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How to grow business on Sears using Sears Promotional Pricing

How to grow business on Sears using Sears Promotional Pricing


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If you are Planning to grow your online business then Sears is undoubtedly a good choice. Sears, hands on, is becoming focused on expansion of its online business by putting an end to its traditional offline stores. Once you set up a hold on Sears, it will leave you motivated to grow business on Sears. The hack of the millennium is you can grow business on Sears using Sears Promotional Pricing.


Let’s discover what Sears Promotional Pricing is!


Sears Marketplace provides you with an option to set up promotional prices relative to original prices in order to have a better conversion rate. You can either set up promotional pricing to a single product or to a bulk of product.


Before any further discussion on it, let’s have a look at various other factors that can help you grow your business on Sears.


The following simple steps can help you grow business on Sears and enjoy the mirth of e-commerce:


1) Proper title, description and image for the Product:


An e-commerce study found that 20% of purchase failures are potentially a result of missing or unclear product information.


Things to keep in head while writing about your product:


  • Buyer Personas must be well defined before defining your product.


grow business on sears



  • Title should be catchy.


  • Features must be well outlined.


  • Details of the products must be optimised to make them readable for google and other search engines.


  • Proper images must be used.



sears promotional pricing



2) Free shipping to loyal customers, repeat customers and referral business- 


As a seller you have to be wise enough to know how to use free shipping to your benefit.


Perks of free shipping:


  • Free shipping enhances chances of a positive purchase.


  • Customers increase their overall purchase price in order to avail free shipping.


  • Most redeemed coupons are for free delivery.



3) Unique identifiers in your product-


On a marketplace, different sellers may be selling same kind of products. Thus, unique product identifiers such as barcodes, UPCs make the products easily identifiable.



4) Sears Promotional Pricing to grow business on Sears-


With wise and efficient use of promotional pricing, you can soar your sales high.


Achieving promotional pricing on products can be a lengthy task since-


  • Being a thoughtful seller you will want to implement different promotional pricing scheme for different set of products or may be for a single product. This demands you to manually set prices for each product which can be a hard task.


  • If you want your promotional pricing to reflect only on the products displayed on Sears and not on your Shopify/Bigcommerce  store, maintaining confidentiality can be hard to achieve.


Nevertheless, setting promotional pricing for different products and maintaining the required confidentiality between the marketplace and your online store can be achieved through Sears marketplace integration apps by CedCommerce.


For this, first of all, you need to install the app to integrate your Shopify or Bigcommerce store and then can go about setting promotional pricing in the following ways-


1. Setting Promotional Price for a single product- Using Sears Marketplace integration app by CedCommerce, promotional pricing can be set for a single product.


Steps to follow-


  •      Go to products section on dashboard.


business on sears         



  •  Select Manage Products option.


sears promotional pricing



  • Click on the pricing icon sears marketplace adjacent to the product image.



  • The following panel appears wherein you can fill in the desired sales price, start date, and end date till your promotional pricing scheme is valid.


grow business on sears using sears promotional pricing



2) Setting Promotional price for the products in Bulk- If you wish to set promotional price for a bulk of products, you just need to follow the following simple steps-


  • Click on export/import section on the dashboard.


grow business on sears using sears promotional pricing




  • Click on Promotional on sears



The following panel appears-

sears promotional pricing



  • You can choose the product type on which you want to implement the promotional pricing.


  • Export the CSV containing the list of products according to the type chosen by you.


  • Set the promotional price for the bulk products.


  • Import the CSV file on Sears in the “Import updated promotional prices” section shown in the above image.



Note- Sears will start reflecting the promotional prices within 24-48 hours (tentative), so you can set the date while adding the price accordingly.



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