to sell it on Etsy as Etsy doesn't allow Reselling activities.

      Meanwhile, while discussing your case with the marketplace experts; We found that, You can either put up your collection for sale on eBay Marketplace or Wish Marketplace. You can make a considerable sale from these marketplaces.
      On the other hand, if you have a lot of creations with you, You can always develop your own store and build your brand there.
      Several easy platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce gives you a reasonable option to create your own storefronts and sell from it.

      Hope this answers your query.
      In the event that you need any help regarding onboarding to the marketplace or developing your store; You can always ping us at support@cedcommerce.com
      Thank You

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    Hello there,
    I am from Bulgaria, Europe. I am looking to sell on Rakuten Japan.
    What I need to do ? I have already sent an application on Rakuten website before 20+ days but I still dont have a respond…

    Thank you in advance for you response !

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hello Anton,
      Hope you are safe around this pandemic.

      I wish to inform you that, according to the official site, It nearly takes one and a half months to get your Rakuten seller portal live on the site. Since it's being 20+ days only I would suggest you wait for some more days.
      Meanwhile, as you wait for your seller portal getting live, make sure that you comply with the requirements you need for setting up the store on Rakuten Japan.

      – Your products with one of the following barcodes- UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN.
      – Own Brand name (you can use your name as well) and
      – A unique manufacturer id ( to ensure you own a business)
      – After screening & confirmation, List your products in either of 4 ways: RMS web tool, FTP feeds. Open API or Third-party integration.

      We at CedCommerce help you integrate your stores from Magento/Shopify and WooCommerce to Rakuten US and Rakuten France. But if you wish we also create one for you as we work on custom integrations too. To get help in the same, contact at support@cedcommerce.com
      Meanwhile, one of our support members will also connect with you over skype or mail.

      Thank you so much.
      Be Safe.

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        Vijay Maheshwari

        Hi Sanover,
        Can you please email me link for selling my products on Raketen Japan, USA and France. My email is vijay@inoxartisans.com
        Thank you in advance.

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          Sanover Tasneem

          Hey Vijay,
          Yeah sure, we would send you the links you need. One of our marketplace experts will be connecting with you shortly.
          Thank you again!
          Keep reading more.

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    Hello Sanover,

    I hope you are very well. I am Canadian living in Dubai and my website is also based in Dubai, UAE. Is it possible to have a 3rd party to help me setup on Rakuten? Currently my audience is in US but I've had a couple of European and Canadian sales, but it's mostly US customers. Do you have any recommendations on who can help me?

    Thank you!

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hello Megan,
      Hope you going well and healthy around this pandemic.

      Upon discussing your case with the expert, we have certain recommendations for you.
      – First and foremost you have to apply for the seller panel on Rakuten US, to do that kindly go through the requirements mentioned in the blog.
      – For Rakuten US, You need to have a local bank account there to open an account so that you can manage the operations.
      – Other than this, If you are already selling on amazon.com or ebay.com, then the possibility to get/approval of your Rakuten account will be good.
      – Also, if you have a warehouse in the US, it will be better.
      After applying for the seller panel of Rakuten US, wait for a month as it takes time for them to assess things and finalise the account.

      As soon as you get a seller panel, you can connect with us and one of our experts will help you connect from Shopify to Rakuten very easily. Moreover, if you need any help regarding the whole process of applying and wish to discuss your needs, you can connect to tomcook@cedcommerce.com

      We will be more than happy to assist you in the process. Hope this answers your query.
      Thank you so much and be safe.

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    Hey Sanover,
    I am a noob in e commerce industry and currently operating In Hong Kong with physical stock and want to sell on Rakuten Japan.I have around 500 SKU and mainly electronic and lifestyle products .Is there any chance to cooperate?

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hello Christ.
      Hope you are keeping safe during this health crisis.

      I wish to inform you that our solution helps you sell on the Rakuten US or Rakuten France.
      However, I would suggest you connect with us through support@cedcommerce.com
      So that one of our representatives get in touch with you and help you with the appropriate solution for your products.

      Be Safe.
      Hope to hear from you.
      Thank you.

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    Hello, I am a seller from the center of Europe.
    He sells his products in most European countries. I also have an account on French Rakuten.
    I would like to create my seller's account on Rakuten US, unfortunately after entering the seller's website the information "Rakuten.com/shop is not available in your region." Is it possible for me to create an account in the USA? I would like to send my products to Rakuten warehouses in Denver.

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hello Hubert!
      Hope you are safe and sound.

