Wish customer retention strategy
9 Best Wish Customer Retention Strategies to Convert One-time Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers

9 Best Wish Customer Retention Strategies to Convert One-time Holiday Shoppers Into Loyal Customers


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Do you know loyal customers are likely to spend 3 times more than one-time holiday shoppers?If your customer retention strategy is intact and in place, you are already halfway through the finish line. The Wish customer retention strategy will ensure that your first-time shoppers become loyal customers and develop loyalty towards the brand.

It’s a strategy where you plan to provide the best shopping experience, reduce cost, grow revenue, and enhance customer loyalty over a period of time.
Loyal customers broadly impact your sales since they buy more and are more likely to tell their friends about your store. The goal is to keep customers in touch with your company not just throughout the holidays but also after the seasonal craze has passed.
In today’s changing era, customers are the king. For any organization to be successful, the customer experience has become the most important factor. If customers enjoy your brand, they will stick with it and share positive reviews about it. As a result, the brand will gain popularity.
Moreover, you can identify the pain point and can rectify it to provide better service. Let’s drive into the details and see how the Wish Customer retention strategy can help you make a huge success.

Engage With Your Holiday Shoppers

In this age of hyper-connectivity, you must provide your customer with multiple ways to communicate with you. Be it social media, email, Whatsapp, or any other communication source.

  • Social media is one of the most effective mediums to win customers’ trust and create a relationship with them.
  • Know what your shoppers want and address their issues ASAP.

So, even if they are looking for other alternatives, you have made sure that their concern is addressed. And therefore, they won’t consider other brands.

CedCommerce's integration
CedCommerce’s integration for Wish can help you easily manage and respond to comments and queries for the product in almost real-time. You don’t need to go back and forth on the Wish app. Rather, you can fetch and find all comments in CedCommerce’s integration app Dashboard and reply to them in no time.
Such a quick and effective response will make your shopper feel valued, and they will return to you even after the festive rush is over. Having a well planned “Social Media engagement approach”in your Wish customer retention strategy can be very fruitful.

Be Creative With Your Packaging

Creativity can help you leave an ever-lasting impression on your customers. Come up with unique ways to attract shoppers and make them feel connected to your business. The use of pleasing colors, designs, and a touch of customization is a sure-fire approach to impress customers.
Research shows that 40% of shoppers are more likely to share their package pictures on Social media.
While the majority of brands pay little attention to their packaging, it could be a significant aspect for your company during this festive season and can help you stand out from the crowd. There could be a 30% increase in consumer attention if brands employ personalized packaging.
Also, consider sustainable packaging options, as it lures millennials, and they are more likely to buy from you. One other way to get creative with your packaging is by adding packaging inserts. It could be a thank you note, a reminder to leave a review, or a discount card for their next purchase.

Incentivize Your Shoppers

No matter how young or old a person gets. Who doesn’t like a reward? People enjoy being rewarded for their purchases.

“54 percent of customers would consider purchasing more from a company in exchange for loyalty rewards”.

Suppose you surprise your customer with a special offer or discount during their first visit to your Wish store. As an Ecommerce business, you’re likely to achieve two vital goals

  • Firstly, you’re removing hurdles to the initial product purchase.
  • Secondly, you’re aiming to build loyalty from the start.

You can also inform your shoppers about different “Wish reward points” and “Wish promo code” that shoppers can utilize when shopping again. Not just that, you can also surprise your customer by sending a “coupon code” along with their parcel. The aim is to figure out what attracts them and then use that information to bring them back to your site. CedCommerce’s integration app can help you identify your consumer behavior when you launch a new offer or air Wish promo code strategy in your business. You may monitor and evaluate whether or not your brand’s engagement has improved. Simply assess customer behavior over time, and if you observe a positive response, you can continue working on that strategy.

What is a Customer Loyalty Program?

A customer loyalty program is a strategy that rewards customers who buy or interact with a company on a regular basis. Customers may be awarded points or incentives when they purchase more, and shoppers may progress to greater degrees of loyalty as a result. These incentives and perks frequently lead to the shoppers becoming a more loyal customers or, in the best-case scenario, a brand promoter. Free stuff, awards, coupons, wish promo code or insider perks like early access to new products are all possible advantages.

