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[WEBINAR] All you should look for in a perfect PWA solution for eCommerce

[WEBINAR] All you should look for in a perfect PWA solution for eCommerce


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Portland, Oregon [Jan. 14th, 2021]: The mobile web brings 87% of the first time visitors to eCommerce websites.

The Mobile-first approach is crucial for a business to survive in the current times with customers’ visible interest in mobile drive online shopping. PWAs are a great tool that is aiding businesses to prove their mettle in the mobile dominated eCommerce ecosystem prevalent today. But, not to forget the presence of a large number of solutions in the market. To help you make the right choice CedCommerce is coming up with a webinar on – “All you should look for in a perfect PWA solution for eCommerce” on 29th Jan 2021, led by experts.

We will be discussing the most crucial elements of incorporating PWAs and the benefits for the eCommerce industry. In the webinar, we will also be addressing our experience with implementing PWA.

Save the date: January 29, 2021, at 09:00PM IST & 10:30 AM EST!

Reasons To Not Miss The Webinar

  • For a business in today’s scenario change is inevitable. PWA is an emerging trend and in order to keep up its important to explore the possibilities
  • Find out how an eCommerce business can adapt to the era of mobile-first eCommerce. The obstacles that may come in the way and
  • PWA is bound to give a boost to your eCommerce website. Learn what our experiences have been in creating stories of success with eCommerce brands

What Will We Discuss?

  • What is PWA?
  • Why Should We Care about PWA?
  • What are the obstacles to implement?
  • Key factors for the PWA Solution
  • The business cases for PWA implementation (i.e. what business situations really benefit from PWA)
  • How Nexcess supports PWA
  • CedCommerce’s hands-on experience of working with PWA

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The speaker of our webinar is Gary Smith, Channel Manager with Nexcess, and Gulshan Chitransh, Senior Product Developer, CedCommerce

Additional Benefits of Joining This Webinar

  • Offer from Nexcess: 25% off for 3 months on Magento Hosting for New & Returning customers on all packages.
  • Offer from CedCommerce: 25% off on Magento 2 Cenia Pro PWA Theme.
  • Get answers to all your queries regarding PWA and its implementation.
  • Insights from the webinar dropped straight to your mailbox.

Note: Offer coupon code details will be sent to registered users through the mail.

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