Fruugo International Shipping
Earn Globally with Fruugo Marketplace: The Complete Guide to International Shipping

Earn Globally with Fruugo Marketplace: The Complete Guide to International Shipping


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eCommerce store + Cross Border Sales→ Huge Conversions


Are you looking for ways to expand your online sales? Do you encounter problems entering the arena of International Shipping Services?


Well, there is no denying the fact that the online retailers have started tapping into global shipping options.


The International Shipping options enable merchants to access the global exposure of patrons across the globe.  


One such perfect combination of the ongoing trend is the FRUUGO Marketplace.

A quick sum-up of the topics to be covered-  


A sneak peek at Fruugo Marketplace-Here

The Extra Perk offered by Fruugo Marketplace-Here

Earn Globally with Fruugo’s International Shipping Services-Here

Soar your eCommerce sale with Fruugo’s International Shipping-Here

Shipping options offered by Fruugo Marketplace-Here

A Final Word On International Shipping Services offered by Fruugo Marketplace-Here


How about transforming your eCommerce store into the next big thing?


Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to make money online or a veteran?


Well, the advent of the Internet has made eCommerce vulnerably incredible. Thus, bringing down numerous ways to make money online in the simplest form.


Speaking of making money online directly leads us to the cross-border sales. About 66% of patrons are said to make an international purchase every now and then.


Moreover, more than two-thirds of consumers look out for marketplaces. In order to find products to purchase online.




Fruugo marketplace is a peculiar, fully localized, global marketplace. It is easily converted to 28 languages and 31 currencies with billions of products, thousands of brands and hundreds of retailers worldwide.


A sneak peek at Fruugo Marketplace


With over 25 million active users. Fruugo marketplace embodies thousands of merchants catering millions of customers across the globe.


Said to offer product from all categories viz sports, fitness, beauty, health, clothing, furniture, toys, video games and a lot more- Fruugo marketplace is the perfect hub for International shipping.



Did you know?

93.8% of the Fruugo orders are “CROSS-BORDER”. Hence, providing smoothest international shipping services.


Fruugo marketplace is said to account for 200% growth y-o-y compared to other newbies in the list of marketplaces.  


Providing a huge network of partners, Fruugo enables its ever-expanding network of affiliated and partner sites to all its merchants.


The giant marketplace i.e. Fruugo makes you fully secured against fraud-related issues.


The recent data shows the products and brands have been doubled within 12 months. Which has led the transactions quadrupled in the same span of time.


The International Shipping services have led the stats for returning visitors to increase by 3 times.


Fruugo Marketplace brings down the data of average page views by visitors to increase by 176%.  


The Extra Perk offered by Fruugo Marketplace


Fruugo marketplace believes in NO SALE=NO FEE philosophy.


Fruugo International Shipping


Fruugo marketplace brings your products across 46 countries and charges some commission on the product sale (example VAT, shipping).


The international shipping services of Fruugo marketplace charge just 10% “all in”.


Sell abroad with Fruugo marketplace as it charges no monthly fees, integration costs, and no handling fees.


Also, Fruugo handles the entire transaction in the patrons’ currency and pays the net currency to the merchant in their currency.


Earn Globally with Fruugo’s International Shipping Services


Fruugo marketplace brings a number of retailers from various countries to one unique global marketplace.  


Fruugo solves the difficulties of Cross-Border Retailing and makes it easy for you to sell abroad.


The 46 countries supported on Fruugo are-



The United Kingdom,


















South Africa,

The United States,



New Zealand,




Saudi Arabia,



The United Arab Emirates,




Let’s quickly cover everything brought in by Fruugo marketplace to make your International Shipping experience smoother.


Fruugo Marketplace eradicates “language barriers”


Offering International shipping services, Fruugo Marketplace believes in making customers feel right at home. Thus, leveraging them shop in their native language.


This worldwide exposure enables merchants to promote their products to a global audience.


Access the easiest payment methods with Fruugo Marketplace


Enabling International Shipping Services, Fruugo Marketplace offers local payment methods, displays prices in each shoppers’ local currency and acquires their payments for all the orders placed at Fruugo Marketplace.


We don’t want you to miss the Complete Guide to sell on Fruugo marketplace. Hit in to explore more.


How would you know what and how to sell in different countries?

To simplify the same, Fruugo’ International Shipping services enable you to tailor your product selection for each country individually.

It also lets you set country-specific product prices and shipping costs.


Soar your eCommerce sale with Fruugo’s International Shipping


Fruugo International Shipping


Fruugo Marketplace brings you the easiest way to list your products amidst the wide audience of 46 countries.


However, Fruugo acquires the shipping costs for the countries which you intend to ship (among the 46 supported on Fruugo).


Wondering how to submit International shipping charges on Fruugo Marketplace?


Well, there is this easy way to submit your shipping charges viz the easy-to-use Excel Spreadsheet.


