What are Push notifications and their importance in the Ecommerce world?

What are Push notifications and their importance in the Ecommerce world?


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Push notifications are actionable messages usually sent by an app or website to the user’s mobile phone, desktop or any other internet enabled device. They are used to send messages or alerts to users in real time. Push notifications can be in the form of Gifs, images or videos.  So the push notifications are very helpful in increasing customer engagement and conversion rate. Also lets your customers update with new updates, latest features and remind them of pending items in their cart.

According to invespcro.com “Sending push notifications to mobile app users can increase your engagement levels upto 88%, and increase the retention rate by 3-10x .”

Which type of businesses use push notifications?

Push notifications have their applications in almost every sector of businesses which includes Blogging, online sales , newsrooms and lots more. Also it is widely used by publishers to attract, and retain their audience.

Publishers make use of push notifications to update users about any update , new launch or arrival or product, reminders, subscription renewals etc.  So a right message at the right time can be very effective to attract or retain customers. Also a well planned push notification based on the audience’s interest, behaviour, location and demographic could be very helpful in retaining existing customers and attracting new customers.

How Push Notifications can boost your business?

Push notifications can be a great way for businesses to engage visitors. The main advantage of push notification customise and schedule it as per your business requirement. Push notifications can helpful to your business in number of ways like:

Customer retention

Customer retention can be a bigger challenge than acquiring new customers. However push notification can be a perfect solution to this challenge. As it helps in retaining customers by sending them regular updates and notifications and keeping them engaged.

Real-time notifications

It is helpful to both business owners and customers, business owners can tell their customers about new arrivals, offers and discounts. Also keep customers updated about any new arrival, offers or rebates on the purchase of any item.

Attracting buyers to make in-store purchases

Push notifications can be a great way to lead buyers to make in-store purchases. Now most users are using mobile phones to make in-store purchases. You can increase you in-store sales by sending push notifications to these smartphone users.

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How different types of Push notifications help in the growth of your Ecommerce Business?

A mobile application can be very helpful for the growth of your business and to attract new customers. One of the best features of mobile apps is push notification, which gives your customers a cordial nudge reminding them of your business.

App users have a 190% higher retention rate when they receive one or more push notifications in their first 90 days.

Here we will discuss what are the different types of push notifications and how they can help in the growth of your business.

Informative Notifications

Informative notifications can be in the form of alerts , reminders and updates etc.

Alert Notifications

Alert notifications are the notifications that send alert messages to the user to inform them about any event directly related to them.

For example

  • If someone liked your post
  • Visitor commented on your post
  • When someone has sent you a message

Alert Notification

Reminder notifications

Based on visitor’s information and data, reminder notifications remind its existing or  new customers about any important events or offers so that they may not miss it.

Reminder Push notification

Update Notifications

These types of notifications notify the user whenever there is any update in the app, so that the user can update to a newer version.

Update Notification

Geolocation notifications

Geolocation notifications are the notifications that are sent to the user, when a user enters or leaves any location. So this could help you increase your business reach by sending notifications to the users entering your location. For example you own a hotel, when a person enters your location you can notify them of nearby hotels.

Promotional Notifications

You can alert your users about giveaways , offers , and sales with the help of promotional notification alerts. And by sending promotional notifications you can help increase brand awareness and motivate your users to make purchases. So it helps in the branding of different sorts of businesses including games , fitness, travel , online shopping and lots more.

Rating notifications

With the help of Rating notifications you can gather feedback from your users, which can be much helpful in improving the user experience of your mobile app.

A study shows ” around 60 percent of users check ratings before downloading an app.” A positive feedback from the user could build trust among existing users and be helpful in attracting new ones.

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Order Push Notifications

Order notifications are the messages informing users the status of their orders, they are another great way that adds value for users. It helps the users track the status of their orders like order is placed, confirmed or reached. Also it keeps the users satisfied and engaged during their order journey.

Recurrent Push notifications

Recurrent  notifications are notifications that are sent to users at specific time or date. So these can be sent generally weekly or monthly commonly used in book apps or ecommerce applications.

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How Mobile app Push Notifications are helpful in increasing conversion rates?

Push notifications in mobile apps can use links to take the user to a particular page . So when used with a powerful CTA and an interesting content mobile app notification can be very helpful in increasing conversion rates.

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With the growth in mobile based shopping, businesses are always looking for personalised mediums to connect with their buyers. Push notification is the most powerful marketing tool for mobile app based businesses. As it helps businesses to stay connected with their customers and drive conversions. MageNative help you Create unlimited campaigns through built-in push notifications and drive sales instantly by retargeting lost buyers. Categorize your lost customers on the basis of devices, tastes, location, and preferences and send them scheduled notifications.

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