PPC Advertising from the basics

PPC Advertising from the basics


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The PPC Advertising technique- Paying for what you get and that too for a profit earned exponentially! It’s seals the deal for you right??

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns help you get a value for your money where you can buy your visitors and measure the performance based on that.  PPC works well with the other marketing channels offering incredible targeting options and a good hook onto some healthy marketing data. Contributing well to your business goals under the umbrella of search engine marketing, advertising with the Pay-Per-Click method lets you target cost-effectively, gives an instant traffic boost, and drives healthy leads that lead to a positive Return On Investment. 

Test the waters!! Do something different from the traditional vanity metrics!! The most lucrative marketing approach could seal the deal for you!

So just tap the brakes!! Restructure your digital marketing strategies with the best possible measures. Jump into the world of PPC Advertising!

PPC Advertising- What is it actually?

Advertising through pay-per-click helps you to stand out in the competitiveness in your niche. Bolstering your presence online!

Your website creates an ambience! Stays unmatched! Gets recognized way beyond the reach of your competitors! Dominate the search engines, and let your audience know you.

The role of PPC in advertising can be judged from the fact that it helps the audience know your existence. Urging in the promptness to click, and enter the funnel you want them to.

See all that matters for you and your marketing is the magnitude of the traffic earned to your website. It is the amount that you as an advertiser pay every time a visitor is made to reach your website.

PPC Advertising thereby represents a model of Internet Marketing, where advertisers earn the traffic rather than winning it organically. And, in order to get the maximum out of your PPC Campaigns, your strategies should meet your goals sketched beforehand! Advertising with the Pay-Per-Click is an explicable and most favored way to parade your product or service. Making it reach your target audience present out there in the market.

To enhance your presence online and to dominate the search engine result pages, advertising through the Pay-Per-Click facilitates
  • an interactive engagement with the audience
  • favoring an expansive traffic
  • thereby nurturing leads
  • resulting in sales for greater return on investment

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You would beat the bushes, without knowing the core! It’s time to get into the deeper aspects, for cherishing instantaneous results.


Search Engine Marketing, as the name suggests, is an umbrella encompassing the paid search activities. A blanket of online advertising, aiming to improve the presence of a particular website on the search engines.

To refer in a layman’s language, SEM could also be termed a broader concept. A concept that inculcates Pay-Per-Click advertising specifically. The world of digital marketing is often confused and misused with the digital marketing acronyms. Even though they may be describing the same or different walks of it.

A certain flavor added to a recipe, is what PPC advertising is to SEM. Promotion on the search engines via paid search, is what PPC deals in at the very first. On a contradictory note, any kind of promotional activity on the search engines is engraved within SEM.

Categorisation and characterization are both the testing samples for building a marketing approach.

Having categorized the difference between SEM and PPC above, let’s now characterize it…

How do PPC Ads work?

   ppc ads

To justify your idea of driving traffic in bulk needs courage, intent, and grit. All the three come in only when the basics for advertising through the Pay-Per-Click are stern. Flexible decisions, for approaching the target market, judging your target audience’s traits and attributes, and thereby versatile campaign management is all needed.

To appear on the top of SERPs, to make an individual click thereby, needs an integrated marketing approach. No sooner does the user search on search engines, a race for making it to top of the most popular advertising platforms starts.

Time to level up your brand identity and redefine your digital marketing strategy with PayPerClick!

To hop in straight to set up your PPC campaigns at the very first step isn’t the way! It’s the effectiveness and the understanding of how PPC works, that improves the ROI for your business.


When rating the effectiveness of your paid ads, Quality Score is the metrics by which the search engines rate the quality and relevance of your keywords and then measure the performance of your ads that have been targeted through the same. Quality score is determined by the cost per click (CPC) and multiplied by your maximum bid to determine the positioning of your ads as a part of the auctions.

Knowing how PPC works from the basics, an advertiser captivates a better chance of making profits.

Being analytical, creative and having a prolific foresightedness helps you know your business better .

  With this note, let’s now focus on the building blocks of your PPC.

