Growth hacking business in global crisis
Growth Hacking Business in Global Crisis: A Webinar to seek the jewel of opportunities!

Growth Hacking Business in Global Crisis: A Webinar to seek the jewel of opportunities!


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The Introduction

Yes, we as a part of the business community have been unfortunate enough to bear the brunt of the crisis such that the global scenario seems to be severely hit by it. Covid-19, it’s the worst ever pandemic and its devastating capabilities have changed the course of the already running business campaigns. Though, we as marketers always have to witness the flip side of the coin! A webinar themed around the growth hacking business in global crisis focuses on how to seek the aerodynamics in the marketing perspectives, the sustenance, the adaptability, and the ever-expanding shopping needs, on the brighter side to cope with this crisis.

The Learning

The analysis of the search engine marketing trends, the structuring of your Google Ads accounts, and the overall campaign optimizations, enriched with the best practices for achieving higher returns on ad spend, and the overall revenue growth eventually, would turn things to our side. Keeping this into account, we at CedCommerce as a part of our collaborative efforts with Google, are bringing you a Webinar, as an opportunity to discover the tips and know the tricks for Growth Hacking Business during the global crisis. The course of the Webinar would dwell in the enlightenment of the following checkpoints:

  • Shopping Campaigns best practices during the current environment.
  • Ways to cope with the increase and decrease in demand in the current global scenario.
  • A comprehensive 360-degree and a versatile Marketing approach with the Campaign selection suited for better current and future performance when the market stabilizes.
  • How to focus on sustaining the already Running Campaigns with a thorough competitor analysis, analyzing the CPC, and the measurable ROI and ROAS.
  • How CedCommerce plans to help businesses during the crisis and beyond.
  • Personalized Marketing Playbook focused on crisis and how to plan competitive growth when the market stabilizes (FREE).

The Conclusion

These would be the notable aspects and the actionable insights to be concluded during the way business run in the global crisis! Don’t wait for your chance to be gone! Book your places and be a part of the Webinar on the 12th of May, to seek answers as to how the best minds in the marketing arena, involve dealing with the crisis, and turn challenges into opportunities.

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