Pre-festive preparation for WooCommerce store.
Optimization and other strategies to prepare your WooCommerce store for holiday traffic.

Optimization and other strategies to prepare your WooCommerce store for holiday traffic.


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Global ecommerce growth has been unprecedented since the pandemic. The double-digit growth has in turn changed the face of ecommerce trends. The emerging trends show a great spike in YoY commerce rate- which was 23% in 2020 and in 2022 stood at 29%. All in all, compared with 2019, e-tailers collected 73% more traffic by the end of 2022.

Along with hiked traffic, online shoppers’ behaviour shifted during the pandemic to the good old desktop surfing- with desktop users penetrating close to 50% in device breakdown. And as the world rolled back from the pandemic restrictions, again mobile users increased by 70%. Whatever the numbers, your WooCommerce store has to be optimized for the festive season. From onsite operation to speed optimization of your WooCommerce store, there are several fronts that need to be regulated around the holiday season.

From revamping your Woo-store’s content to end-to-end social media strategies, we have got it all covered for you and for your store. Let’s get down to those tips & tricks:

Create Optimized landing pages for your WooCommerce store for the season.

It’s important to connect your customers with a festive feel so that they feel welcomed and hence increasing the chances of conversions. Optimise your Woocommerce store and Filter the focus of your customers on the relevant and topical content by applying season and festival-oriented themes, colors, and images. Additionally, keep your updated theme in line with the existing site design to ensure coordination between the two. Optimize and redesign your store’s landing page and product pages as per the festivities to create an everlasting impression on the shoppers.

Optimize by refining and revamping your WooCommerce store’s content.

Done right, optimized, and redefined content can get the right kind of engagement with respect to your competitors. A vital aspect of revamping your eCommerce site’s content is to increase its visibility on Google and mark a higher SERP. Produce a sense of direction in your content by using more focused keywords and keyphrases. Furthermore, narrow down the intent and quality of the content, along with ensuring that the keywords/phrases are used within limits. Don’t forget to put the required ‘CTAs’ (call-to-action) to direct your shoppers for a smooth buying experience.

Run speed tests and optimize the store’s performance.

Substantial growth in the number of people shopping for the festivals requires you to put checkpoints on your WooCommerce store’s technical and onsite well-being for the holiday spike. In order to avoid crashes during the peak shopping time, run the regular speed test to see your site’s loading time which should ideally be under two seconds.

One effective tool to assess and improve your website’s speed is It is a premium online tool that provides valuable insights into your site’s performance. offers a comprehensive analysis of your website’s loading time, page size, and various other parameters that determine its overall speed. By simply entering the URL of your WooCommerce store into, you can access an in-depth report highlighting areas where improvements can be made. 

You can have a handful of suggestions to optimize your product images, videos, backend performance issues, and many more through this tool. Once all the suggestions are implemented you are good to go!

User generated content  

End-to-end social media strategy.

Getting in touch with your customers on various social platforms is one way to win the loyalty card for your brand. People tend to spend more time on social media during the holidays, and putting your brand out there on these platforms will do wonders. Make sure to incorporate social media sharing options on your website and get exposure on all the channels for all the right reasons.

Moreover, embracing various social media channels grants you access to diverse demographics and target audiences. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – each platform boasts its unique set of users with varying preferences and interests. Developing a comprehensive social media strategy ensures that you maximize visibility across these platforms, catering to different consumer segments simultaneously.

Leveraging interactive features like polls, contests or giveaways encourages user participation and boosts customer loyalty. The holiday season presents an excellent opportunity to cultivate strong relationships with existing customers while attracting new ones who are seeking memorable shopping experiences.

It is also important to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts during this busy time by analyzing engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and click-through rates. This data provides valuable insights into which types of content resonate best with your audience so that you can refine future campaigns accordingly.

Along with adding sharing option, the following are some ways to grab shoppers from your social handles:

pre to post festive planning for your store

  • Pre-testing Phase: 

The pre-testing phase is all about winning your shopper’s attention on social media. Shoppers often keep an eye on the early sale season and carry an advance search in order to grab the deal before everyone else.
This is the perfect phase to create a buzz, inspire & even influence the buying decision of the shoppers. One way to spread out the word is by creating an upper-funnel strategy where you capture the interest of the people searching online. Not only on search engines, but on social media too, the broad match keywords play a vital role. Use tools like Google Trends & other best seller reports. You get to know what is trending right now. Incorporate those trending keywords in your social media copies along with trending tags & hashtags to showcase your products. 