As a business owner, this also reminds you to build from the basics!

Building blocks of PPC-Features and Specifications

ppc ads basics

1. Ad account setup(The very basics of PPC Advertising)

Advertising on any platform needs an ads account set up in a properly segmented manner. Additionally, it should be in the policy constraints, so as not to violate any of them.

An individual account may be prone to suspension if in case it breaches any policy guidelines. Thus in order to set up the ad account with reference to any specific platforms, different steps need to be followed. Their descriptiveness depends on the platform you choose for advertising.

2. Conversion tracking

It is the bevy of actions that are taken through in the journey of goal completion for your campaigns. The visitors landing up are expected to take certain actions that define the performance of the campaigns throughout.

  • It could be of the form of subscribing the newsletter.
  • It could be through a phone call being placed to contact.
  • These may include multiple in-store visits, subsequent search and website visits and so on.
  • It could also be a purchase(in the best case possible)

Conversion tracking refers to the encapsulation of various metrics and junctures. These define how significantly the ad campaign is either generating the leads, getting sales, the sign ups, and the other actions taken for the business growth.

In a way, it defines the customer’s interaction with the ads thereby tracking down the multiple conversion actions.

3. Start with Keyword Research:

Keywords represent the search query entered by the users on the search engines. It is initially the game of keywords that are to be targeted to be in alignment with the user’s search query. Keyword research is a lengthy process and needs a systematic approach.

A precise keyword research helps jumpstart your PPC Campaigns. The cornerstone of a successful paid search campaign is backed by user-first intended keyword research. Using a PPC keyword generator or a keyword tool such as Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, wordtracker scout, etc let’s the advertisers approach the audiences in a more personalized manner.

With the usage of right category keywords, the advertiser may land up very close to be ranked on the top in the search result pages.

keyword research

The preciseness that keywords provide helps the advertisers showcase ads with an enhanced real-time approach. Thus in order to get positive feedback in the later stages,  seeking more relevant traffic for your products along with keyword-targeting should be calculative.

4. Landing page:

It is the Penultimate step to decide for either the journey of goal completion or not

So in order to witness what converts best for your business, landing pages are the differentiating factor. It is important to test the different versions of the landing pages to get the most appealing dedicated page to land upon. The landing pages are the destinations where people land up through the ads to take a certain action. There one shouldn’t drop a ball in choosing the best!

It is to be made sure that the appearance of the landing page should be lucrative. The landing page should magnify the detailing of the products and the specific services on display. Whether it is your dedicated webpage, homepage or anywhere else, the best practices to maximize conversions should be on full-scale. For maximizing conversions.

5. Campaign creation

For a refined and goal-oriented PPC Advertising campaign, the intentions of creating it should be clear. It is the goal no matter whether your product or service you offer to the target market that takes you through. Whether it is a search, a display or a shopping campaign, if the intent is right, they certainly click!

Note: A goal-oriented PPC Campaign asks for some of the PPC metrics to come into play that gauge the success of your paid advertising more thoroughly. These include:

  • click-through rate
  • conversion rate
  • cost per conversion

6. Creating the type of ad that is compelling and relevant, is what reaps unimaginable profits at the end:

Addressing the need for your market-based research through the product or service you deliver, sets up your objective. Choosing the right set of keywords that could pull the trigger, or understanding the buyer personas based on market research, are some major factors in deciding what you want your ads to do.

Wanting them to buy? Just contact? Or a lead generation? Whatever it is!! Keeping in mind the intentions of the visit you pay for, helps in deciding the call to action set up on your site later.

The Ad campaigns contain Ad groups depending upon certain keywords targeted for and are so organized by common themes.  Test the different versions of the ad copy, to take your best ad copy to the top. Note: When taking search ads into perspective, targeting particular keywords in the ad copies enhances the effectiveness of the ad copies thus making them perform better with higher click-throughs (CTR’s). Now here, when talking about the search ads in particular, the involvement of the ad extensions gives your ad copies a chance of greater visibility and prominence on the search result pages. 

