WP Image Importer
WP Image Importer: Import Images To Your WordPress Blog

WP Image Importer: Import Images To Your WordPress Blog


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In this article I will aware you about plugin WP Image Importer plugin released by CedCommerce. WP Image Importer is a WordPress plugin, facilitates users to import images from Pixabay and Flicker like sites and  insert images easily into your WordPress blog.

Supports Image Sources :


  • Pixabay

Provides more than 150,000 high quality public domain (CC0 license) images.

  • Flickr

Provides more than 200 million creative common images.

Main highlighting features of plugin are

You can search and import Images for both commercial and non-commercial use based on your need. You will have to purchase license from its owner on Flickr or pixabay for any commercial use.
Images are displayed based on search result coming from pixabay and Flickr.
Pagination on each query for image search.
You can click on the image to view it, So you can easily choose images of your choice from all the Images.
Users can upload all the media files or image directly to the media library as an attachment to import later.
You can search Images by Image Orientation (horizontal/vertical) to import into your blog post.
You can search Images by Image Type (Photos/Clip art).
You can set the feature Image for your post.
Images are saved on your own server.
Plugin is localized to different languages.
Image gallery is responsive.
You can set attribution in WordPress caption right next to Images.

How to import images with WP Image Importer

Now I will show you how to use the plugin WP Image Importer.
Click on Button ‘Add Media’ and click on Image Importer tab to search image of your choice.
image importer search button

The searched Images will be displayed below the search button

image importer search images

Click on the Image to preview the image, the pop-up window will show image with its different size available to use.
Image importer searched image
Click on size button to import image of that particular size into your post.
WP Image Importer import images settings

Click on Button ‘Insert into Post’ if you have to import Image into your post or Click on ‘Use as featured image’ to set Image as featured Image.

So If you need a plugin to search and import images quickly into your blog then WP Image Importer is right plugin to meet your need.

Click Here to download WP Image Importer.

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