Dolceterra Achieved 18X ROAS With CedCommerce Google Ads Management Service
Dolceterra Achieved 18X ROAS With CedCommerce Google Ads Management Service

Dolceterra Achieved 18X ROAS With CedCommerce Google Ads Management Service


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Every business has its own story and goes through ups and downs in its journey. With ever-increasing competition, it has and will never be easy for marketers to promote their business online. The same was with Dolecterra, an online store that was using Google ads campaigns to increase its reach and visibility, and eventually to increase conversions.

However, the technicalities involved to run successful campaigns on Google made it challenging for the business. Read ahead to know how Doleceterra paved its way to success with the help of CedCommerce Google ads management service.

About Dolceterra

Established by Andrea, Dolceterra is a two-decades-old project started with a love for Italian food. Dolceterra is an online store that offers the most diverse Italian products and makes them accessible to the US audience.

Undoubtedly, the vast range of Italian products at Dolceterra makes it a one-stop solution for exploring Italian Gourmet. Indeed, the store has eatables, book collections, Gift Baskets, and everything you love about Italy.

The products available on the website include the famous Amalfi coast Limoncello Liqueur, Italian Cheese & Baked goods. indeed, the ingredients are of perceivable quality, and the fully fragrant spectrum is inspired by the refined creativity of passionate Italians who yielded over generations a feast of tastes and creations that grant Italian cuisine its worldwide recognition effortlessly.

The Challenge

Dolceterra used Google Search, Google Shopping, and Google Display Ad Campaigns on Google to expand its reach, visibility, and ultimately, conversions.

However, the lack of skill to set up a well-structured campaign led to inaccurate conversion rate tracking results. Thus, the inaccurate conversion results were restraining Dolceterra from improving the ROAS. This was the major challenge to overcome for the client.

Our Approach To What Was Requisite

CedCommerce’s first approach was to find out the root cause of the problem. The campaign was not well-structured, the conversion action was set up incorrectly and conversion-tracking was inaccurate; this is all we found out as the root cause of the problem. Moreover, some of the necessary tags, such as google dynamic remarketing, google ads conversion tracking, and the global site was missing.

The campaign also included soft goals in the conversion setup, which is not ideal. Soft goals include the number of website visits, products viewed or added in the cart, etc. The client was getting the wrong idea of conversions because of the wrong conversion action setup.

How CedCommerce Pitched In To Support Dolceterra With Its Google Ads Management Service

Dolceterra owner Andrea spotted CedCommerce through the Shopify store in October 2021 and started taking our service from 8th October 2021. The PPC Specialists at CedCommerce quickly grasped the situation and assisted Andrea to improve the campaigns’ performance.

Furthermore, The experts started working on the account, made the required corrections, created a well-structured and cost-effective shopping campaign. They also created a smart shopping campaign and designed creative banners to improve the performance of the campaign.

Leveraging The Christmas Season

Google ads management services

Furthermore, as the Christmas season was at its peak, to leverage the increased sales of gift shopping, the Google ads specialists have made the Christmas campaign for the Gift basket category. Additionally, they have also created a search campaign targeting the Limoncello, Baked goods & Italian cheese categories.

The targeted Keywords in the campaigns were:

  • Italian limoncello liqueur,
  • buy panettone online,
  • limoncello from Amalfi,
  • buy parmigiano reggiano, &
  • order burrata online

And the results of the campaign were terrific. Let’s check out the results below.

The Outcomes Of The Well-Structured Google Ads Campaign

Google ads management service

  1. Achieved ROAS of 18X within a month
  2. Increase in the number of conversions. From Aug to Nov, we have recorded 1,700 conversions from google ads. Besides, when compared the December conversion with the November conversions, there was a 35.54% increase in conversions
  3. $63k+ revenue generated from 28th October to 31st December 2021
  4. There was a 47% increase in the website traffic from Google Adwords when we compared the website traffic of the August-October date range with October 2021-January 2022 date range.


Dolceterra achieved the desired results with the support of Google Ads Experts at CedCommerce. The website saw a significant increase in the number of traffic & conversions and generated massive revenue within a short period.

About CedCommerce

CedCommerce’s results-driven approach and skillful mindset help clients live their dream goals. With over a decade of experience, CedCommerce swears by its motto to satisfy its clients by offering them the best industrial digital marketing solutions.

CedCommerce also provides digital marketing solutions to businesses to expand their reach and visibility over different online channels.

If your ecommerce business is going through a challenging phase and not getting expected returns, CedCommerce can be your reliable partner to help you out in your journey of success. Click on this link to connect with us. We would be more than happy to help you out.

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