7. Create:

A relevant title will inter-relate your offerings that are familiar to the customer’s intent. Any other promotional agendas affixed that could be eye-catching. The content presented in the ad should be simple, yet unique( both title and descriptions)

Don’t forget to choose the right set of keywords, remember, you don’t have to serve irrelevant audiences. So abstain from choosing a broad match of keywords. Setting the budget is the latter part, just after you have identified the keywords.

Enter the title and the description in the ad copies. With multiple titles and descriptions with the relevant keywords within, it’s time to test for the best…

8. A PPC Campaign launch(Starting with your very first PPC Advertising Campaign):

Ranging from the ad creation to the account set up, to the conversion tracking setup, it’s a streamlined flow, former to a successful campaign launch, which is then monitored regularly for assessment.

Defining your end goal, choosing the right type of budget suited, opting for adequate targeting methods, including, the location, the audience, or the demographic targeting( depending upon the campaign objective). A full-fledged campaign is at your doorstep now! Get ready and get started!

9. Monitoring a PPC campaign:

After the campaign is live and entered the arena, it’s time to measure its performance. Regular and inch-perfect monitoring of the campaign based on the various metrics sets up the right tone.

You now need to monitor the performance of a campaign on a regular basis to figure out the extent of interaction with the audience. Likewise, taking steps to optimize the campaign, according to the updations. It’s the reaction of the audiences that matters here as a process to verify the progress of the campaign over the due course of time.

It’s like the assessment of the campaign, taking into consideration the various changes in it.

Change is the only permanency you require and you ulitmately get a hand of it.

10. Campaign assessment:

Time for you to inclusively monitor the performance of the campaign and create a report card therein. You are now in the process to check with the different versions of the ad copies through split testing. It’s to check the ad copy in particular that stands out on all the key performance indicators.

Here factors such as click-through rate(CTR), the conversion rate, the relevancy of the ad, etc, highlight their importance. You assess a particular ad copy on the basis of the judgment of these metrics to get the best out with replacements. It’s a process to eradicate the low-performing ad assets thereby.

11. Analysis and feedback:

You have entered the last phase of the race. It’s time for reporting down the analysis done throughout. A report that would predict the success or the failure of the campaign. Well, there isn’t room for failures, if the analysis has been thorough. Yes, a complacent approach on the other hand would lead to nothing.

Therefore, analysis and feedback, clarify the approach and the optimization needed for the campaign to perform well in all walks.

Benefits of PPC Advertising:

Advertising through the Pay-Per-Click does all the needful to thwart your marketing strategies from reaching a failure situation. Yet it cannot be a whimsical act. A witty personality, a sense of foresightedness, knowing your needs, and management skills should be utter clear. Nevertheless, advertising through PPC is an added asset that brings with it the following benefits.

  • It caters to an increased brand exposure…
  • Advertising through PPC increases traffic to your website
  • Lets you connect with your relevant audience
  • Advertising on such huge platforms has far reaching abilities.
  • you don’t have to wait for results too long, they are immensely fast
  • A proven or a guaranteed return on investment
  •  takes your marketing tactics to another level
  • A cost effective technique, as you can control the budget spent.

There are many such benefits and the list seems too long. Its a voyage where you just have to keep things arranged and results would keep coming in your favor.

The gist

All set to work successfully with advertising through the Pay-Per-Click? Not yet?

It’s time to read the entire cycle for a breakthrough with your marketing strategies. The essentials engroup the goal intended for a campaign and the approach thereon.

Advertisers pay for ads that click, and so, a cycle starting from the keyword research to the ad creation, to ad account set up, to the conversion tracking, or be it any, the steps have to be followed in order.

Being a beginner, it’s never easy to invest, but when experts indulge, they make your investments, the extra fraction in your armory. This blog here intends to give you all the necessities for making a well-furnished decision when you have your marketing campaigns up and running. If in case you still have any doubts, the loops should continue and you should seek more such knowledge to come your way.

You need to adhere to the cycle of the basics of PPC Advertising so as not to bear the brunt of failure with your ad campaigns. This ensures greater returns at the end.

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