First Flight Shipping Extension for Magento
With First Flight Shipping Extension, Fulfillment is as easy and quick as it gets

With First Flight Shipping Extension, Fulfillment is as easy and quick as it gets


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Exigencies in businesses require fulfillment to be completed at earliest and are considered one of the prominent virtues of the e-commerce ecosystem. Sending shipment on-time to consumers increases the trust on shop owners and helps them establishes their authority and failing to send it on-time damages the reputation of the merchant. Therefore, in its pursuit of facilitating e-commerce logistics and shipment, Cedcommerce has developed First Flight Shipping Extension  for Magento store owners to send a shipment to customers within a time frame acceptable to them.

First flight is the premier logistics and shipment company and expanding its operation to match the meteoric rise of e-commerce ecosystem. It has 20 super depots and 92 e-commerce depots spread all over India. Upon installation, CedCommerce First Flight Shipping Extension manages the domestic shipping requirements, calculates shipping costs based on the product’s weight and allows the admin to enable or disable the First Flight Shipping methods.

Shipping Locations in India - Flight Shipping Extension

The shipping addresses are categorized into intra-city, within state and rest of India. Further, shipping rates are charged as per First Flights guidelines and parameters. After adding the products to cart, customers can choose from available shipping methods. Shipping cost is then calculated by using Admin’s address as Origin Address and the consumer’s address as the final destination. The feature of the first flight add-ons are:

Different Shipping methods:

It allows admin to select different modes of shipping availed by the First Flight and the mode of shipment is also determined by the degree of the exigency.


Shipping Rate Calculation:

The shipping rates are calculated by obtaining the distance between the destination and origin, and the category to which it belongs – Intra city, within state and rest of India, and its weight.

Zone/Sector Intra-City Within State Rest of India
Up to 250 gms 20 35 90
For each 250gms extra 10 12 25

Note: And if the weight is not multiple of 250 gms, then the rates are calculated proportionately as per the above table.

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Easy to pick and drop facility:

The First flight offers a seamless experience. Once a product is confirmed by a customer on your store, notify the first flight after packaging it. They come, pick up and drop the package to the destination address. All the process is hassle free and triggers trust in customers and owners alike.

Enable and Disable Extension:

At anytime while handling the online stores, admin can disable the extension and, if required again, they can enable it as well. This offers a great flexibility to the merchants.

It is a cumbersome process to ship the products to the end customers in timeliness manner and without any damage to the product. This takes a lot of efforts and energy of the owners. Therefore this extension is designed to facilitate Indian online store owners so that they can easily solve all the logistics and shipment related problems.

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