MageNative Shopify Mobile Application
Celebrating 1 Year Of Success With New Shopify Mobile Application!

Celebrating 1 Year Of Success With New Shopify Mobile Application!


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 E-commerce industry has been rising lately, but it might not be the only platform for shopping in the future. It is clearly visible that the demand for mobile apps is increasing rapidly. To fit with the trend and provide a well equipped but cheap solution to the Shopify store owners, we released the MageNative E-commerce app in August 2017; it was the beginning of our journey with Shopify mobile application.


 Our Journey

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

                                                                        –Lao Tzu

Two dedicated young entrepreneurs had a dream and with a small team of skilled developers, they started MageNative. Hours of work and development led to the MageNative Shopify Mobile Application.


A Shopify store owner has to pay around $1000-$2000 to develop the app from scratch, so we took the first challenge to build a pocket-friendly yet fully featured app for the vendors.

MageNative Shopify Mobile Application


In addition to the challenges involved during development, we faced trouble getting our first few clients as well. Trust building with the community took time in the initial years but our consistent efforts led us to build a substantial user base in a matter of a few years only.


We are happy to share that Today MageNative Shopify Mobile Application is one year old, and we are more than happy to look back from where we started and to see what we have achieved.

MageNative shopify Mobile ApplicationShopify Mobile ApplicationMageNative shopify mobile Application


In this one year we have earned:


  • 1000+ merchants
  • 500+ Apps built and published
  • 50+ 5-star reviews on Shopify App and counting
  • Deloitte Fast 50, 2 years in a row


MageNative Shopify Mobile Application


The struggle was real!

It was not at all easy to begin. The hardships in understanding what the industry demands and delivering the satisfactory results were difficult to cope with but as we didn’t come to lose, we kept walking with less sleep, hard work without giving up.


We were into development all night long, working with scarce resources. The Team provided constant assistance to our customers all day and night because we believe in the concept “Sell the problem you solve not the product.”


We worked 24*7 to cater to our customers from the USA which forms a major part of our client base.


Faced with tons of challenges at the beginning just to earn our first review and when we did it was very rewarding.


Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.

                                      -Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha.

Truly said. MageNative is all grateful to its entire team for this immense success.  It was because of the exceptional ideas and the constant belief of our Planning and Research team that we have reached this milestone. Developers who coded day and night until the final product was ready to reach out to the customers, Support team who handled queries out of their work hours and on the move.


And especially our customers who motivated us as well as the ones who didn’t have a great experience – the criticism helped us improve.

Not all heroes wear capes, and you all are our superheroes. We are saluting the workforce behind MageNative Shopify Mobile Application.

Know why you should have an E-commerce Mobile Application

Our Vision and Mission


Our whole and sole purpose is to help the Shopify store owners provide the great experience to the buyers, and we are ready to take all the pain to satisfy our customers.

The monetary gains are secondary in this matter because happy customers directly result in a successful venture.



MageNative Shopify Mobile Application



The idea is to:-

  • Reach millions of potential Shopify merchants.
  • Help Shopify store owners to understand the potential of mobile shopping.
  • Smoothening and simplifying the onboarding process for merchants.
  • Improve ourselves in terms of products and services.
  • A positive response from each and every merchant who connects with us.
  • Enable all the small businesses and start-ups to develop a mobile app for as low as $20 per month.


Somebody said it right if at first, you do succeed, try something harder. And following this, we have recently launched an updated version of our app MageNative Shopify Mobile App 2.0 with some advanced features that lacked earlier. As compared to MageNative Shopify it has an Interactive UI and the App size has reduced from 9.9 MB to 4.1 MB, users are now getting the In-app messaging feature and Local push notifications too.


Working with our app is a lot easier now, so get ready to enhance your experiences with us. Thanks for showing interest!

To know more about MageNative click here.


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