  • Testing & D-Day Phase: 

As an online retailer with a WooCommerce store, you can take advantage of the excitement surrounding shopping and further enhance your business by utilizing paid media on social media platforms to reach and convert high-intent shoppers. To effectively implement this strategy, there are three key steps to consider.

Firstly, it is crucial to plan your budget ahead of time. By determining how much you are willing and able to spend on advertising campaigns, you can maximize your return on investment while staying within budgetary constraints.

Secondly, ensure that you showcase your products on multiple social media platforms. This allows you to expand your reach and engage with a wider audience, increasing the likelihood of attracting potential customers who are actively seeking products like yours.

Lastly, make it convenient for shoppers by providing a checkout option directly on your social media handles. By enabling customers to complete their purchases without having to navigate away from the platform they are using, you enhance their shopping experience and remove any potential obstacles that may deter them from making a purchase.

Implementing these strategies will not only help capture the interest of enthusiastic buyers but also optimize opportunities for converting them into loyal customers.  This approach is helpful in driving growth for your WooCommerce store during the festive season.

  • Post-event Phase: 

The momentum of shopping might take a dip, but your relationship with your customers shouldn’t. The post-event phase is the time when you nurture & retail long-term customers. Keep your social handles hyped with new & different forms of media and content. From new product launches to sending coupon codes via email marketing to keep your brand on top of your mind. 

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Buy now pay later for festive season

Use WooCommerce sales and promotional tools for festive sales.

Who doesn’t look for special offers and sales during the festivals? Use various WooCommerce tools to cater to all the discounts and offers on your product line. Alongside use the promotional tools to create a campaign and get noticed by a larger audience. Lastly, with WooCoomerce’s flexibility, you get to test and tweak the campaigns to get the results you long for.

Track, analyze, and regularly review performance.

Use analytics to collect data and see how customers are behaving in your store. The key here is to collect the data and improve the store’s performance and functionalities. Additionally, these numbers here will let to know the answers of how the shopper ended up in your store? What are the keywords used which brought the shoppers to your store? In brief, set up the analytical tool right before the season hits you.

Examining customer behavior patterns assists in identifying trends, preferences, and areas of improvement. Through this data-driven approach, you can refine your marketing strategies, optimize user experience, and ultimately boost sales. Analytics not only provide a comprehensive view of where customers are coming from but also shed light on their purchase journey within your store.

By employing advanced analytical tools, you can pinpoint the specific sources that drive traffic to your store. Whether it’s search engine optimization (SEO), social media campaigns, or email marketing efforts, having access to this information empowers you to allocate resources effectively and maximize your reach.

Prepare for days to follow.

The post-festive period is the perfect time to build a solid customer base. Make sure that you keep in touch and deploy email marketing in your marketing strategies. With emails, you can easily grab all the lead-generating opportunities. Another way to get a hold of the sales is by recovering the abandoned carts. Generate coupons and offers for the post-holiday season and make suitable offers to keep them hooked to your brand. You can now push the same discounts on your social media channels, creating visibility and generating post-festive revenue.

CedCommerce’s WooCommerce services at your doorstep:

The WordPress and WooCommerce services by CedCommerce are crafted to make selling a breeze for you for the holiday season. With our intelligent marketplace solutions, you get to sell and expand on various marketplaces simultaneously. Above all, CedCommerce’s WooCommerce services are there to serve you for every digital requirement and push your ROI to a whole new level. From setting up a new business for you to expanding your reach out to different channels for selling, CedCommerce has got it all under a single roof.

Nevertheless, the management of multiple marketplaces can be arduous and time-consuming. This is where the utilization of WooCommerce integration tools proves invaluable. These tools facilitate seamless management of online stores across diverse marketplaces. This way businesses can synchronize inventory, monitor orders, and streamline operations all within a centralized platform.

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