Lovemyfabric Store's Success Story with Walmart Integration
Case Study: Growth of Lovemyfabric Store by using CedCommerce Walmart Integration App

Case Study: Growth of Lovemyfabric Store by using CedCommerce Walmart Integration App


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Going multichannel involves efficient product and inventory management. When the Lovemyfabric store thought of going multichannel, after researching they opted for the CedCommerce Walmart Integration App. This case study focuses on the store owner’s journey of selling on Walmart from Shopify with the usage of the Walmart Integration App. 


Abbas started his business of selling fabric sheets 5 years ago. He developed his store on Shopify and it is based out of Los Angeles, California, and comprises a small team of 1-10 members.

The product line consists of Valances, Window Covers, Tablecloths/Table Covers, Table Runners, Felt Aisle Runners, and Fleece Blankets. Abbas started selling his products on Amazon. Abbas also manufactures the fabrics with the team after sourcing the raw materials. Since he is already selling on Amazon, he uses Amazon FBA for fulfillment. And, in addition to that, he fulfills certain products by himself as well.lovemyfabric

Abbas’ Hurdle

Since Abbas was already selling his products on Amazon, he was aware of the benefits of multichannel selling. Therefore, he decided to expand his sales channel and chose Walmart. He was looking for the most appropriate solution to accomplish this.

While looking for the solution in the apps store, he stumbled upon our app(CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration App) and after reading the positive reviews he decided to give it a shot and that became his defining moment.

He was looking for solutions that could become an extension of his Shopify store so he doesn’t have to juggle between multiple interfaces. At the same time, he also wanted all the sales-related operations to get automated and the solution to not feel heavy to his pockets. Additionally, he wanted the solution to be high on security and reliability parameters.lovemyfabric


We understood what Abbas wanted. Therefore, we extended him a solution that could:

  • Transfer the desired products to sales channels in one go.
  • Update all the information between different platforms in real-time.
  • Synchronize inventory status and orders status between platforms in real-time.
  • Ensure higher visibility of products and also reaches out to more potential customers with better conversion rates.

We aligned a dedicated Account Manager to oversee his launch, maintain a great seller scorecard and also provide expert product training to make him familiar with all the leading platforms.

The CedCommerce Walmart Integration App also included the following features:

  • Easy product Listing
  • Order management
  • Real-time information update
  • Error notification
  • Inventory update
  • Bulk upload

The Result

The CedCommerce’s Walmart Integration App not only enabled him to reach out to his potential customers in high numbers, but it also converted them to buyers. The solution also offered an extended seamless selling experience, Inventory Management, Order Management, and Synchronization.

Abbas attributes his success to Fantastic support by the team which was extremely helpful. In his words, “You have a great team of helpful people, and they helped a lot in importing my inventory to Walmart and synchronizing the orders also. We do our fulfillment on Shopify and update the order status on Walmart.” So he recommends CedCommerce’s solution for Shopify by the virtue of the technical support he got.

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