Improve your Shopify store before cyber weekends
9 Budgeted Ways to Improve Your Shopify Store Before Cyber Weekends 2022

9 Budgeted Ways to Improve Your Shopify Store Before Cyber Weekends 2022


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The craze of cyber weekends is about to mark its appearance while people are worried about global inflation. But is this worry big enough to stop people from shopping online? Not really! Before people get into the shopping mood, why don’t you try these doable ways to improve your Shopify store and attract shoppers during this time of the year? But what about inflation? Well, here’s what you need to know –

“Consumers will continue shopping. But they will be conscious about where they are shopping from and how value-driven their shopping cart is.”

Value driven shopping might sound heavy. But it isn’t! As a merchant, just keep providing value (monetary and non-monetary) to your customers through your Shopify storefront.

This article beholds 9 budgeted ways to improve your Shopify store for the cyber weekends and win your customer’s shopping cart.

Shopper’s Love for Cyber Weekends is Beyond Hopes!

History proves that the internet’s love for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is never-ending and during this time of the year spending has only increased on annual basis.

Timeline of cyber weekends
If shopping during the cyber weekends is this big, then blending your Shopify store with festive mood is of utmost importance. Now that you know how crazy Black Friday and Cyber Monday events can be, here are 5 budgeted & DIY ways to optimize & improve your Shopify store.

5 DIY Ways to Improve Your Shopify Store for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Events –

Optimizing your Shopify store during the festive time is not a secret known to only a few. Instead, it is a planned and a step-by-step approach.

DIY 1 : Start Your Preparations Early –

Improve your Shopify store early for impressive conversions
If you improve your Shopify store a bit early then the only thing you will be left to do during the holiday season will be to promote your storefront rigorously. Don’t wait for the cyber weekends to dance at your doorstep. Instead, think about optimizing in bits and pieces daily. Try the following ways –

  1. Make a TO-DO List –Make a list of all big and small touchpoints that need touch-ups before the cyber weekend kicks off. To do this flawlessly, you need to think of yourself as a pedantic shopping who likes to consider everything before clicking on the buy now button. Here’s what a to-do list to improve your Shopify store looks like –
    to-do list to improve your Shopify store
  2. Include Festive-Centric Keywords – Choice of keywords can make or break your Shopify store overnight. Shoppers on the internet are primarily search-intent-based shoppers. To cater to these shoppers, you need to conduct a thorough keyword research.
    Improving your Shopify store isn’t always about tweaking codes and banners and adding collections. Sometimes, replacing a set of keywords with a new set of keywords can do wonders. Why don’t you try these free keyword research tools.
  3. Time to Add New Products –Cyber weekends followed by back-to-back festivals are the right time to expand your product portfolio. However, be sure that your newly launched products are both discounts and value-driven.
    improve shopify store with shopify experts

DIY 2: Promote Your Store Honestly & Loudly –

promote your Shopify store during cyber weekends

The era of clickbait-y gimmicks is long gone. Now is the age of blunt and honest promotions. Here’s what you need to keep in mind while planning out your store’s publicity during the cyber weekends –

  1. Add Some Spice to Your Email Marketing – Email marketing is still the most convenient and effective way to communicate with your customers. How about adding spice to it by carefully segmenting your sender’s list? Doing this will help you to draft personalized emails.
    You can draft an email tickling their interest in your storefront for alldead accounts (who once visited your Shopify store but never shopped anything).For youractive and loyal customer,you can have emails encouraging them to check out your flash deals and new products during the cyber weekend rush.
    You can improve your Shopify store’s communication front with a subtle email marketing campaign.

  2. Make Your Deals Loud & Clear –One way to improve your Shopify store is by making your deals and promotions crystal clear. It is of no use that visitors land in your storefront and they are unable to understand the kind of deals you’re running. Here are some suggestions –
    2.1 -> If you are offering discount then be very careful about the percentages.
    2.2 -> Any other terms and conditions should be there within the other page itself.
    2.3 -> You can utilize pop-ups, emails, and banners to communicate about the deals.
  3. Set Budgets Beforehand –Are promotions all about email marketing? No. There is no end to promoting your Shopify store during cyber weekends and other festivals. But at the same time, picking everything at once is unnecessary.
    A successful Shopify merchant carefully selects various promotional methods, allocates budgets, and start working towards an integrated promotion funnel. Here are some ways to market your Shopify store during the cyber weekends –
    3.1 -> Google Display Network.
    3.2 -> Google Search Ads.
    3.3 -> Discover Google Listing.
    3.4 -> Social Media Ads.
    3.5 -> Generate your store’s QR code and place then in offline public places.
    3.6-> Boost your social media posts highlighting your products or customer reviews.
    Allocate budgets to create a solid promotional funnel is of utmost importance. No matter how much you optimize, customize, or improve your Shopify store. The right set of promotional tools will help you reach where your customers are hanging around.

