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How Etsy Marketplace Integration Pushed Shalom Apparel Store towards Success

How Etsy Marketplace Integration Pushed Shalom Apparel Store towards Success


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Jonas Gagajena is the owner of the Shalom Apparel Online Store serving the customers looking for apparel and accessories. Shalom apparel is a Shopify based online store that provides clothing & accessories with a unique purpose of catering to all kinds of visitors. Shalom Apparel, with a team of 10 members, primarily focuses on designing trendy tees, hoodies and tank tops. Etsy Marketplace Integration solution helped Shalom Store to multiply its sales.

The store is active since November 2018. Mr. Gagajena sources the products from third-party sellers and delivers them to customers using the fulfillment services.


Multiple Factors Decreased Sales

Shalom Apparel sales went down drastically in a short time period. Therefore, Mr. Gagajena was disappointed and on a lookout for root cause. As a result, he discovered that there are multiple factors that have contributed to a dramatic decrease in sales on Shalom Apparel Online Store.

These were,

Decreased sales

Low revenue

Less traffic

Lower conversion rates

Low ROI (Return on Investment)


Shalom Apparel actively began seeking a solution

Mr. Gagajena was actively looking for a solution that could help in-store automation, business diversification, accessing multiple sales channels, as well as boost his Shopify store security. 

As a result, he browsed through hundreds of articles and blogs and found Etsy Marketplace Integration solution by CedCommerce as a complete solution. Hence, he was able to automate his store in the below ways.

  • The ability to group products based on product properties Product Type, Product Vendor. Therefore,  mapping process was done with ease.
  • Product listing in a manner to boost product visibility.
  • Inventory management and customization on Etsy.
  • Add/delete products permanently or temporarily based on marketplace requirements.
  • Setting currency of product based on the region of selling. As a result, an opportunity to sell to more customers
  • Setting up a threshold inventory.

CedCommerce addressed the core of the problem:

The Etsy Marketplace Integration solution greatly helped the apparel store in terms of order management and synchronization. As a result, it helped the client to keep a check on inventory in real-time and avoid any unfavorable situation by notifying the client about the inability to deliver the order due to lack of inventory. 

As Mr. Gagajena has hundreds of products on his store. Therefore, opting the manual process of inventory management was a time-consuming task and prone to errors. Hence, it was not an ideal solution

CedCommerce solution sorted it out with real-time inventory synchronization feature. Hence, enabled him to provide great customer experience by ensuring no order gets delayed. This was possible through our integration solution.


Etsy Marketplace Integration Solution App-enabled Shalom Store to Business Diversification

The concept of store automation sounded convincing to the owner of Shalom Apparel store. Therefore, he was confident that store automation will put an end to all his woes and eventually ROI will increase manifolds.

Etsy marketplace integration



Above all, automation and excellent Customer Service are the long term benefits experienced by Shalom Apparel Online Store. Moreover, account managers assigned by CedCommerce to help the client understand the ins and outs of the app. This simplified the technicality of the app. 

We hope to keep helping sellers the way we have been helping Shalom Apparel Online Store.

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