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Solved: How to easily manage Multiple Seller Accounts on Amazon and eBay

Solved: How to easily manage Multiple Seller Accounts on Amazon and eBay


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When you start to manage multiple seller accounts on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, the experience can be nerve-wracking. But how would you like it if you are getting an optimum conversion from each one of them?

Once you create a seller account on the eCommerce behemoths, Amazon, and eBay, extending it to multiple locations or shops becomes essential. It helps you grab potential shoppers can prove to be a much more profitable decision. In the meantime, if you are wondering how to handle them all at one time. So that you do not lag in processing orders, updating inventories, and other stuff, consider scrolling this page to the end.

Here is the information related to the What, How, and Why’s when managing multiple seller accounts on eBay and Amazon. You get acquainted with streamlining the solutions that simplify your way of dealing with them.

About Multiple Seller Accounts — Amazon and eBay

To make a strong presence of all your brands or tapping into the new product niche, you can opt-in to the idea of having Multi-seller Accounts. Now holding multiple seller accounts on Amazon is subject to various circumstantial considerations.

Amazon does not let you go for a second account from a single location. You need to cite the necessity with a proper seller account request.

However, establishing your Amazon stores as a separate entity or as a sister concern of a single brand. And managing it separately; then you can go for multiple Amazon seller accounts.

On the other hand, you can have multiple accounts on eBay very quickly. To support different accounts for buying and selling purposes. Not just that, eBay functions in over a hundred countries. And you can quickly join in from different locations to expand your business overseas.

To know more, find the idea behind “Multiple Seller Accounts” and how you can get one.

How To Manage Multiple Amazon Seller Accounts

In one sentence, managing multiple seller accounts on Amazon along with your primary seller central account is prohibited. However, in an event where your primary account gets suspended because of any specific reason. You can put forward a legitimate request for multiple Amazon accounts.

To better manage multiple Amazon Seller Accounts, let’s take detailed information for each factor individually.

#1. In the case of a single location/country

Your request stands for approval when it includes:

  • A product that offers an entirely different item promised on the existing description.
  • A primary account with excellent customer metrics.
  • An evident intention of not selling the same product on different accounts.
  • A different email address and separate bank details for the new account.

Once you apply for multiple seller accounts on Amazon, you will receive a response in the next 3-4 days concerning your allotment.

#2. In the case of brands

If you are a well-established business, you can segregate all brand sites and sell from multiple accounts on Amazon. That is if you do not wish to merge all of them.

#3. In the case of different locations/countries

In addition to this, Amazon also lets you sell on 17 of Amazon’s country-specific sites. It gives you the option to sell from your one single seller central account. You can have different accounts, too, on each of the country-specific Amazon sites.

For example: If you have a seller account on, you can choose to sell on other country-specific sites. You can create accounts on various sites like: (,, or from a single seller account.

What About The Multiple eBay Accounts?

Now that we have covered the multiple Amazon accounts and how to manage them, let’s dive into managing multiple eBay accounts.

When deciding to manage multiple accounts, one should never forget that eBay readily supports multiple seller accounts. Yet, at times, if your primary account gets suspended. There are chances that all your other accounts will go in vain after some time.

To get rid of unscrupulous sellers, eBay suspends sellers with multiple accounts on eBay. Meanwhile, you can have numerous accounts to the utmost 14. You can use 2 PayPal accounts linked with seven eBay seller accounts per single PayPal account.

#1. In the case of a single location/country

On eBay, you can have “multiple accounts” fulfilling the requirements that include:

  • A separate email address for the new account.
  • A clear intention to use an account for different products’ niches.
  • Abide by the seller and listing policies prescribed in eBay selling policy.
  • Uphold the standards & rules concerning performance, risk, and best practices for eBay Sellers.
  • No cross-reference of other accounts is allowed.

As long as you have approached the right way on eBay. You are good to go with your multiple seller accounts.

#2. In the case of different locations/countries

eBay has 21 country-specific sites. And as long as you maintain a safe and trusted environment, you can have multiple eBay accounts. It gives you the freedom to represent several brands or sell different product lines.

The Problems of Having Multiple Seller Accounts

Now that you know how to get multiple sellers to account for eBay and Amazon. Let’s focus on the drawbacks of having them too.

Multiplying your sales by targeting different niches may have been offering wholesome returns to you. But managing all of them is as hectic as a manager looking after other office branches at ten different locations.