DIY 3: Have Channel-Specific Strategy –

How many channels (besides your Shopify store) can you recall where you can sell your products? The list is endless. But the question is, how many channels are you planning to sell on?

Once you’re done improving your Shopify store, you can sign-up with global, local, or hyper-local marketplaces and list your products for maximum visibility during the cyber weekends.

CedCommerce is an apex institution that combines global marketplaces under one roof for Shopify merchants. Check them out –

CedCommerce apps on Shopify app store

You can use most integration apps for free for a limited time. Don’t you think that festive season is the right time to start cross-border selling?

DIY 4: Revise Your Tracking Codes –

Sell cleverly leveraging the data

If you regularly check your tracking codes then you are already on your way to improving your Shopify store’s data management capabilities. Tracking codes are unique codes you embed in your store’s backend, which capture incoming traffic from multiple sources.

be a smart merchant - leverage the data

The mark of a true marketer is to leverage this data to get hold of shoppers. Once you have the data with you, the game is about reaching out to your customers and reserving a spot in their psyche.

DIY 5: Leverage Social Media –

social media and its impact

It is undeniable that social media has changed the fortunes of many big and small businesses. One of them happens to be Manny’s Deli – an-80-year old Chicago-based restaurant.

Improve your Shopify store by connecting with social media

The drill is quite simple. Connect with your audience on social media platforms, show off your newly added stuff, deals, and discounts, get in touch with influencers, organize campaigns, and go live from time to time.

Connect With CedCommerce Experts & Improve Your Shopify Store For Holiday Shopping!

improve your Shopify store smartly with Shopify consultants


As an entrepreneur, you sure would like to focus more on critical business areas rather than struggling to improve your store’s backend. Would you like to spend time collaborating with manufacturers or sit there and design banners?

You can also improve your Shopify store with CedCommerce Experts – a trusted Shopify experts agency with a budgeted store setup and a suite of customization services. Here’s what we re capable of doing –

6. Sync Your Store with Festive Feel –

Our team of full-stack web developers and designers will help you to sprinkle festive feels across your store’s touchpoints. This is what our developers usually do –

  1. Install a suitable theme and customize it as per your brand values.
  2. Design a kickass logo along with favicons.
  3. Setup prominent web pages (About us, privacy policy, and the likewise)
  4. Install essential apps for better productivity.
  5. Setup festive specific product and collection pages.

7. Improve Your Shopify Store’s Touchpoints –

Touchpoints are as small as a URL and as crucial as buttons, menus, web pages, pop-ups, and much more. Our expert team will help you optimize these touchpoints before the cyber weekends. Below are a few (of the many) tweaks we are capable of doing –

  1. Multi level navigation menus.
  2. Custom icons and badges.
  3. Sticky header and cart button.

8. Improve Your Store’s Load Time –

If your store takes more than 5 seconds to load then it is already eating up your conversions. You can get in touch with our team and improve your Shopify store’s speed to witness a sudden surge in visitors and conversions. Our checklist is as follows –

  1. Compress JavaScript & CSS files.
  2. Reduce load time.
  3. Fix all halting JavaScript, if any.
  4. Apply lazy loading per section.
  5. Improve core web vital scores.

improve shopify store speed

9. Turn Your Shopify Store into a User-Friendly Storefront –

When visitors easily navigate your website from their choice of device, then it is said to be a user-friendly storefront. Here’s how our team of experts helps you in enhancing your Shopify store’s user experience –

  1. Cross-device responsiveness.
  2. Troubleshooting.
  3. Event and brand-based images.
  4. Add subscriptions.

Summing Up –

The holiday season has the potential to change the facets of your business. But it has a condition. As a merchant, you must ensure that your Shopify storefront is well optimized before the festivals arrive. For the same reason, our full stack developers at CedCommerce Experts are there to improve your Shopify store for this cyber weekend and beyond.

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