Multi vendor Website: multi vendor marketplace software
Ready-made Marketplace Software or Custom Development? – For building a Multi-Vendor website

Ready-made Marketplace Software or Custom Development? – For building a Multi-Vendor website


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Multi-vendor website is loved by all online sellers for the simple reason that they are capable of generating high profits and can be efficiently managed. As the population worldwide is increasingly getting comfortable with the idea of purchasing anything and everything from an online e-commerce store, now is the perfect time to start building a multi-vendor marketplace store like Amazon or Walmart that will oppose all the odds to make it worth.

Currently, brick and mortar method businesses are not doing well or you can say are less competitive. Today more than 50% of the population is surfing the internet and spend their time on online sites rather than visiting physical stores for purchasing any products. Customers would prefer to log on to any online e-commerce multi-vendor website from the comfort of their home, office or anywhere as they will get the variety of products from multiple vendors at one stop. Rather than moving to various offline stores to purchase a small or big product.


There are two ways to build a Magento multi-vendor marketplace store:  

1. Custom Developed Marketplace Software

2. Ready-made Marketplace Software



Each of these options has its own pros & cons in building a Magento E-commerce marketplace store, which is we are going to discuss below:



Multi vendor Website

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Custom Developed Marketplace Software:


Planning to go global with your e-commerce marketplace or strategizing to scale in the confines of your geographical boundaries? If the answer is yes, the next thing that you got to know is that building a marketplace needs more than just the software.

Remember that you’re not just on the lookout for the software that provides the best features but also one that is well planned and robust, tailor-made to fit your specific requirements.

Before you go hunting for the best software development solution provider have a heads up on what to expect. A Top Enterprise Software Development Company will always follow the best practices for developing enterprise software applications.

Time to check out the pros and cons of having a custom-developed solution.





  • One can have completely personalized online stores according to their requirement.

  • There are no limitations on scalability or on the user base.

  • Custom-built according to specific requirements.

  • Could require a larger investment.

  • Time taking as it needs to be developed from scratch.

  • To find a good developer is challenging.

  • The speed of marketplace cannot be guaranteed.



In the custom development of an e-commerce multi-vendor website, the website owner also needs to do lots of hard work such as from thinking about an idea, selecting features and design for his website to website launch. The website owner will also have to find a development company who will provide a wireframe of the idea given by the website owner to match his taste. After all, this long process as everything needs to be done from the very beginning.



Key Features of a Custom developed E-commerce Multi-Vendor Website:


There are many key features of a custom developed e-commerce website some of which are described below:


Cost of development:

In the development of any custom e-commerce marketplace website, the cost included is very high, as the requirements are highly personalized and customization will involve development, designing, quality assurance, and maintenance. The hourly charges of the resources involved in the development process, as well as the cost of purchasing a domain, hosting server, etc. all, will be included.



If you are getting a custom multi-vendor website development then you can ask your customer to do any type of customization as per your likes or dislikes from the font, template to website design theme. It may cost you expensive but in custom development, even the slightest details can be customized and achieved.

As it will be a custom development so code dependency will also not be a matter of concern. Any type of add-ons can also be integrated on the custom developed marketplace website.


Post-launch Service:

The most important part of any development firm is its post-launch service for the custom developed a multi-vendor website. Almost every e-commerce development firm provides assistant in customization and further modification of the website even after its launch. As currently every new day new technology and feature become a trend of the e-commerce marketplace website so customers also look for the new features. Therefore, to provide these features and modifications post-launch service is important.



Readymade Marketplace Software:




  • It is quick to launch as it is readymade.

  • Very economical as readymade script come at a fixed price.

  • Lots of readymade extensions to choose from for any feature.

  • It is customizable to meet owner’s needs.

  • It is user-friendly so that a non-tech guy could also work on it.

  • Some customizations might not be possible to get implemented due to platform dependent.

  • Changing platform is difficult.

  • Competitors might use the same template.

  • Regular performance optimization needed.


Nowadays, the Readymade Marketplace Software script is being preferred by almost every marketplace business owner as it provides the purpose of developing a multi-vendor marketplace instantly and the development cost is also very less compared to the custom development of multi-vendor websites.



Key Features of a Readymade Marketplace Software :



In spite of the fact that readymade scripts are already developed, they can be customized as per the business owner’s need. The UI, theme, or any extra feature required by the owner can be added to the script to meet his specific requirement.


Easy and quick implementation:

As it will be a readymade script so there will be no need for coding or development, just you need is to purchase the script and install it on your server without any lag time, and can be launched immediately. It will be a complete package that will not require any extra processing, except few customizations if needed by the business owner.




Readymade multi-vendor e-commerce scripts are very user-friendly. It is developed by keeping in mind to deliver a great user experience. So that the person who is going to use does not need to be a tech guy, any normal person could also use it and function it to get benefit from the multi-vendor e-commerce website.




Therefore, both the custom multi-vendor website development and Readymade Multi-vendor Marketplace software both have their own pros and cons. The battle between them is never-ending. Although if a business owner has a time issue and cannot afford huge expenses in website development then he can go with the readymade marketplace script. As it is very cost-effective and user-friendly.


So to develop a multi-vendor website like Amazon, and eBay you can definitely go with the readymade script as it provides all the features that a website admin will require in the processing of his website on daily basis. If you need more help with the Multi-vendor marketplace you can read this too Multi vendor E-commerce script.



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