Every day will become a challenge for you, as you will be managing the operations on multiple accounts. The significant problems you face are:

  • Manual Updates: It’s pretty uneasy about updating the listings all by yourself, one after the others on all accounts. You may get all your nerves down, counting listings and hitting that update button over and over again.
  • No Synchronisation: It is not justified when after all your efforts of managing the accounts, the inventory and orders are not synchronized in real-time. Keeping track of the operations at multiple panes is just not as simple as a Sunday’s off.
  • Human Errors: You also tend to suffer from the lack of coordination between all your selling accounts. Human activity is prone to errors, from a little one to a big blunder.
  • Loss of Time: All your quality time may go in vain when you manage each of your multiple accounts from scratch to the end.

Managing Multi-Accounts: The Solution

The multi-account integration comes with fascinating features that will just make your work simpler, easier, and time-saving. The prominent features it includes are:

#1. Single Dashboard-One for All: The extension provides a single dedicated dashboard that retrieves all your accounts. You can manage, control, and update the information from one place.

#2. Bulk Listing Uploads: With this extension intact, you can upload the product listing in bulk across all your multiple seller accounts. No matter how many products you offer, it is just a matter of a few clicks, and they are done.

#3. Seamless Order Management: Any new order placed on the multiple seller accounts will not go unnoticed, with the automatic order management, the orders will be fetched on your store as soon as it is placed.

#4. Auto-Synchronisation of Orders and Stock: Half of your work will be done if your inventory is synchronized in real-time. You need not allot a dedicated time-span just for matching and updating the inventory every time it changes on different seller accounts.

#5. Cron-Shipment Process: All your orders are scheduled and shipped through the Cron powered integration. It will let you ship the order at a scheduled and specific interval of time.

#6. Low Stock & Error Notification: The errors are inevitable, thus rescuing this fact, you will be notified of each error or low stock alarm that arises due to product rejection, low inventory, or technical errors.

Amazon Multi-Account Integration

Here comes the perfect facilitator for all your multiple accounts on Amazon — “Amazon Multi Account Integration.” The extension provides a central hub managing all your operations through a single gateway.

You can get onboard your store to Amazon; selling through multiple accounts garners fruitful results. But it takes effort to manage it thoroughly. Connecting to the multi-account extension helps simplify your tasks, monitoring, and overall control.

Making it easy for WooCommerce and Magento merchants, the tailor-made solution helps automate your multiple accounts on Amazon and simplify your selling process.

eBay Multi-Account Integration

When you wish to save all your prominent eBay account, you can use multiple accounts to sell various articles like books, electronics, or new wall decor.

It is here that eBay Multi-Account Integration comes into play. The plug-in helps you automate your store in a single go.

The specialized central window helps moderate all seller accounts across eBay. It automates and synchronizes the operations, listings, orders, and all of it.

CedCommerce has been facilitating the Magento, and WooCommerce sellers. The multi-account extensions help you connect, customize, and manage different stores from a single panel.

You may be selling on eBay. It’s time to sell on other platforms using our efficient eCommerce solutions for, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Drive maximum traffic from eBay to your store with eBay Marketplace Integration.

The Extra Benefits — Perfect Aid

In case you are still to decide. The add-on features of the extension are none other than a perfect aid to your multiple shops. It reduces the workload from your keyboard and streamlining your selling experience.

  • Yearly Free Support : You get free assistance from experts available 24*5 round the clock. Based on the priority of the issue, our team can go an extra mile to help you anytime. 
  • Dedicated Account Manager: You need not worry about the technicalities. As soon as you get the extension, one expert account manager will be handling your technical works until you find it as you like. Our marketplace experts are well versed with all sorts of ins and outs of the marketplaces.
  • Free yearly Updates: The extension also comes with FREE updates. It will always be updated with the latest version at no extra cost.

You should not wait any longer!

Finishing Up or Starting Over?

Now that you know how to manage “multiple seller accounts on eBay and Amazon,” ethics, formation, problems, and guess what? “the solution.” You should figure out ways to how you’re going to aim at your undiscovered niche. And amplify the opportunity of making the conversion, adding to your store-fronts a more concentrated and specific audience.

In the age of global e-commerce, why are you laying back from of other regions like budding Southeast Asia, the Middle-east, Europe, and more?

Find the multi-account solution for Etsy and SEA region marketplace, Qoo10. Tap into the possibilities that await you!

Drop the comments if you have any questions about how you can get more out of your online selling experience. We will get back to you at the earliest.

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