      In the event that you wish to sell your product on the Rakuten US, You need to have the following requirements:
      – ID,
      – telephone number and credit card (If you are based outside USA,
      – a US address, checking account, credit card, and telephone number,
      – a warehouse based in the US
      You need the above details in handy to configure the seller account on Rakuten US. However, if you are unable to complete it, let us do it for you.
      Connect with us over support@cedcommerce.com and we will help you with the needful.
      Hope this helps.

      Thank you.
      Be safe.

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    I am Li Wei from China and curious to know how to apply for a seller at Rakuten Platform. Is there any link I can click and do the prcoess ?

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hey Li
      Hope you are doing great.

      Thank you so much for putting up the query. I am glad to help you with it. To help you further, I would like to know at which Rakuten marketplace you wish to sell upon?
      For you knowledge, I would like to enlighten you that, Rakuten US has halted its operation in the US in current time, so at present time, you have the option to sell on two of its counterparts i.e. Rakuten France and Rakuten Japan.

      – To start your store on Rakuten Japan, Visit here: https://ecappfrm.rakuten.co.jp/lead/en/?l-id=PC_sellinjapan_en_main_rfi
      – To start your store on Rakuten France, Visit here: https://fr.shopping.rakuten.com/connect?action=register&proform=true

      Hope this helps you. Let me know if there is anything you need help with.
      Thank you so much.

    • Hi Sadie,
      Hope you are doing well.
      Currently, Rakuten is only available for two locations that are US and Japan, so in order to sell on Rakuten, you have to be a seller for these two locations.
      Thank you.

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        Hi Akshi Rakuten is not available for USA
        The U.S. arm of Rakuten Marketplace, formerly Buy.com, will shut down this year, the company told Digital Commerce 360. The marketplace is owned by Japanese marketplace operator and ecommerce company Rakuten Inc. Customers can place orders on Rakuten.com/shop until Sept. 15, the company says.

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          Sanover Tasneem

          Hey Asfar,
          First of all, thank you so much for going through the blog. We couldn't be grateful enough that you shared this piece of information. We would like to share that, we also have a hint of it through the news sources. As soon as the marketplace releases some more information, we would be attaching and refreshing the blog accordingly.
          Thanks again!
          Keep coming back for more new reads.

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    prashant virani

    i want to start business in U.S. through Rakuten. but i have't any bank account of us which is linked there. but currently i am selling there via other website now i am interesting to start my business with Rakuten cause of opportunity.
    please, Give me guidence how can i start or what proof needed.

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    prashant virani


    i want to start business in U.S. through Rakuten. but i have't any bank account of us which is linked there. but currently i am selling there via other website now i am interesting to start my business with Rakuten cause of opportunity.

    please, Give me guidance how can i start or what proof needed.


    • Hi Prashant,
      Thanks for your query.

      The marketplace requires sellers that reside in the US to have:
      1) A seller panel
      2) One of the product barcodes – UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN
      3) A brand name
      4) A unique manufacturer ID

      Or, in case you are not a resident of the USA, but want to sell on Rakuten USA, the requirements are the following:
      1) Be a holder of a bank or credit card issued by a U.S. bank
      2) Provide a W9 or W-8 form.
      3) Have an email address for customer support.
      4) Provide a U.S. customer service phone number (optional)

      I hope you got the answer to what you were looking for. For any more queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

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      Sanover Tasneem

      Hey Yogi,
      Thank you for reading and stopping by with a query. Sure we will help you get on Rakuten. One of the experts will connect you shortly to help you do so. Additionally, if this sounds like a lot of time, connect with us directly at support@cedcommerce.com

      Hope we talk soon.
      Be Safe,
      Warm Regards.

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    Sashini De Alwis

    Hello, I m sashini.
    I work for a rice craker factory in japan. Our company has been running this for a long peried of time and have a good marketplace too. Our products are already in Rakuten Japan and other countries as well. So we are looking foward to expand it to Rakuten USA too.
    Since i am being requested to do a research on this , i would like to get all the information about the prosses which needs to be done inorder to start as soon as possible. Please be kind enough to provide me with all the imformation as soon as possible. Such as contact numbers, email addresses , pdf etc.
    Looking forward to hear from you
    Thank you ,
    Best Regards.

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    I was requested to a research on Rakuten USA. My company has a good maketplace in japan. Currenty our products are in Rakuten Japan too. As we are planning to expand our product to Rakuten USA as well, please be kind enough to send the information in order to proceed.
    Best Regards

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