Magento Community limitations
Limitations of Magento Community Edition | Reasons to Upgrade to Magento Commerce

Limitations of Magento Community Edition | Reasons to Upgrade to Magento Commerce


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Magento Community Edition being the open-source and free edition is the most preferable choice for sellers who are beginners and planning to switch offline business online. But it does have some limitations that can act as an obstacle in the development of your eCommerce store; for example, if you are planning to expand your multichannel business with Magento, the Community version isn’t an ideal choice. In this blog, you will know about the Magento Community’s limitations and what’s the solution to those limitations.

So let’s know what limitations of the Magento Community edition make it inferior as compared to Magento Commerce.

What Are Magento Community Limitations?

Below listed are the limitations of Magento Community edition:


If you are a big business merchant and having a huge catalog then this leads to the slow performance of your store. Apart from slow performance, the search speed is also affected. Also, the deployment speed is slow because of the unavailability to access the Enterprise cloud which is paid.


Discoverability is the most important aspect of eCommerce now. Magento Community Edition lacks the Solr Search System due to which consumers need to search for products they want with extra effort. The Magento Community Edition facilitates basic search making it one of the drawbacks of Magento Community Edition.


For online merchants like you, the Website is your market. Dealing with problems quickly and efficiently and seeking solutions that boost profits are crucial to keeping a stable, increasing revenue stream running.

That means having the support of inside and outside experts who know Magento and will respond without delay is necessary. With the Magento Community Edition, the store owners need to find the solutions for their queries by themselves.

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Customer Segmentation:

The Magento Community Edition lacks the Customer Segmentation feature with which you cannot display and promote content to specific people on the basis of customer address, order history, shopping cart content, etc. Optimizing marketing initiatives on the basis of targeted segments can not be done in this edition of Magento.

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Attribute Sales Report:

You may notice that you can add attributes such as ‘size’ or ‘country of origin’ while adding products to your store. These are values that you can add to a product that is not included in the default form ‘add product/edit product.’

You will display these on the product page when you add them but the sales reports in the back end will not allow you to view sales by attributes automatically. If you wish to see the sales report then you need third-party modules for viewing it. Hence, making it one of the drawbacks of the Magento Community Edition.

Single Database System:

Magento Community Edition supports a single database system that makes website performance slower in the case of multi websites and stores. It also does not provide flexibility to split databases hence multiple master DB can’t be used, only 1 master database can be used for multiple stores.

Magento Commerce Vs Magento Commnunity: Which is Better?

Gift Registry System:

The free version of the Magento Community comes pre-built with a solution to allow you to deliver a gift message, but it does not come with a built-in gift card/gift wrapping feature. It would be great to add this to this built-in ‘gift message’ feature, but it is understandable that the free version would be limited.

So if you’re new to Magento and you’re used to such functionality you’ll need to invest in 3rd party plugins to mimic such behavior.

The question now arises…

What Should you do now?

So now after knowing about the drawbacks of Magento Community edition, it must have kept you in a dilemma of what should you do now.

Magento Commerce is the Number 1 platform in the 2019 Internet Retailer U.S. Top 1000.

The best option here for you is to upgrade to Magento Commerce with CedCommerce. It is going to be the most preferred edition by retailers by the year 2020. Magento Commerce although being a paid edition but still has extensive features. These advanced features make Magento Commerce the best for your store. For expanding your business to the right targeted audience you must switch to Magento Commerce(Enterprise) Edition.

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