Customer Loyalty Program

You can also incentivize shoppers when they post a review on their social media. It will largely benefit you and your brand.

Improve overall customer experience

A superior customer experience benefits the customer and distinguishes the company from its competition. As a result, customers become loyal. A favorable customer experience assures that the customer will have a long relationship with the brand.
A number of variables contribute to customer attrition other than price. Customer attrition is caused by poor customer service, not the other way around.
“86 percent of shoppers are willing to spend more for a better customer experience.”

You wouldn’t want to over-promise and undersell. To avoid a frenzy of unattainable goals due to a lack of data synchronization. And wastage of time on performing redundant tasks while selling during the eCommerce peak season, get help from experts. Who are especially working rigorously to help you ease your business operations and save time. Automate your Shopify Store by integrating them seamlessly with the Wish marketplaces and leave synchronization on Cedcommerce’s integration.

Old is Gold- Email Communication

One of the most effective strategies for reminding customers about your company is email. You can stay in touch with them regularly, offering them special offers, promotions, and new arrivals.
Use it to introduce yourself, explain your brand’s narrative, and build a long-term relationship. Include email in your wish customer retention strategy and witness your popularity skyrocket. 
It’s best to keep track of your consumers’ behavior when they shop with you and then stay in touch with them via follow-up emails.
If they stopped looking at products but didn’t buy them, you can cover those products that you believe they’d be interested in and inform them when they go on sale.
You can also send them discount coupons and Wish promo code. The aim is to figure out what attracts them and then use that information to bring them back to your site.

Customer Support is your Game Changer

Customer service is always vital, but it’s much more during the holidays. Because so many of your customers will be making their first purchases, you’ll have more chances than usual to establish a positive first impression by providing excellent customer service. Your first-time clients will be deciding whether or not to return to your store in the future.

“84% of organizations working to improve customer service report an increase in revenue.”

The clearest road to success is through customer retention. Maintaining client satisfaction leads to more consistent revenue and more accurate forecasting. It establishes a company’s foundation for your entire organization when you master getting customers and retaining them.

The majority of customers cite good customer service as a motivation to stay with a company. In today’s landscape, client satisfaction reigns supreme over product satisfaction or value.

Create Brand Awareness

Listen to your consumers, get their input, and act on it to improve your online store’s quality and customer experience. This is a fantastic opportunity to boost conversions.
Providing customers with useful information, such as content that solves their problems and addresses all of their worries. Customers will visit your site and engage with your brand if you regularly post high-quality material and guides.

  • Release a series of CTA-enhanced guides and blogs that showcase the things you have in stock, their benefits, and why shoppers should buy them.
  • Release something for everyone to avoid alienating any segment of your audience.

CedCommerce’s Content Development and Marketing services will be there for you during the busiest season of the year, helping you write rapid promotions or store content and managing your campaigns for maximum performance and scalability.

Why Are Customer Reviews Important?

If your consumers don’t complain, you may think everything is fine and good. However, they may be dealing with little concerns that they may not consider significant enough to complain about.
You can solicit input from your customers to determine where you might make improvements.
Respond swiftly to any inquiries your consumers may have. Every aspect of your encounters with clients should signal that they are important and that their input is valued.
You may also leverage user-generated information, which is excellent social proof and helps build confidence. Request shoppers post photos of their orders on social media or in a particular section of your website. It’s also a good idea to create a unique hashtag for your store’s products and encourage customers to use it whenever they share items from your online store. Customer reviews with photos are perceived as objective opinions, which can increase sales and loyalty.

Key Takeaways

If you are not attentive and smart enough to engage your one-time buyers, they will quickly drift away to your competitors.
You must collect as much information as possible about your customers, understand their pain areas, and supply solutions to make their lives simpler.
They will remain loyal consumers, and some will become brand advocates if you can do these things.
Wish customer retention strategies will help you retain your holiday shoppers for the long run and boost your sales along with increased brand awareness. And to make everything smooth and sync Shopify and Wish, CedCommerce’s integration solution for Wish can prove to be pivotal. Not just that, it also ensures that you don’t suffer from poor management and overselling. Thus giving sellers an all-in-one solution to all their day-to-day problems. So that they can concentrate on their core competencies.

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