This template contains all the evidence required for every country your products are to feature in. These credentials are imperative in order to calculate the correct shipping charge at the point of order.


Various types of Shipping options offered by Fruugo Marketplace


Speaking of the International Shipping Services offered by the Fruugo Marketplace-There are a total of four shipping methodologies offered by them.


You can easily supply one set of charges or customize your costs to be different for each of the 46 countries. View the International Shipping template here.


The four calculation methods:


Fruugo International shipping



Did you know Fruugo Marketplace provides fast delivery services?

Hence, holding your customers for long. There are two ways offered by Fruugo International Shipping Services i.e.

Standard: Your default / basic delivery option for international orders. This method does not typically offer Track & Trace or Proof of Delivery. 5-14 working day timescale.

Express: A quicker delivery method for international orders that typically provides Track & Trace and Proof of Delivery. 3-7 working day timescale.


Flat Rate Shipping


Fruugo’s International Flat Rate Shipping acquires the use of one consistent per order irrespective of the value, weight or number of items ordered.

In order to supply your International shipping charges via “flat rate pricing type”, you require the completion of four mandatory fields as shown below.   


Fruugo International shipping




Quantity Based Shipping


The term Quantity based pricing implies that the shipping cost is deliberated based on a base rate along with an additional charge for each subsequent product added to the order.

Fruugo Marketplace International Shipping Services brings you the option to supply your shipping charges via a quantity based pricing type. It requires the completion of 5 fields. These fields are as shown below


Fruugo International shipping






Value-Based Shipping


Value-Based pricing simply means that the International shipping cost is calculated based on the total value of the items ordered.
Value-Based pricing term asks for completion of 6 fields.  Which is as follows:



Weight-Based shipping


Fruugo’s Weight based pricing means that the International shipping cost is calculated based on the total weight of the items ordered.

To supply your shipping charges via a weight based pricing type requires the completion of 6 fields. Which are as follows:


Fruugo International shipping



The Field Specification for all the four shipping method are explained below


Country – The ‘Country’ field demands to be populated with the two-digit ISO country code (Upper Case) of the country(s) which that shipping charge applies too. Get the complete list of the codes supported by  46 countries on Fruugo- here.



The same shipping charge relating to multiple countries should be separated by spaces. For example IE FR DE.


Delivery Price – The merchant must fill the ‘Delivery Price’ field with the delivery price for specific shipping selection/row. This delivery price must be entered excluding VAT.


However, if you offer free shipping you may leave the field blank or enter “0” in that case.   


Currency – The ‘Currency‘ field demand to be filled with three letter ISO currency code (Upper Case). Fruugo’s International Shipping services allow you enter the currency codes in your native language.


Hit in to know the codes for all 46 countries- here.  


Delivery Type – One must enter the ‘Delivery Type’ field as  ‘Standard’ or ‘Express’ depending on the type of delivery offered.

Know about the delivery type of Fruugo’s International Shipping Services- here.


Courier – The ‘Courier’ field requires the name of the courier you will be using to ship orders to the specified country in that shipping method.


Once your charges are added for the countries you may kickstart the shipping too. Consider sending the template back to the Fruugo Integration Team.



Did you know?

CedCommerce is a proud partner of Fruugo Marketplace. Also, that CedCommerce offers a wide range of platforms for all of you out there. Sell on Fruugo with WooCommerce, Magento, Magento2, BigCommerce, Shopify, and Prestashop– Today!



A glance at Fruugo’s International Shipping Specifications


The way to submit your shipping charges for use on the Fruugo system is via the completion and return of the Fruugo Shipping Template which is easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

The Fruugo Shipping Template must contain all the information required for each country your products are to feature, in order to calculate the correct shipping charge at the point of order.


Shipping Specification


The shipping template is an Excel (xlsx) file which contains 10 fields with only 5 being mandatory, and the remaining being completed depending on your chosen method of shipping.


The template contains two worksheets within it – one for Domestic Shipping – and – one for International shipping.



Fruugo International shipping



A Final Word On International Shipping Services offered by Fruugo Marketplace

As the growth of Fruugo Marketplace is accelerating day by day. It is highly recommended to switch on to the Fruugo Marketplace and start selling internationally.


Fruugo is an ‘almost everything’ product marketplace. Hence, bringing a wide opportunity for all the merchants out there.


Fruugo Marketplace leverages you with the opportunity to go through the complete stats of your products. You can simply monitor sales and you’ll be able to replicate success on any other platforms that you trade on.


The advancement of Fruugo Marketplace to International Shipping has helped the merchants eliminate the headaches of translations of product data feeds, foreign currency exchange, international customer services and online marketing overseas.


Moreover, CedCommerce assists all of you out there with the most effective integration solutions brought to you in order to soar your ROI.

When are you planning to leverage the effective International Shipping Services offered by Fruugo Marketplace?



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