Everyday is a Black Friday until the end of 2021 – Grab the Black Friday Deals on Magento Solutions

Everyday is a Black Friday until the end of 2021 – Grab the Black Friday Deals on Magento Solutions


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Portland Oregan [November 25, 2021]: Sellers around the world are really excited for the upcoming holidays such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, CedCommerce has decided to bring the best Black Friday deals on Magento solutions to double up their happiness and excitement. As per the offer, they can get a flat 20 percent discount on all Magento Integration extensions.

Wanna know the best part?

Unlike others, CedCommerce has kept the Festive offer open till 31st December 2021. So, grab the offer now!

Black Friday Deals on Magento

Generally, the festive season sales begin with Halloween and ends with Cyber Monday and the biggest deals are on the day of Black Friday.
But what others do, CEDcommerce does it better. So we came up with an amazing initiative to extend the Black Friday deals on Magento solutions till December 31st. So, anyone looking to gain the offer can easily get the Black Friday discount by entering the coupon code – CEDFEST20. Hurry up to get a flat 20 percent discount on all Magento Integration extensions as the offer is valid only up to 31st December 2021.

Along with this offer here are some additional benefits that you’ll get:

  • Free installation and initial set-up of your store
  • Personalized customization based on your requirements.
  • Dedicated account manager with 24×7 support
  • Multichannel sales features for business expansion possibilities
  • Live session with Magento experts and contributors.
  • Free demo sessions and documentation
  • And much more….

Black Friday deals on Magento solutions is one of the best offers that CedCommerce is offering. But don’t just restrict yourself with Integration as CedCommerce offers a wide variety of services to take care of every need of a Magento seller.

Other Services by CedCommerce:

(1) eCommerce Website Development

This service is for helping you to build a fast, responsive, and secure website. It further includes the latest features depending on your need. 

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(2) Multi-channel Integration

You can use multi-channel Integration which is an automated solution. It further connects your store with the top marketplaces in the world.

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(3) PWA

Now converting your store into a shopping web app is easy with this service. And, this service offers a consistent experience no matter how they browse your store.

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(4) Mobile Application Development

You can use it for creating your very own mobile application. So, you can attract your target audience and make the selling process more personalized.

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(5) Magento Migration

Magento migration helps in successfully and smoothly moving your entire catalogue to Magento in bulk without any data loss.

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(6) Store Speed Optimisation

Use the speed optimization service to eradicate all the errors causing degradation in website performance. So, it helps in improving the website speed.

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(7) Custom Extension Development

You can use this service to create a personalized selling experience with customization based on your selling patterns and needs.

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(8) Theme Customization

This service by CedCommerce is for improving the look and feel of your website. Furthermore, you can use our world-class themes that deliver stunning customer experiences.

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(9) SEO and Marketing

Use this service for exploring new ways and possibilities to reach out to your target audience. Moreover, it will help you gain maximum conversions.

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(10) Consultation Services

This service will help you improve your overall website ROI with ideas that excite, influence and engage consumers. Hence, driving sales and profitability.

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The best Black Friday deals on Magento Integration solutions is only till December 2021. So, don’t wait up and grab the offer now!

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