The perfect route on how to make a marketing video!
The perfect route on how to make a marketing video!

The perfect route on how to make a marketing video!


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Videos work as the most powerful promotional tool for business! If you are looking forward to starting a video campaign for yourself, then you have landed in the right place! Herein you will get the step-by-step process on how to make a marketing video.

Videos have made a remarkable impact on global platforms when it comes to marketing but only then when they have a clear video strategy for your marketing videos!

The steps on how to make a marketing video:-


1. Create a video strategy

Making a strategy is very essential in every aspect of life!

It keeps you ready and in great management. Making a video strategy also helps you in the same way!

It helps you with-

  • Where to spend money
  • Time & Manpower
  • Determining the goal
  • Knowing the strengths
  • Opportunities and Threats

It does not take long written paper plans or write a book to make a strategy. All you need to do is make a flowchart of your working process by defining the steps clearly {In this reference-making a marketing video}. It makes your task easy!

2. Mark your Budget

Budgeting is one of the most important things while doing or planning anything. Therefore, before you start with a marketing video complete with all the market research and analysis, mark your budget, and then place the things in the right boxes according to your budget!

Mark your budget

Moving ahead in this manner will never let you down and you can attain the best results!

So, for marking the budget, you need to find out the basic necessities of making the video and the ideation. As an example, you need to decide whether you want a high quality animated video or you want to shoot one! If you want an animated one, you need to hire a knowledgeable video editor for that and how much would the particular charge. On the other hand, if you want to shoot a video then you must have the equipment for that and again you need an editor to reframe the video shots. Also, you would be needing some professionals artists for the video making or you can have the in-house ones to do so!

So, there are many things to be considered before making a video. A short way is thus hiring a video marketing agency for doing your task and providing them with what you want and go on! This is rather a better and budget-friendly way!

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3. The Idea of video

Now, when you have the strategy, you have your budgeting, then we are ready to start with the video. So, first of all, we should be spending time to find out the idea we will be pitching to our audience to market our products and services in the video! It should be a very creative thought because this idea is the only thing that will bring life to the video and can connect to the audience! If you have hired a company for doing so!

Well, you’ll be saving time on this one!

So, here is how we at CedCommerce help our clients with video idea generation

i) Problem detector:- A business is always a solution to the problem of the masses! As an example, you are feeling restless, have an energy drink! In the same way, there would be an issue or problem which will be solved by your product or service. So, here, we find the problem for which you are bringing the solution and help in how to represent that!

ii) Thinking out of the box:- Now, you know the problem, you have the solution, all you need is to make people understand this! All you have to do is have to brainstorm the audiences’ minds that what you are bringing is the best solution for the concerned problem and for this you need to think out of the box, bring out some creative solution to represent the idea!

You have to be free-flowing for this! You can’t restrict yourself to certain boundaries! Exaggerate your feelings for the sake of creativity! In fact, a wild imagination will be very very good for the idea of the video!

Once you are up with an idea, bring it to your critics and then feel free to review it with friends, teammates, and the other responsible! This would add a cherry to the cake and finish it with the final polishing. We have a fully dedicated team of experts who are here to help you out in finding all this stuff and help you make a hit video campaign!

4. Equipment to make a video

As we have already discussed before that if you are hiring a professional agency, you don’t need the equipment in your bucket as they can cost you much and you will surely be spending a huge chunk of your money on this. But if you want to shoot your video then the equipment is a must-need!

The video marketing professionals use a list of high-quality pieces of equipment but herein I’ll be sharing the necessary equipment needed to kickstart the making of the marketing video:-

  • A Good Quality Camera
  • Tripod
  • Lights
  • Microphones
  • Computer System and Speakers

Equipment for the video

The camera will be needed to shoot in high quality, whereas a tripod will be bringing in stability to the shot.

You have to use lights that help you make your videos in proper lighting and make it more clear and more visible to the audience. Remember, no one even prefers to watch a low-quality video. So, your video should be of that competitive quality!

You will be using the microphone to record the voiceovers or dialog (as in the scripting). You can also try realistic text to speech software for generating natural-sounding voiceovers for your videos. Thereafter, a computer system and speakers where you can have a look at what you have recorded and check it up to your preferences!

5. Shooting the Video

Again the same thing which needs to be considered again is hiring a video making and marketing agency would charge you an amount and will provide you with the end-to-end product and you don’t need to spend anything more than that but in case of shooting your video, you will again have a list of expenses.

Shooting the video

Now, you have everything in your bucket which is necessary to make a video.

The next step in the process is shooting the video. Choose the locations (whether indoor or outdoor) which suit your script, your idea, and your imagination. Make the setup ready and shoot your video!

6. Editing the video

Now, this needs high video editing knowledge. You will be needing an expert to do this and have to hire a professional for your video editing or you need to learn this by heart!

You are ready with all the footage you shot but that can’t be marketed raw. Therefore you have to edit your video. In the editing, you have to manipulate the video. Rearrange the shots as desired. Remove the spaces. You can add a background theme music to your video. Try to make it as fascinating as you can. Try to add transitions.

video editing

As a fact, make it look eye-catchy and engaging so that people love to see your video!

There are different editing software present in the market. Some of the best-in-industry are as follows:-

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate
  • Adobe After Effects

You can use them in editing your video and make it beautiful!

7. Marketing Video with proper SEO

Now it’s time to market your video. Whenever you are marketing your video over social media, upload it with proper search engine optimization! You may get some insights with the following video:

SEO of your video consists of the following:-

  • Description
  • Thumbnail
  • Tags
  • Call-to-action

So, whenever you upload the video, first of all, make the complete research and analysis on the keywords and focus on writing your title and description of the video fully clubbed with the keywords.

Then comes the thumbnail. Thumbnail is the image when the video is not yet started. The face of the video. It should be so alluring and engaging that the audience would straight away play the video and view it!

Remember:- The videos to be played are chosen by the audience depending on the thumbnail. So don’t miss it!

Tags are used to acknowledge the synonyms and the context of the keywords and video!

Call-to-action is also very important. Whenever the audience watched your video give them a path or direction to move ahead and bring them to consider. Otherwise, there’s no point!

All these things help you to market your video organically. Increase the reach of your video and maximize the ROI.

8. Enjoy!

You are done with your video! You marketed it successfully!

This is the perfect route that enables you to know how to make a marketing video!

But, one thing which I want to ask is what is much profitable and time-saving?

Making your own video or hiring expert professionals for that!

So, answer your opinions on what do you think over it in our comment section below!

Let’s Start!

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