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5 Frequently asked questions about Marketing Automation

5 Frequently asked questions about Marketing Automation


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From distributing business cards to promoting business on social media platforms, a lot has changed. In the 1980s, Customer Relationship Management was trying to bubble up and be executed in best ways possible. Whereas, today Customer Relationship Management has become the foundation upon which the whole business stands up and gradually grows. With Marketing Automation tools like Mautic, e-mail marketing, strategizing marketing campaigns, etc. have become quite a piece of cake and then we have Mautic integration tools to act as a cherry on the top. These integration tools have improved the scenario by coming up with features such as-   abandoned cart recovery, order follow-up, customer re-engagement, order item feedback, lead scoring, lead nurturing.

To let you know marketing automation inside-out, we have come up with answers to:

5 frequently asked questions about Marketing Automation.

1. What is meant by Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation refers to automating marketing actions such as segmenting customers, sending them e-mails, marketing on social media platforms, etc.

What are the marketing automation tools?

Software such as Mautic help to automate marketing in a way that helps you to generate new leads and have a better conversion rate.

2. What is Marketing Automation used for and it’s benefits?

Among the countless benefits of Marketing Automation, the prominent one, obviously, is Customer Relationship Management. Every other benefit of Marketing Automation converges upon providing better CRM.

Marketing Automation helps a company to maintain its B2C margin by aiding the following-

  • Better customer knowledge

  • Effective marketing campaigns

  • Proper lead tracking

  • Effective targeting of audience

  • Sync between the marketing and sales team

As a business-holder, you can analyze your performance based on the following two factors-

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention

Here is how various technologies contribute to Customer Retention and Customer Acquisition-

frequently asked questions about marketing automation


Clearly, Marketing Automation plays a huge role in Customer Acquisition as well as Customer Retention.

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3. What is the best Marketing Automation Software?

Employing the best Marketing Automation Softwares is as important as it is to employ Marketing Automation

One needs to be realistic enough to choose a Marketing Automation Software that sustains in the long run.

With 2,00,000+ users, Mautic is the first choice for many business-holders.

best marketing automation software


Graphically proven, Mautic usage has soared high within a span of two years.

Such scalability can be credited to the following features-

  • Easy to Set up: Installing Mautic is a simple 3-step process.
  • Complete control – You have a complete authority over your data. No illegal authority can access your data.
  • Integrated solutions – Mautic being an Open Source software provides you with an option to integrate with various APIs in order to customize your tool.

Need for Integration– For instance, you have your online store on Magento or PrestaShop and you have chosen Mautic as your Marketing Automation Software, but there is still a scope of improvement in order to personalize your Marketing Automation tool and to remove the flaws that may come as a consequence of mqaintaining a huge amount of data.

So, what’s next?

In such cases, you need a plugin that has the following features:

ROI Tracking: For strategizing efficient marketing campaigns, you need to have an Integration Plugin that helps you to track Return on Investments.

RFM Segmentation: What better than having an API to efficiently segment your conversions in order to help you plan your marketing strategies in accordance with the segments obtained.

Contact Property Mapping: This refers to mapping and syncing contact properties between your online store platform and Mautic Account.

Customer Data Syncing: This refers to synchronization of customer data on your online store with Mautic account.

Order follow-up, order item feedback & Customer re-engagement: Providing customers the facility to track their orders by sending them follow-up emails and enabling them to send feedbacks is a very essential step to maintain high retention rate.

Regular emails at different stages of the path to purchase of a customer help to correctly execute customer re-engagement. This further helps in lead scoring and lead nurturing.

Abandoned Cart Recovery: For an online seller, abandoned carts is a common problem for which they cannot be held responsible. Presence of integration apps that can help in Abandoned Cart Recovery can work wonders for online sellers. These plugins work by notifying you and relevant customers about abandoned cart through abandoned cart email.

The Integration Plugin with the above-mentioned features can act as a pillar of strength for your business.

Do you have to wait more to avail yourself such a well-structured Integration plugin?

Mautic Integration Plugins by CedCommerce are available now with all the features mentioned above aimed to help you in achieving best Marketing Automation.

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4. What is the future of Marketing Automation?

With emerging Marketing Automation platforms like Mautic, customer engagement through engagement mails right from the awareness stage of customers till they complete their purchase, Marketing Automation seems to have a really vast scope in future.

Let the picture below do the talking- 

future of marketing automation

As evident from the picture, Marketing Automation is expected to contribute fairly in generating Worldwide Social Business Revenue.

This is what you can achieve in 2019 through Marketing Automation-

  • Sustainable leads
  • Planned marketing campaigns
  • Personalized Content for Customers

Let’s view the marketing forecast closely to have a better perspective-

benefits of marketing automation

5. How can I learn more about Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation, as a concept is very vast and needs to be understood thoroughly before being executed.

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