Cdiscount covid-19 update
Here’s What Cdiscount Doing To Help Sellers Cope With COVID-19

Here’s What Cdiscount Doing To Help Sellers Cope With COVID-19


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Cdiscount, one of the largest eCommerce marketplace in France has mobilized its resources to deliver the essential items to handle the Covid-19 pandemic. This pressure is being felt all over the world and has made the sellers to temporarily shut their business.

What is the Cdiscount COVID-19 Update?

Cdiscount has announced the 6 months of free subscription without any cancellation fees for the new sellers who want to start selling on Cdiscount. To support the sellers in this situation, Cdiscount has also released to offer the Amount of April subscription to all the sellers who have switched their store to Vacation mode. Cdiscount will be the refunding amount of 39.99€ HT as a voucher during the next decade.

Highlights on the Announcement:

  • Cdiscount Marketplace teams are completely engaged in their online operation to assist sellers.
  • All products on the web will remain available for sale, as well as a range of stores, and all orders will be dispatched.
  • Such deliveries will be valid for both France and the countries in Europe they selling to Belgium, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, and Italy.
  • Food, hygiene, and IT products are given priority for fulfilling the needs of French customers.

For sellers using the Cdiscount Fulfillment service, it is necessary to remember that the warehouses usually operate to protect staff, partners, and customers in compliance with the safety instructions. Therefore, all orders in Fulfillment can continue to be shipped, giving priority to orders for products that satisfy the immediate needs of the French population.

Recently, Cdiscount Marketplace introduced an external fulfillment system that enables the service to be used by all channels for all orders. Cdiscount Marketplace also sends daily updates to its seller group to keep them up-to-date, via email. They have also released a FAQ page for the sellers where they have dedicated discussed articles related to crisis management and recommendations on the same. They have also arranged for webinars for answering the seller’s questions live.

CedCommerce Stepping Up In COVID-19 for Cdiscount sellers:

CedCommerce, the official channel integration partner with Cdiscount has come up with the following services to support the sellers in this crisis:

For New Sellers-

  • 20% OFF on Cdiscount integrations(Use Code: WECARE20)
  • 3 months of free support and free extension installation
  •  2 hours of a free consultation from experts

For Existing Sellers:

  • To extend our helping hands to existing sellers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we encourage a couple of months of free assistance and promise you to help with your problems.
  • Our eCommerce expertise is available to help the Cdiscount sellers at this hour when online business is in the demand.

Frequently Asked Questions by Cdiscount Sellers during COVID-19 crisis:

Q-Is Fulfilment able to ship?
A-The warehouse is still working well on small items (-30 kg) and large items (+ 30), but they are not accepting packages of more than 20 kg at the moment if they are not placed on a pallet. You can continue to make appointments for these goods ( your request will be taken into consideration by the Cdiscount Fulfilment department in order to help you with deliveries.

Q-Is the external Fulfilment service still available?
A- Regular distribution of 15 to 30 kg goods is no longer available via their regular carriers in France. You can use an express delivery at an additional cost of 5 € per shipment for all your declined orders. Some areas in France (in particular Postal Code 38, 74, 91, 92, 93 to 94) are temporarily inaccessible via their regular carriers.
You may use an express delivery at an additional cost of 3 € per shipment for all your declined orders. Time to plan can be extended by 2 days. Due to their carrier modifications and to safeguard the health of the staff, distribution and preparation time can be extended by 2-3 days. Deliveries are also made without a signature for the avoidance of safety risks.

Q-Can I sell masks / hydroalcoholic hand soap on Cdiscount?
A- Publication for medical purposes of the respiratory safety masks is prohibited.
Any business practices which take advantage of the current situation by that prices are also prohibited. Rates concerning hydroalcoolic handsoap are to be established as per the regulations.

Q-Are you able to ensure with the Marketplace services if France is containment?
A- Yes, their Seller Support team is actively working to continue to help you with managing your operation in this context at best. Using the “I would like to be called back” option when you open a new case to talk to our experts. In the meantime, they are inviting you to open a new case to which the teams will reply to you as soon as possible. You can also write to them via My Account > > Coronavirus query.

Q-Is the commission still charged?
A- It is still charged on every accepted order. You can deactivate the automatic order acceptance through your Settings > > Store settings > > Other parameters (tick or untick the option). If you are unable to receive or ship your orders, you can activate the Holiday mode via the same tab. If your package is blocked at a point of withdrawal they will invite you to suggest a new shipment or make the order refund.

It’s Not only Cdiscount!

To help the sellers in this pandemic, not only Cdiscount but the other giant marketplaces like Amazon and eBay also have announced various offerings to help their sellers and the whole eCommerce community is coming together.

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