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Get Your Online Business ready for Christmas and New Year Sale.

Get Your Online Business ready for Christmas and New Year Sale.


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Get Your Online Business ready for Christmas and New Year sales by crafting effective and robust marketing strategies. We are already going through the holiday period, with the most crucial holidays yet to arrive, i.e., Christmas and new year 2022. As more users are moving towards online mode for shopping. The holiday period offers an excellent opportunity for online retailers to increase their sales and revenue. Here we will discuss some crucial tips to get ready for the holiday season sale.

Crucial Tips To Prepare For Christmas And New Year Sale

Both Christmas and new year 2022 are just around the corner. The most profitable period of the year is upon us. So let’s discuss some tips to increase our sales during the holiday period.

1- Craft A Powerful Marketing Strategy

Christmas and new year sales bring an excellent opportunity for online retailers. Whatever your industry, target market, or product, holiday marketing can get enormous rewards for your business. But to drive maximum benefit from the festive season, it is imperative to plan an effective and powerful marketing strategy. Crafting a powerful marketing strategy enable you to create campaigns by utilizing different channels based around specific occasions, basically for Christmas and new year’s sale. Holiday marketing lets you promote special seasonal offers to maximize sales and revenues around the event.

2- Manage Your Inventory Demand

There is a massive sale of products during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday seasons. But how do you know how much inventory you should carry in your warehouse?. Without a perfect anticipating technique, you may end up having a shortage in your stock, which can cause delays in order fulfillment. Conversely, you may also end up having too much unused and neglected inventory in your warehouse.

So every retailer must anticipate the inventory demand during the holiday season sale. If you are a retailer, you should go through the previous sales data and shopper’s buying patterns. Find out which is the most popular product and which of the product sold least during the holiday season sale.

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3- Select Right Marketing Channels For Promotion

Picking the right marketing channel for promotion during the holiday season will help you ensure that you have put all your resources, energy, and money at the right place. Perfect social media marketing strategy and channels used help you better target the audience and cater to your messages, increasing sales and conversion rate. Top and most widely used social media channels incorporate the following.

Search Engines: Apart from Google, there are also other big search engines like Bing, from where you can acquire a large amount of traffic. Bing stands in the second position after google in the global search market. Apart from Google business listing, you can post offers and deals on other search engines.

Social media: Social offers a wide array of posting platforms, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. You can do both paid and organic promotional activities on social media.

Email Marketing: Email marketing is amongst the most effective ways for promotion. You can entice your customers by sending them personalized emails, holiday deals, regular newsletters, etc.

So each type of marketing channel has a unique potential to reach audiences in different ways. It is up to you to utilize these channels to promote your online business.

4- Create Appealing And Unique Landing Pages

Most online businesses ignore the landing page part for their products and offers during the holiday season sale. The landing page makes it straightforward for your audience to offer something special during this specific period. With a landing page for your offerings, you can give your shoppers an accurate description of each of your holiday offers. This will help you increase your conversion rates.

Tips for creating a high converting landing page

  • The landing page must be created astonishing in terms of user experience.
  • The landing page must contain only essential detail, it should not be too wordy.
  • Place a compelling call to action button on your page.
  • Make it simple so that customers can easily make purchases and apply discounts.
  • Use countdown timers for scarcity effect and to add excitement to your offers.
  • Most importantly, create your landing pages optimized for mobile devices.

5- Run Limited Time Offers

Running a limited-time sales offer is a great way to increase sales during the particular period of holidays. This approach lets you increase your offer for a limited time only. Countdown timers and pop-ups alert users about the limited-time offer and urge them to make quick purchase decisions.

6- Try Out Augmented Reality

After covid-19 online shopping behavior has changed unprecedentedly due to lockdown and social distancing, shoppers are looking for contactless ways for shopping, so more and more shoppers are moving towards online shopping.

Augmented Reality

So to offer an enhanced shopping experience to your users, give them AR effects for product visualizing. AR feature lets your users visualize products more closely and in a realistic way on their devices. So adopting these technologies can help you get long-term benefits.

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7- Make Sure To Handle Increase In Demand

Before you launch your holiday marketing campaigns, make a proper analysis and research whether everything is going as per the plan.

  • Make sure that do you have sufficient inventory.
  • Prepare your staff for higher demand during the holiday period(shipping support, packaging, etc.).
  • Is your website or application ready for sudden traffic hikes? Get your website or application prepared for sudden traffic spikes during holidays so that users may en enjoy an uninterrupted shopping experience.

8- Send Out Promotional Emails

Email marketing is among the most effective marketing tools to nurture paying customers’ leads. And it also helps maintain a long-term relationship with customers. Writing an effective email with appealing subject lines will help you drive maximum sales during the Christmas and new year holidays.

9- Run Ads Campaign

If you want yourself easily discovered by your customers, then google ads are a perfect way. Research about the keyphrases your targeted audience is searching for while shopping. For example
“Christmas and new year sale”
“New year sale ”
“Christmas and new year special” etc.
Bid on the keywords your consumers are typing into the Google search bar when searching for a holiday sale. This may incorporate services, brand names, products, and round-ups. So make sure that you are targeting all key phrases that your targeted audience may search.

10- Offer Freebies During Christmas And New Year Sale

Offering free gifts and offers is a great way to increase sales as people love to get things for free. During the holiday period, shoppers are in money spending mode, and offering free gifts may encourage them to buy more. You can offer your customers free products, gift cards, and, more importantly, free shipping. Free shipping is essential for holiday sales. As most customers expect, that company won’t charge anything for shipping.

Increase In Use Of Mobile Commerce During the Holiday Season

Mobile gadgets are becoming imperative to holiday shopping with each swipe and touch. More than 55% of buyers intend to utilize tablets or mobile phones to make at least a single purchase during the holiday season.

With the increase in the use of smartphones, shoppers are more addicted to mobile apps for shopping. A report by Statista reveals that, after the change in the buying behavior. And due to covid-19, in-store buying was set to steam in 2021. As per the survey, about 57% of US shoppers intended to purchase online during the holiday season. In comparison, 43% of North American buyers planned to visit stores.

christmas and new year sale

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So if you have an online business and want to grab maximum customers during the holiday season, you must convert your store into a mobile app because mobile apps have numerous advantages over websites.

In A Nutshell

The holiday period is the busiest period of the year, where there is an ample opportunity to make a maximum sale. Even People who dont make any purchases during the whole year do entire shopping for the holidays, especially for Christmas and new year. So if you are a retailer and want to boost your sales during holidays, offer your customers an enhanced shopping experience. You can enhance customers’ shopping experience by providing them with what they expect from you as a shopper. As now more shoppers are moving towards mobile shopping during the holidays. You must convert your online store into a mobile app.

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