5 best Marketing Automation tips to hike up your business with Mautic

5 best Marketing Automation tips to hike up your business with Mautic


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We know what marketing automation is but we certainly fail to realize what marketing automation is not!

Best Marketing automation system is certainly not being clueless about how the marketing arena of your business is working.

Best Marketing automation tool providers like Mautic consider you as an eminent authority at each level of your purchase funnel.

The Purchase Funnel:

best marketing automation

Know your marketing automation software better-

This demands to redesign your Marketing Automation System and employ the tool which-

  1. Provides structured CRM.
  2. Is flexible enough in its functioning so that you can use it your way.
  3. Has proper integration tools to ensure proper contact mapping, customer detail syncing and customer segmentation.


Tools you choose should aim to strengthen you as authority of your business. They also help in increasing the conversion rate. They should not overrule you.

Same goes with marketing automation tool, which needs to be used to its full potential without letting it decide for you.

After all, your business is an outcome of your vision.
marketing automation tool

[Source: www.CRMneeds.com]

To hike up your business, the following 5 tips for marketing automation are a must follow-

1) Let’s begin from the beginning; Choose your Marketing Automation tool wisely:

The success of a journey largely depends upon the path chosen. Right?

Yes! Similarly, the success of the marketing automation system in your business depends upon the marketing automation tool selected.

Tools like Mautic provide you with all the flexibility you require to personalize your marketing automation system and help you to attain seamless co-ordination between your marketing and sales team. Consequently, generating more and more sustainable leads.

In addition to all the above-mentioned features, Mautic helps you to carry out a/b testing for your website.

New to a/b testing?

Watch the video to get familiar with the term:

2) Optimize the content to be automated:

>Marketing automation tool segments your customers.

Therefore, you can optimize blog posts, newsletters, etc. according to the segments achieved.

This can prove out to be a huge success for your business as this will make your content more personalized and appealing and let customers know that you do care about them.

“Content is king”. Though predicted by Bill Gates in 1996, the statement still stands true.

3) Keep updating the segment fields created:

Regularly feeding your marketing automation platform with the data for each segment created can help you and other employees to have clear statistics about your business.

This can help you plan a marketing campaign accordingly.

Mautic creates the following segments for the convenience of the merchants-

tips for marketing automation

4) Keep linking to your content:

Having all the machines and tools in place won’t get you there!

Linking back to your content with each blog post will actually help you achieve the sole purpose of marketing automation which is to generate the new leads and nurture the old ones.

Although backlinking, as we know, is a relevant concept of SEO yet we are mentioning it here since implementing marketing automation without backlinks in your content is like chasing the wind. This can leave you all directionless.

Backlinking and Marketing Automation-

Marketing automation tools connect you to the right audiences whom the tools expect to read your blog posts and other content. Thus, leading you towards a potential lead.

Imagine, if a blog with 6 backlinks to your previous posts reaches 20,000 people, even if 0.5 % of them click on at least 50 % links, you possibly generate 0.5 % extra traffic.

This is a great deal!

Know more about backlinking: https://technologyadvice.com/blog/marketing/relationship-side-backlinking/

5) Employ best integration apps:

Well, I can’t imagine myself paying for pizza and getting a hamburger delivered. To let you not have such a ridiculous experience with marketing automation, integration apps by CedCommerce have come to rescue.

After hours of, even a single wrongly sent mail or failure in customer data syncing can be very irritating.


Mautic Integration apps for Magento 1, Magento 2, and PrestaShop make sure that you use a marketing automation tool, Mautic to its full potential).

The apps come with the following features-

1) Personalized RFM parameters:

The app tracks Recency, Frequency and Monetary parameters such as days since last order, total orders placed, total money spent based on which rating is provided in the range of 1 to 5. This helps in customer segmentation

2) Fields Mapping:

This enables sellers to map different data sets of their online store and their Mautic account. Once the desired fields are mapped, the seamless transfer of data sets between two accounts starts.

3) Customer Segmentation:

The app segments the customer database on the basis of Recency, Frequency and Monetary analysis.This is the major asset of the app since it is very helpful in structuring marketing strategies.

4) Creation of Contact Properties:

The app has more than 60 contact property fields such as shipping address, shipping state, billing country, billing state, etc. to have a track of customer behaviour. This helps in planning and executing marketing campaigns for generation of maximum leads.

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Marketing Automation tools like Mautic can be used the way a merchant having an online store on platforms like Magento 1, Magento 2 or PrestaShop wants. All you need is proper optimization of your content, customer data syncing and using choosing integration apps wisely.

marketing automation tips Automation got easier, Watch the video below and get started

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