Halloween marketing ideas to boost your business in 2021!
Halloween marketing ideas to boost your business in 2021!

Halloween marketing ideas to boost your business in 2021!


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The festive season is here! We know your preparations are in full swing but hold up! This time don’t miss out on the chance of achieving significant boosts on reach. These Halloween marketing ideas can become your game changer!

With all being said about the various video types and strategies, now check out all that’s possible for this Halloween season. Videos are indeed instrumental in amplifying the SEO and improve understanding by 98%. Halloween being that time of the year, all these factors come into action. 

In the following blog, we will explore the Halloween marketing ideas you can consider for your video marketing campaign.  

User-generated content on social platforms

Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing. It promotes all the marketing activities like:




And ease of promotion.

Out of various promotional video types, in today’s context, user-generated video content is grabbing eyeballs. The best you can bring out is with a Halloween-themed video campaign. You can invite the viewers for active participation by using specific Halloween-based hashtags. This will do few remarkable things for you like;

  • Improve your brand recall 
  • Help your user interactivity and boost your engagement

But make sure to share a quirky video that viewers can grasp well. Trend the same over various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. 

Get a chance to grow your business!

Optimize the videos for each platform and make sure to use the right set of keywords. Re-share the ones that appeal to your idea. As video optimization ensures your reach and engagement with the viewers. A lot of benefits also walk in like;

  • Better brand social awareness
  • Reduces bounce rates
  • Enhanced click-throughs
  • Better lead generation and conversion 

Here’s an overview of the social platforms where videos are frequently posted.

  Social media channels for videos

How-to video content for Halloween 

Halloween is a primary decorative season. How-to video content can help your brand’s visibility by showcasing your products in a Halloween-clad avatar. To help you with an example for the same, if you are a cosmetic brand.

Highlight all the ways you can use your products to get the perfect Halloween look. Along with stating the benefits of using your brand. These types of how-to videos can boost your customer base and do not appear to be highly sellable. 

The audience often searches how-to videos. So working on the same can boost your value among the target audience. 

Branded Halloween video

The festive season is the time to make your mark if things are done right. Since videos are known to upscale engagement. If you create brand videos with festive themes, they bring the much-needed limelight. But make sure you speak out your brand value and message clearly. 

Make sure you take up the practices of making your video content interesting by:

Focusing on creating a hook/ interest 

Delivering a short video (say 30 seconds) works well. Here’s a statistic for the same.
Video engagement by length

Source: Wistia

Create a video that uses narrative storytelling as that registers better with the users

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When you create eye-catching branded video content, it stays with your viewers and often pulls them to your brand. So make sure to push off the appropriate CTA to your audience. 

Halloween themed products/ services at display

Give your products and services a Halloween touch. When I say this, I mean focus on moment marketing. As with videos, the said engagement becomes huge. Make sure you grab your audience’s attention in the first 2-3 seconds as that’s when viewer attention gets caught up since the attention span has come up to 8.25 seconds now

For example, like the one shared here;

Your products/ services should use the festive time to win over the quirk race that brands run behind. The more you bring in innovation, the more it lifts your brand. 

Halloween based video ads

Video ads are one of the best ways for promotion. You can place them all across the channels and effortlessly carry out native advertising. With popular ad formats in the form of instream video ads like

Pre-roll videos 

Mid-roll videos

Post-roll videos

Bumper ads

Skippable and non-skippable ads

There’s a lot of types that are available while trying video ads, but the purpose should be your promotion with festive elements. Make sure to use Halloween well. 

Video ads have a spot as an audience favorite. Use them to target and retarget your planned audience. 

Interactive contest promotions 

Halloween is the time when brands and businesses get creative with engagement posts. Giving them a video shoutout for the upcoming contest can be really helpful. Try to make use of these video types for on-spot registrations and surprises. Share the relevant links with your promotional videos as CTAs for your viewers to interact. 

This is the time to also introduce your giveaway and amazing prizes. So infuse them too. 

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Begin the shout outs before the month begins and keep regular reminders in the loop. Then also work with a content closure video to have the last-minute buyers. As videos engage the laziest of them, you can ensure everyone to be part, i.e., from early birdies to late entries.

Virtual events

The pandemic fear is somehow still looming over. So make sure you host virtual events themed over Halloween. This will bring in the much-needed traffic and also improve your ROI. ROI with videos Virtual events can win over the viewership if; 

  • You have something fun and interesting to showcase 
  • You have guests for limelight 
  • And make sure to have a crisp yet simple event 

Also, make sure to have the brand face out. Make use of your logos at the right spot. 


These were a few of the Halloween marketing ideas from our end. If you need assistance with video creation, ideation, and production. Then we are right here at your service. Have a gala Halloween with video marketing this season like the other marketers taking up this route. 

You may connect with us over WhatsApp or Skype. Or you may drop us a comment right here, and we will address your queries. We hope to hear from you. Have a happy Halloween! 

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