enhance your sales this Ramadan
Enhance your online sales this Raya Season

Enhance your online sales this Raya Season


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This Raya Season beholds a swamp in revenue as online shopping transaction is expected to increase by 50% during Ramadhan. iPay88 Sdn Bhd co-founder Chan Kok predicts a rise in sales growth in both online and mobile transactions. Experience enhanced sales in various product categories that vary from services such as travel tickets to food deals and much more.

This blog wraps up all the quintennial steps to follow to ensure a high ROI this season. Gain an in-depth understanding of this highly lucrative sale period for eCommerce website in the SEA region. Have a look at the latest insights from giant eCommerce platforms such as Lazada, Fave, ShopBack etc.

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Given that despite a surge of online visitors by 98 to 99% profits are not made in the first visit. It is essential to combine retargeting with an efficient online-to-offline approach and bask in the boost in revenue. Let’s have a look at some of the major tips and tricks to enhance profit this Raya season.

The commencement of Ramadhan in Malaysia and Indonesia signifies a large shift in shopping patterns across these nations. It is considered one of the most important seasons for eCommerce businesses across Southeast Asia.

enhance sales this raya season

                                                                                    Image source: iPrice 

The Asia-Pacific region is home to 63% of the world’s Muslim population or nearly one billion people. Statistics illustrate an increase in online traffic by 105% at 5:00 am and 345% in Indonesia.

The most sought-after category was Fashion Products and unique development is a growing interest in airline ticket promotions before Ramadhan. Some of the notable ecommerce platforms that flourish during Ramadhan are Fashion Valet, Muslimah Clothing and Naelofar Hijab. Selling fashionable modest clothing could up sales. It is essential to take advantage of the masses of online consumers to maximize profits during the holy month.

Maximize usage of seasonal keywords

enhance sales this raya season

                                                                                  Image source: iPrice       

Baju Raya” is known as the most commonly used keywords during the Raya Season. However, a shift in patterns suggests Airline Tickets has been the most trending item during thus years festive season. Keywords & brands associated with “promotion” were “Malindo Air”, “Air Asia” and “Malaysia Airlines”. As most Malaysians are looking to “Balik Kampung” before the commencement of celebrations. Raya-themed keywords such as “Ramadhan”, Baju Kururng, “Muslimah” could enhance sales this season.

  Promote during the latest campaigns 

Lazada recently hosted the Raya Together-gather campaign on 16th May 2019 and has a line up of campaigns that offer plenty of deals. Shopee has an ongoing “Raya Dengan Shopee” campaign with discounts up to 80% from 600 brands on the Shopee mall and 450,00 sellers. 11street like Lazada has the Raya Together-gather campaign in various categories and expect an increase in online sales by 50%. Having exclusive promotions during these campaigns are most likely going to drive sales and enhance the brand value.

Enhance the visibility of product featuresenhance sales this raya season

The more the customer is able to see or connect with your products, the more likely they shall feel attached to it. Posting videos alongside pictures of products that show extreme detail such as the texture of clothes, fine lining and construction will allow an illusion of touch. Ensuring pictures of products are taken from all angles which give the customer a feeling of content with the product offerings. Lelong.my provides an enhanced look into the product features as well as pictures that provide a view of the usage of a functional item.

enhance sales this raya season

Get a clear idea of trending products in the various marketplace.

ShopBack observes a vertical increase in sales before Ramadhan all categories performed exceptionally especially “Health *& Beauty” and “Electronics”. Lazada survey indicates “Apparel and Accessories” contributed to 83% of respondents purchase while 73% purchased items such as “baking essentials” and “beverages and groceries”. 11street has observed a surge in sales more than 2.5times during Ramadhan Raya period. A three-fold increase included sales for “baby car seat” and “car maintenance packages”. Therefore, selling the right product category in a marketplace which shall most likely increase sales during Raya could significantly boost sales revenue.

Ensure effective delivery

A huge surge in sales is most likely going to lead to a lot of transactions. The last thing you would like to have happened is delivering a Baju Kurung after Eid. To ensure a seamless transaction gather the right team for delivery services, set precise goals months before Raya and most of all choose an effective shipping strategy. Customers look for “free delivery” options hence, it is essential to ensure a prompt and efficient delivery system that is also cost saving. A strong and efficient logistics system is an essential part of the entire online shopping experience.

It’s all about Ramadan Timing enhance sales this raya season

Trying to ensure maximum sales during Ramadan? Timing plays a critical role in influencing online behaviour. Several shopping behaviours are influenced by Ramadan Traditions such as “breaking fast”. “after Tarawih” and “Suhur”. The third week of Ramadhan produces the highest return on investment. The third week of Ramadan is the prime time for online retailers to engage with their customers. An uplift of 67% in retails sales and 14% travel sales occurs in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. More than 36% of retail sales and 35% of travel bookings occur around 9 pm and 5 am over the Ramadan period. ShopBack noticed an uplift in online shopping traffic from 2 pm to 4 pm in Malaysia with a 10% to 15% boost. After 8 pm sales picked up to about 40%.

Automate and double your sales

Automate and scale your online business to leverage on various platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, 11street and many more with just a click. Avoid the hassle of tedious manual processing plight. eCommerce automation enables a combination of the right process, people and software that is necessary to automate an entire order fulfilment process. If you want to ensure profitability while soaking in the joys of this year’s celebration, then look no further. Some of the solutions which an eCommerce Integration solution provides are; real-time data sync, actionable data insights, data validation and audits, support you can count on and most importantly ready-to-go connectors for your system. 

During the rise of the digital age, merchants need to keep consistent track of price fluctuation and increase competition, through highly strategic approaches to comprehend consumer purchasing pattern during Ramadan. Through following the above techniques your products are most likely to sell like hotcakes this season. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of these various knowhows this Raya and ensure a boom in profit. Selamat Hari Raya.

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